How to Hear Through Walls with Android

How to Hear Through Walls with Android

Curiosity comes in different forms. One of which is the eagerness to know conversations going on the other side of the wall.

The truth is spying isn’t a good idea but at times we’re left to wonder what’s been said next door especially when it’s about you.

Now, if you would love to go ahead and overhear something on the other side of your wall with your android device, here are different ways to listen to such conversations as clear as the conversation being made right before you.

Before we hit the conversation on how to hear through walls with Android, know that there are laws and criminal risks surrounding such actions.

Can You Hear Through Walls with Your Android

Listening to conversations through your walls with your android device is absolutely possible. This is aided with different Apps that help give you the function at your desired frequency and comfort.

App to Hear Through Walls with Android

Here are five different apps that can help you listen through walls on your android smartphone:

1. Ear Spy: Super Hearing

With a headphone, you can listen to conversations at a super frequency. The Ear Spy App helps to transmit conversations going on around you really fast.

By conveniently adjusting the volume of the sound as well as the sound parameters to suit your listening pleasure, once you launch the Ear Spy App, you will easily find out conversation going through the wall.

You can as well use this Application to save the recording and send it directly to your Email to listen in at your convenience in a saved MP3 format.

The Ear Spy App simply helps to increase the sound of the in-built headset as this in turn gives you a great output.

2. Ear Agent Live

This is an Android mobile app that allows you to eavesdrop on conversations around you.

Unlike many other Apps, this App helps you to listen through headphones, working perfectly with a Bluetooth headset giving you the opportunity to listen wherever you like.

To get the best sound with the Ear Agent Live, just hold your phone close to the object you’d want to listen through.

You can decide to leave your device on the table or in the bag and easily record and listen to conversations happening in the room.

Once you hit the start button, the recording begins and you can enjoy it afterward.

3. Ear Scout: Super Hearing

With an opportunity to share your recordings, Ear Scout helps you record, save and share any of your recordings to listen in later.

The App has a pleasant and user-friendly interface with the equalizer and start button being on the main menu. In the setting, you can change and enhance features such as automatically sending a recording and notification via email.

4. Hear Boost

When sound quality matters, you might want to consider Hear Boost in boosting microphone volume, headphone signal, and general recording.

You can decide to add or remove certain frequencies band and as well use the equalizer to correct any distortion that may arise.

The Hear Boost equalizer is easy to use whether on headphones or through a portable speaker with the equalizer slider.

In general, Hear Boost makes your phone sound louder.

5. Hearing Amp Device

You need the Hearing Amp Device when you would want to simultaneously hear and record conversations. With a preset option, you can increase the volume and do it the best possible way.

The Hearing Amp Device App can also be set to record the voice of a baby, TV, man, or woman as it adjusts to the preset option barring unwanted sounds, noise, suppressing echoes, and reducing the bass.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that almost all these apps are not meant to spy on people or listen to people’s private conversations.

There are laws against invading someone’s private and family life without the person’s permission. Therefore, be careful while using such an app to avoid landing yourself in a very hot soup. Learn how to call the city on your neighbor.

Pros of Hearing Through Walls with Android

There is a certain argument justifying the use of different android devices in hearing through the walls.

Despite a series of disadvantages and arguments against listening in on a conversation through the walls, one major advantage it brings is safety in times of danger.

A situation where a conversation going on next door or in rooms where you don’t have access to, the ability to hear through the walls as clear as though you were there is the safety it could provide in terms of danger and also could serve as proof or evidence when needed.

Dangers of Hearing Through Walls with Android

  • Security Risk: Listening to another person’s conversation can pose a security risk to whoever is being listened in on and creates an atmosphere where he or she doesn’t feel safe around.
  • Law Violation: Aside from the security risk attached to hearing through wall, it also tends to infringe on an individual’s right to private and family life. Therefore hearing through a wall can be a punishable offense if discovered.
  • Privacy Invasion: An individual’s privacy seems to be threatened in instances they aren’t sure if conversations they have in the comfort of their home, office, or elsewhere isn’t safe

Final Thoughts

Learning how to hear through walls with an android is not the problem, the problem is the fundamental human right to privacy of the person being listened to which has been infringed upon.

Therefore, doing such is considered illegal. So it is advisable that you shouldn’t infringe on someone else’s conversation.

If you suspect someone next door, you might need to report them to the appropriate authorities or challenge them to get clarification.