Should Bathroom and Kitchen Paint Match

Should Bathroom and Kitchen Paint Match?

Bathroom and kitchen paint colors can match if you want them to. If you don’t want it to match, you can use different paint colors, but make sure they conform to each other. It would be best to make sure that the color compliments the interior designs you have both in your bathroom and your kitchen to give it a pleasant look.

Choosing the right color for your bathroom and kitchen is one of the difficult things to do when building or renovating a house. The reason is that there is a lot to consider before making the final decision.

The color you paint in the bathroom and toilet is very important. Not just the bathroom and kitchen alone, the color you paint on your entire apartment or building matters a lot because it adds beauty, identity, and prestige to your house.

I’ve received so many questions regarding bathroom and kitchen paint color; concerning the best color to use in the bathroom and the kitchen? Should they use the same color for both bathroom and the kitchen?

When we talk of paint color, we are not just referring to the color to paint the bathroom and kitchen walls alone; the colors of your kitchen and bathroom decorations such as cabinets, ceiling, sinks, etc., are among them.

That is why I said that choosing these colors is a very difficult yet fun thing to do because it’s actually refreshing and nice thinking and imagining the beautiful colors to use in your bathroom and kitchen and actually making it come to pass.

For Example, if you use ash or gray color tiles for your bathroom flooring, you have to make sure that the color you paint the bathroom wall and ceiling compliments the ash tiles on the floor.

However, white color has always been the most recommended color to give the bathroom ceiling. The reason is that, unlike the kitchen, the bathroom is smaller while the kitchen is much bigger. In that case, you need to paint a color that will make the bathroom look bigger. It won’t look fantastic painting your bathroom ceiling with green color simply because your kitchen is painted green or your kitchen cabinet is green.

Nevertheless, when choosing a paint color for your bathroom and kitchen, there are many things to consider, but before we discuss that, let’s take a look at some tips for choosing a perfect color for your bathroom and kitchen.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Color for Bathroom Kitchen

  • The first thing you need to have in mind when considering using the same paint for your bathroom and the kitchen is the fund to do that. Do you have the money to get the same color for both places? If your pocket is smiling, then you can go ahead.
  • The second tip is to pick a color that you cherish. I believe everyone in this life has a favorite color. Choosing such a color for your kitchen or bathroom will be nice.
  • Be mindful of the kind of color you use in your bathroom. If your favorite color is black, you don’t necessarily have to use black paint for your bathroom. The bathroom needs a sharper and brighter color. The color will help make the bathroom wider around the cabinets, appliances, and all the woodwork inside.
  • When painting the bathroom and kitchen with these colors, it important to start with the flexible elements before proceeding to others.
  • Make sure to test all the colors with the lightings you will be using. You need to test it with both daylight and electrical lights to see how well the color blend with the lightings.

How to Choose Paint Colors for your Bathroom and Kitchen

Below are the tips to have in your mind when making plans for your bathroom and kitchen paint.

  •  For your bathroom, make sure to select colors that are not dark. Dark colors don’t go well in bathrooms.
  • If you already had a bathroom and kitchen cabinet, you need to select a color that will match the cabinets. For example, if you have a white cabinet, using an ash or grey color will be best.
  • The bathroom and kitchen flooring have to be considered too. Using red cabinets for green tiles seems off.
  • If the bathroom is tiny, you may have to consider painting both the walls and the ceiling the same color. Doing that will help make the bathroom look broader.
  • If you choose to use tiles for your bathroom walls, make sure that the tiles’ color compliments the tiles you are placing on the wall. You don’t need to use the same tiles you used on the bathroom floor for the wall. It can be a different tile yet similar in color.


You can make use of the same color combination you used in your kitchen for your bathroom as long as you have the funds to purchase and match it with the cabinets and appliances inside your bathroom. However, it’s not a must that these colors can match. So, it’s not a do-or-die option.