How High Should Tile be on a Bathroom Wall

How High Should Tile be on a Bathroom Wall?

Bathroom tiles should be as high as your bathroom wall, all the way to the ceiling, half the wall, or high enough against moisture, between 6 to 7 feet and 36 to 54, depending on where your bathroom vanities, mirror, and other electrical switches and outlets are placed. 36 is the average height tile should be on a bathroom wall.

Whether you are building a house, renovating, or doing some remodeling, tiling your bathroom wall is one of the most important things to do before adding other bathroom accessories. The reason is that the bathroom is the only place in the house where one may decide to tile all the walls.

There are many benefits of using tiles on your bathroom wall. One of the advantages is that tiles are waterproof, and you need a waterproof wall in your bathroom to protects the wall from moisture and wet.

Moreover, there are many things to consider before buying tiles, and there are several ways one can place tiles on the bathroom; therefore, asking how high should tile be on a bathroom wall is an excellent question.

How High Should Tile be on a Bathroom Wall

As reiterated earlier, tiles in your bathroom wall can go as high as you wish. You can choose the classic design, which is normally between 43 and 54. However, 36 is usually the average height.

1. Full Tile up to the Ceiling

If you so desire, you can tile your bathroom walls up to the ceiling. There are fancy tiles you can use on your ceiling. You can either learn how to do that or call a pro to do it for you. There is nothing wrong with tiling your bathroom ceiling. But if you do not want to tile the ceiling, you can proceed and tile the whole wall.

2. Half Tile

This means tiling your bathroom up to half of your wall and painting the remaining part of the wall. My bathroom is half tiled. I used paint to complete the area where I did not add tiles. You can do that if it makes you happy.

3. High Enough Against Wet or Moisture

This means that you can place your bathroom tiles at any height where it will be far from wet.

4. Tile Bath Area

You can choose to tile the bath area, that is, that particular place your shower and bathtub is positioned, and paint the rest of the wall. This option is best if your bathroom is big.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bathroom Wall Tiles

1. Size of the Bathroom and Size of the Tiles

When deciding the tiles to be used on your bathroom wall, always consider your bathroom wall first before considering the tile’s size to use. The reason is that some tile sizes are not suitable for some space. Using larger tiles in a small bathroom is not advisable because large tiles will make the small bathroom look smaller.

2. Purchase Extra Tiles

Not purchasing extra tiles is the mistake most of us make when buying our bathroom tiles. It would be best if you bought a few extra tiles should in case of some break while you are fixing them. Most tiles are breakable.

Therefore, there is a probability that some may break before you get home from the market. Some may also break when you are fixing them. So having extra will make it easier for you to replace the ones that got broken.

3. Paint color on your Bathroom Ceiling, Cabinets, and Sinks.

Before deciding on a particular tile to use in your bathroom, it is vital to consider the paint color on your bathroom interiors. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to buy tiles off from the color painted on your cabinets. The tile color should complement various other paint colors in the bathroom to make the bathroom look more beautiful.

4. Non-porous and Slip Resistant Tiles

When purchasing tiles for your bathroom, it is essential to tell the seller that you are buying these specific tiles for your bathroom. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to purchase porous and slippery tiles. The type of fall you will fall inside your bathroom, the mouth will not be able to explain it.

You and I know how dangerous that can be. You can slip and hit your head somewhere. You may also break your leg. For example, my room’s tiles are smoother and more slippery than the tiles in my bathroom. The one in the bathroom is more slip resistance. There is nothing in this world that can make my bathroom tiles make me fall. It’s firm. So, it is crucial to dictate that to the tile seller, so he will know the tiles’ texture he is giving you for your bathroom.

Meanwhile, if you decide to use the same tiles for your bathroom and kitchen, make sure they are both slip resistance. This is because you use water in your bathroom and equally use water in the kitchen when cooking and washing. If you choose to use the same tiles for the kitchen and bathroom, ensure that your bathroom’s tile texture is a non-slippery type of tile.

However, since the tile is meant for your bathroom wall, you can use slippery tiles. Slippery tiles are good for bathroom walls while non-slippery tile is the best tile for bathroom floors.

5. Ceramic Tiles

There are various tiles in the market ranging from terrazzo to cement tiles, faux wood, 3D designs, bright colors, and classic porcelain. All these designs are readily available for you to design your bathroom.

Ceramic tiles are the easiest way you can design your bathroom according to your style and taste. It is common in this modern era, and people are using it.

Ceramic tiles are more resistant to force, stain, impact, and water absorption. Because of how frequently you use your bathroom, considering ceramic tiles may be the best choice. It all depends on you and what you want.

Reasons Why Ceramic Tiles is Best for your Bathroom

  • It is Water Resistance: Since we always make use of water inside our bathroom, using a tile that is more water-resistant will help change the outcome of the bathroom. With this type of tiles, your bathroom won’t have to be wet all time.
  • It is Durable: Ceramic tiles are very durable and crack resistant. The tile is hard to crack from everyday wear and tear going on in the bathroom. It’s not as if ceramic tiles do not crack, but the probability of it cracking is very low. That’s the kind of tiles you need for your bathroom
  • Its Maintenance is Low: You need a tile you can easily maintain, not one that will be very difficult and expensive to maintain. Maintenance here means cleaning the tiles and keeping them clean. You need bathroom tiles you can easily clean at any time. This will help if you are not always available to clean your bathroom. You can easily wipe or use a mob to clean the tiles.
  • It is Affordable: Ceramic tiles is one of the most affordable tiles you can get in the market, meaning that you don’t have to spend so much to buy bathroom tiles.
  • It has an endless design option: As reiterated earlier, you have several designs in ceramic tiles. There are different sizes, shapes, and colors readily available for you. All you have to do is to choose the design that meets your taste and use it in your bathroom. You need to choose a design and color that will always give you joy and happiness anytime you enter your bathroom.


Choosing the height of your bathroom tiles is totally personal. It is something you should decide for yourself. Make a choice that will make you happy anytime you enter your bathroom. You can choose to tile everywhere, even the ceiling; you can choose to tile half the wall and paint the rest; you can as well choose to tile only the areas exposed to wet and moisture. It totally depends on what you like.