Movie Where Girl is Kidnapped and Kept in Basement

4 Movie Where Girl is Kidnapped and Kept in Basement

List of movie where girl is kidnapped and kept in basement are:

  • Girl in the basement
  • Natascha Kampusch
  • Room
  • The Cellar door

The basement is a part of the house that can serve so many purposes to the entire household. But at the same time, it can also be a hideout for some sort of evil works and evil deeds which can be carried out in an apartment without anyone knowing.

If there is no adequate security, lighting, and other things that can provide a form of safety for the basement many crimes can be committed there and no one would be aware of such.

Therefore, in this article, we would be discussing some movie where girl is kidnapped and kept in basement.

Movies Where Girl is Kidnapped and Kept in Basement

1. Natascha Kampusch

This is a story written by Peter Richard and Directed by Alina Teodorescu. It is a story about the girl Natascha Kampush who was kidnapped by Wolfgang Priklopi and the suffering she passed through in the hands of her abductors.

Indeed, the movie is an unspeakable one as a result of the sufferings of Natascha in the hands of her abductors.

Natascha is an Australian girl that was schooling in Vienna and was abducted in 1998, her hostage lasted for 8 good years, after all the torture and ordeal, she managed to escape out of the cellar where she was kept in August 2006.

During her abduction, she was 6 years old and she spent 3,096 days in her captivity, this is to say that she turned 14 years when she escaped from the hands of her abductors. Her abduction was characterized by cruelty, sexual abuse, and misery with violence. It was indeed a touching one.

Both Natascha and her abductor became bound to each other, after being tied in a rope and raped, the bound became something stronger than when she was initially kidnapped.

Their dependency on one another was something that helped Natascha to be able to summon the courage to escape from the place on the hot afternoon of August 2006 after eight years in captivity.

Natascha’s abductor was a telecommunication expert, who after feeling that he and Natascha have a strong bond decided to take her on a skiing trip.

On their trip to ski, Natascha first tried to escape after she spoke to a woman telling her she was kidnapped, but unfortunately to her, she was talking to a Russian woman who doesn’t understand the German language, hence her first escape attempt was a failure.

But this first attempt was what gave Natascha the courage to finalize her escape plan which she later succeeded in doing after 8 years of captivity in a windowless basement.

2. Girl in the Basement

This is a story of pain and horror as seen in the movie where a 24-year-old Elizabeth Fritzl was seen been locked up and kidnapped by her own father who is named Josef in a cellar in their house in Australia.

Elizabeth gave birth to seven children while in captivity under her father’s watch in the basement.

The movie started off when Judd Nelson’s character Don who was a man so disturbed and much domineering in attitude was sighted in a vehicle taking his daughter who was also his grandchild to the hospital.

This his grandchild was in a terrible condition as she was seen gasping for breath, she, her mother, and her brother have been in the same captivity for some decades in a basement by her own grandfather.

Don ended up trapping Sara in the basement after calling her disguising that he needs some sort of help, this was after he felt some sort of disrespect from her because of his nature.

The worst of it all is that the basement is so choked that there would be no avenue for ventilation, Sara’s faith in having the place ventilated rests in the hands of Don, and that is if he chooses to give her some ventilation.

Don went ahead to tell Sara’s mum and her brother that Sara had run away with her boyfriend, while he still went ahead to tell her boyfriend that she had decided to run away with another man.

This was a difficult one knowing how violent Don can be, yet the story of Sara that he came up with was later believed.

Sara later realized that the only way she could survive the abduction and the only way her children could also survive was to make Don happy all the time.

She had four children, and the first two lived with her in the basement, while the third child, Thomas was sent to live upstairs, it was unfortunate that the fourth child did not survive but died at childbirth.

Don treated the other children like enemies but he was so at peace with Thomas and treated him so well and as a son. The only time you could see Don behave normally is when he is with Thomas.

It was at the mention of Thomas’s name when Sara’s mum was pleading with Don not to have her daughter die, that Don accepted to take Sara to the hospital.

It was finally at the hospital that Sara was able to escape and get the help she needed while Don was sentenced to jail, Sara and her mother was able to reunite as a family.

3. The Cellar Door

The movie kicked off when a well-dressed and submerged Aidie awakened in a bath full of water visibly confused.

When she walked into her environment with her condition, she had to ask herself “what’s the last thing you remember?”, and this was what set off the tone for what is to follow in the movie.

The next thing was seeing a conversation of Aidie with her mother, who was a classroom teacher, dance with her lover ended up getting her pregnant and alone in a Church, and ultimately in an institution with other unwed mothers.

The movie was that of sharing memories of events that had taken place between Aidie and her mum and most of the scenes in this movie were repeated over and over again in the movie.

It was also seen as a movie of panic and some form of entrapment as Aidie was seen time without number trying to fight for a resolution to make herself free.

This movie looks like horror and at the same time seems to be an illusion and where some supernatural powers are at work, while to some other people the movie looks emphatically like that of a drama.

This movie is basically a puzzle that needs to be carefully played for you to arrive at a particular answer and a definite destination.

4. Room

This is one movie full of emotions and tears, it can make you cry off your eyes as long as you keep watching it. It is another movie where girl is kidnapped and kept in basement.

The movie is directed by Lenny Abrahamson.

Room is a movie that connotes both that of escape of freedom. It was a movie borne out of the inspiration of what happened to Elizabeth Fritzl the Australian woman who in 2008 was held hostage by her own father with her children, she ended up giving birth to seven children at the process of the hostage.

In this movie, a woman was seen trying to create the same thing as that of her child, she had to do certain things like baking birthday cakes, doing some exercises, and playing some games, all in her captivity.


These are the four movie where girl is kidnapped and kept in basement. As reviewed above, you can choose the one you like most and watch or you can as well watch all of them. They are all interesting. Check out How to Frame a Basement Wall Around Pipes