Should Master and Guest Bathroom Match

Should Master and Guest Bathroom Match? (Yes or No)

The master bathroom does not need to match the quest bathroom since they are not in the same room but should have some level of cohesiveness with each other in terms of paint color, tiles, interiors, and designs to show that they are in the same house. The master bathroom should match with the master bedroom and not with the guest bathroom.

Should Master and Guest Bathroom Match?

No, the master and guest bathroom does not have to match but should have some level of cohesiveness with each other in terms of paint color, tiles, interiors, and designs, etc. The master bathroom should at least match the master bedroom in terms of paint color.

A master bathroom is a personal bathroom used daily by its owner, while a guest bathroom is used whenever there is a visitor in the home. Even if you are a celebrity, there is no way you’ll be having visitors every day in the house. Therefore, there is no need to spend too much money to decorate the guest bathroom to match the master bathroom. Just make the guest bathroom look like it is in the same house.

As you may not know, designing a bathroom can be very expensive. You have to consider the bathroom vanities you wish to fix in this bathroom, the lighting fixtures, sconces, bathtubs, shower, bathroom cabinets, and many more. It can be costly to run. Therefore, save yourself from the stress and make the guest bathroom look like it is in the same house as the master bathroom.

When it comes to tiles and paint? You can match them using the same tiles and paint. You may also use different tiles and paint colors for both bathrooms as long as it doesn’t seem like they are in another house. The most important thing is that they have some level of cohesiveness. That’s what matters.

Master Bathroom

A Master bathroom is a type of bathroom containing four plumbing fixtures such as a toilet and sink, shower or a bathtub, etc., that is adjoined to the largest bedroom. Almost all modern house has a master bathroom. In these modern days, a room doesn’t have to be large to have a master bathroom adjoined to it. When building or renovating, you can add a master bathroom to the bedroom, whether it’s large or not.

The essence of a master bathroom is to make it easier for people to reach the bathroom from their room. With the master bathroom, you need not go out of your bedroom to use the bathroom. The Master bathroom is convenient for everyone. For example, you might suddenly become pressed in the middle of the night or need to ease yourself. You can quickly rush to the bathroom from your room and do your thing without having to disturb other members of the family sleeping.

One importance of a master bathroom is that it is super private. Since the bathroom is adjoined to your room, you will be the only one using the bathroom. For married couples, it will just be you and your wife while the kids and other members of the household use the other bathroom in the house.

I remember when I was growing up. As a child, my mum and dad had a master bathroom, which I don’t use except when it’s my turn to wash the bathroom. They were the only ones that used the bathroom while we used the other bathrooms in the house, which also served as a guest bathroom.

However, now that I’m grown and living independently, I live in an apartment with a master bathroom because of my love for privacy and how it was just only my parents who used their master bathroom. The only time I get to share my bathroom is when someone close to me visits. 

Guest Bathroom

Guest bathrooms are those types of bathrooms specially made for guests or visitors. It is not the main bathroom in the house and can be a half or a full guest bathroom. Having a guest bathroom in the house is very important. In fact, it is a crucial factor to consider when building a house or doing heavy renovations.

The importance of guest bathrooms cannot be overemphasized. Have you ever had an overnight visitor who needed a place to sleep for the night? Maybe a long-time friend who visited town after so many years and decided to hang out with you; while you keep a guest room for the person, it is also better to have a guest bathroom to enable the guest to use the bathroom at any time.

Trust me; some people have developed the habit of always visiting the toilet at night to pee. It might not be sickness but might be a habit they cannot control even if they are outside their house. You don’t want such guests to disturb your night rest with frequent visits to the toilet and noise from the toilet flush. Meanwhile, why should you have a guest room without a guest bathroom?

Another reason to have a guest bathroom is to avoid some people entering your room in a bid to use the toilet. Because your bedroom has a master bathroom, the visitor will have to pass through your bedroom to use the restroom, which can sometimes be annoying. Some visitors may not be comfortable passing through your bedroom to use the toilet. 

Reasons why Master and Guest Bathroom Should not Match

1. It may be Expensive

Like I said earlier, designing a bathroom might seem easy, but it is not something to do very quickly. It can cost a lot of money, especially if you wish to design the bathroom to have several bathroom interiors. While you spend so much money in your master bathroom, you don’t need to spend so much money making the guest bathroom look like yours. The question you should ask yourself is, how many guests do I usually have in a month?

2. To Save Time and Stress

Not giving your guest bathroom so much attention can save lots of time and stress for you. The bathroom work will have to go very fast because, after the master bathroom has taken so much time, the guest toilet won’t because it won’t be having all the exact interiors in the master bathroom.

3. Because you don’t Always have Visitors

Why spending so much to design a guest bathroom when you are the type that doesn’t like people coming over? If you are the type that has visitors once in a blue moon, then there is no need to spend so much dollar to design a guest bathroom no one will be using.

Reasons why Master and Guest Bathroom Should Match

1. If You Have the Money

If you have the money to make both master and guest bathrooms match, then go ahead. If it’s a mansion, for you to have a mansion means there is money. You can make both bathrooms match or make them look like they are in the same house.

2. If the Master Bathroom did not Cost you Much to Design

If you didn’t spend so much money designing your bathroom, you could as well make it to match. Some people’s master bathroom only has a toilet, shower, sink, window, the tiles on the walls and floor, and of course, the paint on this ceiling. If your master bathroom is just a standard bathroom, you can make them match because you won’t be spending much doing that.

3. If you are the type that people visit all the time

If you are the type of person people visit all the time or the kind that throws parties a lot, etc. You can design the bathroom to match to give your visitor a pleasant use of the toilet.

4. If you want to show off

If you are the type that likes showing off, designing your bathroom to match is okay as long as you have the money. Your guest does not need to use the master bathroom to know that they have the same interiors; you can drop a word saying that both bathrooms have the same decor and laugh over it. Your guest will get the message.

Master Bathroom Design Mistakes you Should Avoid

Here are the master bathroom mistakes to avoid. These mistakes are:

Not having enough storage in the bathroom.

Don’t make the mistake of not having storage in your bathroom. My apartment owner did not add any bathroom cabinet where I can keep my brush, toothpaste, etc. It’s making me angry. You need to make room for a bathroom cabinet. Trust me; if you don’t, you will end up like me, who wishes there is a bathroom cabinet in my bathroom. 

Designing your master bathroom not to suit your taste

Your goal while designing a master bathroom is to make sure you are satisfied with it. I know that your bathroom is not a bedroom where you sleep, but you still need relaxing and mature designs welcoming and accepting.

Don’t think that bathroom is the cheapest place to design

The mistake people make all the time is thinking that designing a bathroom doesn’t cost too much. Trust me, designing a bathroom is very expensive to run, especially if you are the type that wants to have the best interiors. 

A big bathroom must have a cabinet, bathtub, mirror, sconces, exhaust fan, and many more. All these things cost money to buy, especially if you are going for the quality ones. Don’t think it won’t cost you much and prepare yourself before embarking on that journey.

Decorating your Bathroom with Wrong Materials

It will be weird for you to decorate a bathroom inside a modern house with traditional materials, except it’s okay with you. Moreover, some materials shouldn’t be used for bathroom decoration, such as having a wooden floor. How long do you think the wood will last. Even if the wood is certified water-resistance, it won’t last longer than tiles.

Bad lighting

Don’t make the mistake of choosing bad lighting fixtures for your bathroom. When buying a light for your bathroom, buy one that will enable you to see yourself through. It is advisable to have a white light in the bathroom. 

When choosing sconces for your bathroom, make sure to follow the rules and fix it on either side of your bathroom mirror to give you the perfect lighting you need when looking at the mirror.

Not matching your bathroom with your bedroom.

When I said match, I mean making your master bathroom to have some cohesiveness with your bedroom. You can match or make it look like they are in the same house. For example, my bathroom wall tiles and ceilings have a similar paint color to my bedroom paint color. 

I have black tiles in my bedroom. Since black tiles are not suitable in the bathroom, my landlord used a milk color for the bathroom flooring, which compliments my toilet seat and sink color. Let there be a sense of cohesiveness between your bathroom and your bedroom.

Poor Ventilation

Trust me; you don’t want to make the mistake of having poor ventilation in your bathroom. When there is too much humidity in the bathroom, it can lead to mold and fog development when you shower. There should be an open window in the bathroom. If your bathroom does not have a window, make sure to put a ventilation fan in your bathroom. It’s very important.

Leave Enough Space Around Shower Area

Try and leave a lot of space within your shower area to enable you to express yourself while bathing. Doing that can also be handy if you are the type that likes having s*x in the shower. You would need a lot of space to do that.

Does a Master Bathroom Have to Have a Bathtub?

Yes, a master bathroom should have a bathtub if you can afford to get a bathtub for yourself and no if you can’t afford it. If you cannot afford to buy a bathtub for your bathroom, install a shower, and live your life.


Don’t let the work going on in your bathroom give you stress and a sleepless night. Match both bathrooms if you know you can afford the money and still have more to spare or if you think it worth it. If you cannot afford it, make the guest bathroom have some cohesiveness with the master bathroom and live your life.