Should Laundry Room Cabinets Match Kitchen Cabinets?

Should Laundry Room Cabinets Match Kitchen Cabinets?

Should laundry room cabinets match kitchen cabinets? The laundry room and kitchen cabinets should not necessarily match because they are rarely opened to one another, they of different structures and different functions. There is actually no connection between the laundry room and the kitchen, so, what’s up with the need to match up cabinets? 

Both sections don’t have the same functions and structures. As even a matter of fact, colors or wallpapers, decors, and styles of a laundry room and kitchen should not be the same except the laundry room is next to the kitchen which is rare or the house owner wants it so.

The laundry room is where laundry is done and the kitchen is where food is cooked and prepared. The cabinets that will be needed in the laundry room and kitchen are usually not of the same pattern or structure. Also, the rooms are rarely next to one another to warrant a cabinet matchup.

Importance of Cabinet in Laundry Room

Cabinet has a wide range of usages. They are usually made to store or keep things if not in every part of the home or any establishment. Some are structured to have a locker and some are just plainly exposed with different sections.

The need for the cabinet is inevitable in a laundry room as well since it can be used to basically store and keep things safe and tidy. Things like jeans brushes, towels, detergents, bleaches, etc

Here is the importance of laundry room cabinets:

It Stores Laundry Needs

Things used in a laundry need something that will hold onto them that will keep them till the next day or next weekend for an effective wash. Things like soaps, towels, bleaches, cleaning supplies, etc. Without these things the act of laundry is impossible.

To Keep Laundry Neat and Coordinated

When these laundry needs stay off the ground or random chambers of a laundry room, it tends to be neater and reserved. Of course, babies are never found doing laundry. In essence, a need for a laundry room cabinet is to declutter presumed untidiness.

It is Stylish

A laundry room with a cabinet is the epitome of functionality. It saves time and energy and depicts orderliness. There is no other way to go about the stylishness of storing laundry items than constructing cabinets.

Importance of Cabinet in Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets can never be done away from it except you want your kitchen to be looking untidy, disorganized, dirty, and rough. Cabinet installation in any part of the house’s sections helps us keep things protectively.

Kitchens can be very congested and stuffy, so, there is a need for cabinets that help keep things spacey and tidy. Kitchen cabinets are mostly constructed to have a lock.

Provides a Spacious Kitchen

A kitchen can still look congested even with cabinets up and down because it is the nature of a kitchen. Now, imagine a kitchen without cabinets, how will the kitchen look like? House owners should not tolerate untidiness and disorganization in the kitchen.

One way to make sure there is a form of organization is to create a spacious kitchen and for this to happen, cabinets should be constructed in the kitchen where canned foods, kitchen towels, etc are kept.

Improves Kitchen Hygiene

A kitchen should be paid extra attention unlike other parts of a house. It has to be the cleanest section of the house because it is where foods are stored and processed.

It is Standard

Standard is balance. A standard is something that had been widely accepted and mostly recommended because it has been tested and trusted. As far as the kitchen cabinet keeps the kitchen spacious, tidy, and arranged, go for it.

Should Laundry and Kitchen Cabinet Match

The laundry room cabinets and kitchen cabinets do not necessarily have to match because they are in different rooms where they serve different purposes in the house. The laundry room is usually located far away from the kitchen and even if they happen to be in the same location, yet, they are in their respective rooms from where they serve their different purposes in the house, so there is no need to match up the cabinets.

There are three (3) prominent zones in a house where the laundry room can be and has been placed historically and in modern days, the basement, before the garage and a laundry room opened to the master bedroom suite on the top floor.

The laundry room went from being very far from the living space to be in the living space which is a room opened to a master bedroom. Some laundry rooms are located in the middle of the house, while some laundry room is next to the master bedroom.

The kitchen on the other hand had always been decorated on the first floor and opened mostly to the dining room.

See it this way, from using clothes in your bedroom to the next room for wash and from cooking in the kitchen to the next room to eat.

These two sections had always played different roles in a house. However, except your laundry room is next to your kitchen which is sometimes, on rare occasions the case, there should be no need for a matchup between the laundry cabinets and the kitchen cabinets.

From another angle, it is possible that a house owner may want to construct the kitchen cabinet and the laundry cabinet same time for cost-effectiveness. In this case, it is totally up to them to create a matchup.

There are things you have to take into consideration before proceeding on the cabinet matchup spree. These spaces have different functions and different structures. Except you also want to construct the same decor, style, and color, you should not match up the cabinets of the kitchen and laundry room.

Pros of Matching Laundry Room and Kitchen Cabinets

There is a bliss that comes with customizing matching furniture in a home. There is an ease that comes with it. Having a laundry and kitchen cabinet match can give a sophisticated look to a home.

It is Cost-Efficient

There will be no need for you to run around breaking your bank in customizing different cabinet designs. It becomes very much affordable and produced fast.

Saves Time and Energy

It saves money and energy. You will not a professional to draw too many designs of cabinets.

Cons of Matching Laundry Room and Kitchen Cabinets

There are more cons than pros to creating a matchup between a laundry room and kitchen cabinet because these rooms are usually not opened to one another neither do they perform the same or closely related functions.

Waste of Combo Aesthetics

If these rooms were next to one another or opened to one another it would have been a different case. The beauty of creating a combo of rooms next to or open to one another will be seen. However, these cabinets will and may not even be constructed on the same floor of the house.

Different Section Functions

For sections in a house that perform very different functions, running a combo will not mean anything to improve any difference in a house. What is the essence of creating a matchup in the house if it is not to make a point of combo aesthetics?


A laundry room and kitchen have no connection whatever so there will be no need for cabinet matchups. They are usually on different floors and even when on the same floor, very far from one another. There is not even a need for it in the first place except to improve cost management. If it is up to a professional, you will be advised there is no need for creating this combo because it is unnecessary and does not prove any point. I mean it is easier to match up a bathroom cabinet with a laundry room cabinet than with a kitchen cabinet.