Can You Flush Kleenex Down the Toilet

Can You Flush Kleenex Down the Toilet?

Kleenex is a familiar product used by many for one thing or the other but the question is, can you flush Kleenex down the toilet?

You should not flush Kleenex down the toilet because it is not toilet paper; rather, you should dispose it in your waste bin. Kleenex is made with materials that are stronger than toilet paper, therefore, when flushed down the toilet, it won’t dissolve quickly hence posing a risk to your drain pipes which can lead to clogging the toilet.

Kleenex Products

Like I said earlier, Kleenex is a product name known by almost everyone in the United States. It is a brand name that is familiar in the most household because of the products they make.

Kleenex ranges from paper towels to bathroom tissues, facial tissue, tampoons, and diaper, etc. All these products are mostly used in a house or a building and that is why most people know the name Kleenex.

Can Kleenex Be Flushed Down the Toilet?

Kleenex should not be flushed down the toilet to avoid clogging the toilet. Kleenex is made with much stronger paper that is not quick to dissolve or break down. Therefore, when you flush it down the toilet, it may get stuck in the drain pipes, or lead to a build-up that can eventually clog your toilet.

Irrespective of what we do inside the toilet, the toilet remains a very delicate area that should be handled with care and concern. I’ve taken my time on this website to explain how to manage and take care of your toilet especially the things you flush down the toilet because it is where people make so many mistakes.

One can easily throw condoms down the toilet and flush them without not knowing that condoms should not be flushed down the toilet. Please let’s take note of these things to avoid clogging the toilet. This is because, if your toilet is clogged eventually, you will be the one to spend money fixing and plumbing hookups are getting expensive these days.

The only two things safe and permitted to be flushed down the toilet are toilet paper and body water such as poop, urine, etc. Anything other than that is not supported.

Kleenex is indeed soft and paper, which doesn’t make it fit to be flushed down the toilet. Imagine how soft a napkin is, yet, it cannot be flushed down the toilet talkless of Kleenex.

Paper towels should not be flushed down the toilet and if the Kleenex you have is the Kleenex paper towels, then you can flush it down the toilet.

The only time you are allowed to flush any Kleenex product down the toilet is if it is indicated on the products by the manufacturer that the product is fit to be flushed down the toilet. Anything other than that should not go down your drain pipes.

Even Kleenex indicated in the FAQ section of their site that even though some their product is flushable, you should not flush it, rather should dispose it on your trash can; especially their branded tissues.

They only permit you to flush their flushable wipes. There is a reason for that. Kleenex as a company knows its products and how delicate the toilet is. That is why they still advise you not to flush their products down the toilet even though they may be flushable.

What Happens When You Flush Kleenex Down the Toilet?

When you flush Kleenex down the toilet, it will not dissolve or break down quickly; it will get stuck on the drainpipe, grabbing other particles flushed down the toilet until it finally clogs your toilet.

  • Kleenex is not Quick to Dissolve: When it comes to dissolving, Kleenex products will not quickly dissolve or break down the way toilet paper would have. Therefore, when this happens, it will give room for more problems discussed below.
  • It May Get Stuck On the Drain Pipe: Because Kleenex products are not quick to break down when flushed, instead of going down into the septic tank and decompose the way toilet paper would have, it will get stuck in the pipe which will give birth to another problem discussed below.
  • It May Holds Onto Other Flushed Particules: When you flush Kleenex product and it gets stuck on the toilet pipe, it may grab other hard particles that you flush down the toilet such as condoms. It will continue to do that until it results in the next problem discussed below.
  • It will Clog your Toilet: The final and last thing Kleenex products can do to your toilet when flushed is clogging. However, it won’t just clog your toilet because you use it one time. It has to follow these procedures explained above. From one problem to another until it finally arrives at the clogging of your toilet thereby preventing other things cannot freely pass.

What to Do When You Flush Kleenex Down the Toilet

There is nothing you can do after you flush Kleenex products down the toilet. But what you can do is never do that again. Stop the habit of flushing anything you like down the toilet and that includes Kleenex products to avoid clogging your toilet.

If your toilet gets clogged with Kleenex, find a way to unclog it and if you can’t do it by yourself, you can request for the service of a plumber to do the work for you which at the end you will pay,

Reason Why You Should not Flush Kleenex Down the Toilet

The reason why you should not flush Kleenex down the toilet is to prevent it from not breaking down enough to get stuck on the drainpipe, building up lids until it clogs your toilet. It is to prevent Kleenex from clogging your toilet.

Another major reason why you should not flush Kleenex down the toilet is to avoid spending money. If your toilet eventually gets clogged, and you hire the services of a plumber, you will spend money that you would have ordinarily used to do something else to do the fixing which is what I term “expensive”. Spending over what you could have avoided. Even if you have so much money. You don’t need to do that.

Will Kleenex Eventually Dissolve?

Kleenex will eventually dissolve but it will take a long time before it breaks down.

The problem is not about Kleenex dissolving, the problem is it breaking down very quickly. Toilet drain pipes need materials that can quickly break down as it is passing through the pipes and Kleenex doesn’t do that, that is why you are asked not to flush it down the toilet.

How to Dissolve Kleenex Toilet Paper?

One of the possible ways to dissolve Kleenex toilet paper is to make use of aspirin. Pour one aspirin in the tank where Kleenex toilet paper is and it will dissolve it. However, this doesn’t mean you should add aspirin to your toilet and flush it so it can disolve the Kleenex products you flushed down. The best way is never to flush down the toilet again.


While toilet paper and body waster can be flushed down the toilet, Kleenex products should not be flushed down the toilet to avoid building up lids that can clog your toilet. A word they say is enough for the wise. If you used Kleenex products as a toilet paper alternative, you should just dispose them in the trash can.