How to Use Glade Air Freshener

How to Use Glade Air Freshener (3 Best Ways)

With sweet smells come sweet memories and tender affections, and this is the kind of feeling we all want to always feel in our homes, which is why we employ various means to make our homes smell nice with different kinds of fragrances.

The need for homes, companies, and different properties to have a nice fragrance has established a multimillion-dollar industry of air fresheners that operate in different ways and represent different things to different households.

Of the many air fresheners in circulation across all households today such as the Little Tree Air Freshener, the Glade Air Freshener is among the best ways to maintain a nose-friendly scent in homes.

Therefore, the best way to use Glade Air Freshener is by reading the label that has ‘peel and tear away this part’ boldly written across it, twisting the cap to activate the glade air freshener, and placing it in a strategic place where you want it to be.

Glade Air Freshener

Just like all air fresheners, the purpose of Glade air fresheners is to give the atmosphere of your home an increasingly soothing, pleasing, and sweet-smelling fragrance that helps you and other residents relax even better than ever.

Most homes have a default damp smell as a result of a damp environment with less ventilation. Houses take the smell of their environment or neighborhood, which sometimes can be unpleasant for numerous reasons.

It is this dampened, unhygienic, unpleasant smell that the Glade air freshener aims to get rid of. You can depend on Glade air fresheners to make your home a lot more pleasant, alluring, and free of unwelcomed smells. It helps you take full control of the atmosphere of your home and the environment at large.

How to Use Glade Air Freshener

To use the Glade air freshener, you need to:

1. Read the Label

Glade air fresheners are known to come with labels that have ‘peel and tear away this part’ boldly written across them, so you know that you have to remove the part.

Some people don’t bother to read the labels, and they tear away the wrong part, or they don’t tear it out at all. Then they wonder after a few days why their home isn’t smelling like they want.

2. Twist the Cap

This is how you activate Glade products. You have to twist the cap, after peeling and tearing away the part that you have been asked to peel and tear.

When you twist the cap, this allows the product inside the air freshener container to be released so it permeates your environment. Make sure when you twist, you do so gently, so as not to destroy the cap.

3. Place in Strategic Areas

After activating the Glade air freshener, locate where you want to put it. The place you settle for will be the point of diffusion, the point of primary effect.

What informs the location you choose is the purpose for which you bought the air freshener in the first place.

If you bought it to get rid of a bad smell in a specific place in your home, maybe the toilet, or the hallway that leads to the restroom, then you have to put it in that hallway.

However, if you bought the Glade air freshener just to make the general atmosphere of your home pleasant, you have to locate the point that catches all other areas of your home as the diffusion point. You mustn’t put it in a tightly enclosed area. If you do, you won’t be using it most effectively.

These are various steps to take to use Glade air fresheners properly. You must know how to use the air fresheners effectively because when used the wrong way, they would not produce the results that you would love to see – in this case, smell – as a homeowner who wants his/her home to smell exquisitely fantastic.

How to Adjust the Fragrance Level on Glade Air Freshener

If you have come across Glade air fresheners before now, you would know that they come in a container system that enables you to adjust the level of fragrance – that is, the intensity of the smell – that you want per time.

Just like how you adjust fans. Some people prefer high-blowing fans, so they put the intensity at the highest, while some others have a proclivity to catch a cold easily, so they put the fan to the barest intensity.

This also applies to the Glade air freshener. Some people like intense smells, while others like them when they barely smell. As long as it gets rid of unpleasant smells, they are fine.

To adjust the fragrance level, you have to turn the cap you turned to activate it at the beginning. The more you turn the cap, the more the fragrance level heightens, and to reduce the intensity, you return the cap slowly till you get your desired fragrance level.

This means that you can turn clockwise (left to right) or anti-clockwise (right to left), depending on the fragrance level you are after.

How Long Does Glade Air Freshener Last?

Depending on the intensity of the fragrance level you use often, the Glade air freshener has different durations.

When the highest intensity is used all the time, in a very large space or room, you can use it for about six months or less, however, if it is in an enclosed area, or a smaller space such as one standard room, and the intensity is also lower than the highest, it can last for about twelve months or less.

Again, how long your Glade air freshener lasts largely depends on the intensity you use and the space you use it in.

Importance of Air Freshener in Every Home

  • Appealing Smell: This is the primary purpose of every air freshener. To give the home a pleasant, appealing smell. When air fresheners are used effectively in a home, that home will dwell in a pleasant fragrance that promotes calmness and relaxation.
  • Increase Peace: As weird as it sounds, a home that smells nice will have an increased atmosphere of peace and unity. With bad smells comes increased frustration, therefore, when the home smells good, instead of frustration, there is peace, serenity, and unity.
  • Great Memories: Places are also remembered by their fragrance. A good fragrance will promote good memories. When guests visit your home, the sweet fragrance will have a lasting, great memory in their minds, and they certainly will want to come back.
  • Dispels Bad Odor: Air fresheners keep bad odor far away from your environment. This way, your family will live in a very healthy, hygienic atmosphere.
  • Rids the Home of Airborne Germs: Germs in the air are not resistant to the effects of air fresheners. For this reason, they stay far away from your home, dispelling sicknesses and promoting good health.


Air fresheners are very essential to every home, this is why every home should endeavor to have air fresheners. Glade air fresheners are a very great option when choosing which air fresheners to use.

They are very easy to use, they last longer than the average air freshener, and they come with adjustable systems that no other air freshener brand comes with, giving you complete control over the fragrance of your home.