Where to Place Bathroom Rugs

Where to Place Bathroom Rugs (5 Perfect Places)

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When designing a bathroom, several things must be inside the bathroom, and one of them is a bathroom rug and towel. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or big rug; it needs to be added to the bathroom for safety purposes. We will discuss the importance of having a rug in a bathroom, but before then, let us answer the question: where to place bathroom rugs?

The best places to place bathroom rugs are at the center or corner of the bathroom, in front of a toilet seat, bathtub, or double vanity, and close to your bathroom cabinet. These are the perfect positions to place rugs in the bathroom.

However, it is pertinent to note that your bathroom’s size and shape play a crucial role in deciding where to place bathroom rugs. First of all, it will give you an idea of the shape of rugs to buy and where to place them. For example, if your bathroom is small, you may consider getting a rectangular, circular, or oval shape rug. If it’s a large bathroom, you may optimize with circular rugs. The size of the bathroom determines the size and shape of the bathroom rug to buy.

If the bathroom is large enough, you can go for a big rectangular non-slip rug. If it’s small, you can go for a smaller one. You can also get a small circular or rectangular rug if your bathroom is tiny.

Where Can I place my Bathroom Rug?

Here are the 5 perfect places to place bathroom rugs in the bathroom:

1. At the Center of the Bathroom

At the center of the bathroom


The perfect place to place a bathroom rug is in the center of your bathroom as it will bring out the bathroom’s beauty. Imagine having a brown-colored bathroom cabinet at the side of your bathroom and then placing a brown color rug at the center; how do you think it will look? It will bring out the beauty of the bathroom. The bathroom center is proven to be the perfect place to place bathroom rugs.

2. Close to the Toilet Seat

Close to the toilet seat

Some prefer to place their bathroom rug close to their toilet seat. You can do this if you have a small circular or oval-shaped rug. But you have to make sure that water is not splashing on it while you bath as that may lead to something else in the bathroom. When placing a bath rug close to the toilet seat, make sure to use the small bath rug. Rectangular, Oval, or circular small rugs are the best.

If you want to place a bath rug close to your toilet seat, the best rug to buy is an Oval U-Shape Contoured bathroom rug. You can check out the Shaggy Chenille Oval U-Shape Contoured bathroom rug on Amazon. It is best for the bathroom seat. 

The Oval U-Shape will enter at the feet of your bathroom seat and fits perfectly. The Shaggy Chenille Oval U-Shape Contoured bathroom rug sizes range from 22.5×19.5 to 30×20, while the square U-Shaped is 30×30. 

3. Close to the Bathtub

Where to Place Bathroom Rugs

Another perfect place to place your bathroom rugs is close to the bathtub. This will not only beautify your bathroom but will also give your bathtub a beautiful, welcoming look. It’s just beautiful.

However, you also need to make use of small bath rugs while doing this, depending on your bathroom size and the size of your bathtub. The bathtub needs to be bigger than the towel. If you don’t have a bathtub in your bathroom, you can place the rug at the center.

4. By the Corner of the Bathroom

Where to Place Bathroom Rugs

The corner of your bathroom is where to place bathroom rugs. When my friend mailed me yesterday, he asked if it’s okay for him to place the rug by the corner of his bathroom, to which I said yes. If you are not comfortable placing the rug at the center of the bathroom, then the corner is the perfect place to do that.

Sometimes, you might place a bath rug in the bathroom center, and it will not fit. Deep inside you, you know that this rug does not work in this position. What you have to do is to try placing it in the corner of the bathroom.

5. Close to Bathroom Cabinet

Close to bathroom cabinet

You can get a small square-sized bathroom rug and place it close to your bathroom cabinet. It would be best if the cabinet is attached to your bathroom sink. You can just put the rug there. Again, it has to be a small rug. You are only permitted to use a big rug in the center of the bathroom. However, when attaching the rug close to something, you have to make sure that it is bigger than the rug.

Large Bathroom Rug Placement

If your bathroom is large, get a big rug and place it in the center of your bathroom. You can also get smaller rugs and place them close to your bathroom seat and cabinet, etc.

Small Bathroom Rug Placement

If your bathroom is small, I suggest you get a small bathroom rug and place them in the corner of your bathroom. You can as well put it in the center if it fits appropriately there. You can also get smaller rugs and place them close to your bathroom seat etc.

Importance of Rug in the Bathroom

  • To Dry your Foot: Bathroom rugs are important in the bathroom to dry your foot after a bath. Like I said earlier, I’ve seen a man who slipped and sustained several head injuries simply because he doesn’t have a bathroom rug to dry his foot. After bathing, he went to his room; as he was about to come to his bed, he slipped, fall, and hit his head on the tiles.
  • To Avoid Post Bath Slips: You know how slippery room tiles can be. You need a bathroom rug to properly dry your feet before entering your room, especially if you have a master bathroom adjoined to your bedroom. After the incident, his wife came to the shop to get bathroom rugs and told us the story. Apart from drying your foot to prevent post-bath slips, there is this kind of comfort you get when after showing and stepping out into a lovely soft rug. This is best if your rug is placed close to your shower area or close to your bathtub.
  • To Prevent Cold from Bathroom Tiles: If you are the type that likes shaving in the bathroom, then you need a bathroom rug to prevent cold from entering your body through your feet. If you are the type who likes applying makeup or arranging your hair in your bathroom, then the bathroom rug is essential. Women can spend hours applying makeup to the face; while you do that, you need your feet to be onto a lovely soft rug
  • To Add More Color and Beauty to the Bathroom: It’s important to have rugs in the bathroom to add more color to your bathroom. I said in my previous post that a bath rug could give your bathroom a perfect look. If it matches other colors in the bathroom, the rugs’ colors will make the bathroom more appealing to the eye. If you get a nice bathroom rug and maintain it, it will provide a focal point of interest and then promote a plush and luxurious appearance.
  • To Protect the Floor: If your bathroom floor is a hardwood floor, you need a bathroom rug to protect the wood from showing wear and tear near the sink and shower areas. When your floor is protected, it will last longer for you.

How Often Should you Wash Bathroom Rugs?

Wash your bathroom rugs weekly, anytime you noticed that it is dirty. You don’t need to wait until whenever to wash the rug. You can wash most bathroom rugs with a washing machine, so it’s not as if you are washing them with your bare hands. Except you or your apartment doesn’t have a washing machine.

Just wash them when you feel it needs to be washed—washing your bathroom rug when due will keep it fresh and comfortable for you. You don’t want to finish bathing to step on a dirty rug.

Best Rugs for Bathroom

  • Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bath Rugs: It is the best overall bathroom rug you can ever get in the market.
  • Laura Ashley Crochet Rectangular Rugs: It is the best reversible bathroom rug you can ever get on the market.
  • Flamingo P Memory Foam Bathr Rugs: It is the best budget-friendly rug you can get from the market
  • Lands’ End Supima Cotton Non-Skid Small Bathr Rugs: the best non-slip bathroom rug you can get from the market
  • TDZY Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat: The best antibacterial rugs you can ever get from Amazon.
  • Bole Road Textiles Turkana Bath Mat: The best design bathroom mat you can ever get from boleroadtextile.com.


You can choose where to place bathroom rugs to be at the center, corner, close to a toilet seat, bathroom cabinets, etc., depending on the size of your bathroom and the size of the rug. Do not forget to get a small rug if you wish to place them close to your toilet seat, bathtub, cabinet, etc.