What to Do When Neighbors Play Loud Music at Night

What to Do When Neighbors Play Loud Music at Night?

Having a neighbor that plays loud music at night can be frustrating. Common sense they say is not common after all. When you come back from your daily activities, its wise for you to sleep, but a neighbor that plays loud music at night can make it impossible for you to do so, so the question is, what to do when neighbors play loud music at night?

When you neighbor play loud music at night, you can:

  • Converse with the neighbor and politely ask him to stop
  • Send a mediator to talk to him on your behalf
  • Make an official complaint about the incident
  • File a lawsuit against the neighbor if he fails to concur to your pleas

What is Considered a Loud Music at Night?

According to the general laws emanating from the Noise Control Act 1972, loud music is any music you are playing that is 50 decibels and above. Also, late-night is from 11 pm – 7 am. If none of this is happening, then your complaint won’t be regarded.

Your municipality determines what a loud noise is at night. Check the rules and regulations guiding where you live. For example, in Houston, Texas, the sound source that should be held beyond the property line is 58 decibels at the night.

Generally, it is illegal for you or your neighbor to play loud music after 11 pm. It’s not accepted anywhere and you can be fined for that.

Can My Neighbor Play Loud Music at Night?

Your neighbor is free to play music any time of the day. But he/she shouldn’t play loud music at night. People need to be asleep by then.

But you need to understand what loud music and night mean. If it’s just music that you can hear in your room by straining your ears, then it is not noise.

Also if the neighbor is playing music below 10 pm, then it’s not night yet. But if the neighbor is playing loud music that can be heard by other neighbors at the night( past 11 pm upward), it is not acceptable. You need to know the rules guiding loud music in your area.

What to Do When Neighbors Play Loud Music at Night?

What to do when neighbors play loud music at night are:

1. Converse with Your Neighbor

Many issues can be solved with communication. Your neighbor might not know that he/she is disturbing you with the loud music. You might even be surprised when he/she asked you if the music is really loud.

Explaining how loud music affects you will also help a lot if he/she is empathetic. Having a conversation with the neighbor will help to preserve a good relationship.

2. Send a Mediator

A mediator is a middleman between you and your neighbor. Rather than you conversing with your neighbor, the mediator will do the job. The mediator will make the complaint and ask how the issue can be addressed by the neighbor.

There are different mediation companies that can offer this service. You can just search for a company closer to you. This also will help to preserve the relationship between you and your neighbor.

3. Make a Complaint

If you have spoken to your neighbor and he/she has refused to reduce the noise, you can make a noise complaint to the police.

The police will come to the house to address the noise complaint by telling your neighbor not to disturb you with loud music. If your neighbor persists, he/she can be fined.

3. File a Lawsuit

Actually, this is very expensive and you must have proof of the noise. You can sue your neighbor for nuisance. But to avoid wasting money and time in court over noise lawsuits, there are many states that have small claims courts.

In California for example, these courts can take up noise lawsuits. Here you’ll present your lawsuit stating how much you want to get from the neighbor and your neighbor would be summoned. During the hearing in the court, your neighbor will be made to promise not to play loud music again.

A compliance date will be decided for the two parties to come to the court so as to know if the neighbor disobeys. Many times, the neighbor will obey, and the case will end there.

Is it Illegal to Play Loud Music at Night?

Whenever you don’t follow the rules and regulations guiding a place, then you are defaulting. If the rules guiding your municipality asked you not to play loud music at night, then it is illegal playing loud music at night. If you don’t obey the rules, there are penalties.

How Late Can My Neighbor Play Loud Music?

This is also dependent on the rules guiding noise in your zone. Generally, the time to reduce the loud music is from 10 pm – 7 am. But in some zones, the time is different.

In Austin, Texas, you can play your music during the day but it must not be more than 85 decibels. Once it is 10 pm, the noise must reduce to 80 decibels. So you have to be familiar with the rules guiding your zone.

Can You Call Police for Loud Music?

If you spoke to your neighbor to reduce the loud noise at night but were not done, you can file a noise complaint to the police. They will come to caution your neighbor about the loud music.

A neighbor can be fined if there’s a persistent complaint about the same noise.

How to Tell My Neighbor Their Music is Loud?

Unless you suspected that your neighbor is dangerous, there’s nothing wrong with telling your neighbor that their music is loud.

Speaking to them about it won’t only cause you to enjoy peace but you’re also protecting the person from fines and penalties.

If you want to tell your neighbor about loud music, there are two main ways to talk to him/her. They are:

Personal Discussion with the Neighbor

Have a sincere discussion with your neighbor. Explain fully well why you don’t like loud music at night. Show him the rules guiding loud music in your municipality.

When you discuss with the neighbor, your relationship is preserved. Don’t go to your neighbor when you are angry. Anger won’t solve the issue.


If you did not meet with your neighbor yourself or you think he/she might not listen, you can contact a mediation company. There are mediators that settle disputes between people. Contact them and they’ll send a mediator that will resolve the issue.

If you are already irritated with your neighbor for the loud music, then get a mediator so you won’t sever the relationship you have with your neighbor.

Mediation companies are not expensive so you can afford their service. The mediator will explain to the neighbor why they should reduce the loud music at night.

How Do You Sleep When Neighbors Are Playing Loud Music?

The best way to sleep if neighbors are playing loud music is to:

  • Wear an Earpiece: This will help reduce the rate of the sound you hear. The earpiece or earbud doesn’t have to be on while you sleep. The idea is to block some noise coming from your neighbor’s apartment so as to enable you to sleep.
  • Hang Thick Curtains: If your neighbor is fond of playing loud music at night, you can hang thick curtains in your room to help reduce the nature of the noise coming from his/her apartment.
  • Discuss With Him: If the music is too loud that you can sleep no matter how you tried, you can politely tell him or discuss with him to turn the music down to enable you to sleep.


Many people love music. People that are lonely tend to always play music often and it’s always loud to push out thoughts. When you discuss loud music with your neighbor, you might know the reason why he/she loves loud music. You both will look for a way to go about it.

The neighbor can add soundproofing to the home or just use headsets. But when the neighbor refuses, there are steps you can take to make them reduce the noise.