Best Wireless Video Doorbell Without Subscription

Best Wireless Video Doorbell Without Subscription

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Security is one most important things no one would ever want or think of joking with, and it is clearly said that security starts with you before other security agencies would come to your aid. You must have a way of self-defense for you, your family, and the environment you live in because whatever happens there would affect you first before any other person.

This is the reason many people go for different forms of surveillance including making use of video doorbells as a way of tracking the security of their house at any point in time.

However, in this article, we list and explain the best wireless video doorbell without subscription and everything you would need to know about them, to enable you to secure your home, office, and environment without anyone intruding on your privacy at any time.

The best wireless video doorbell without subscription are the eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell, GEREE Video Doorbell Camera Wireless, WUUK Smart Doorbell (Battery-Powered) Wireless Video Security Camera, and Mbuynow Wireless Video Doorbell Camera.

Going for the best is not what you should or are supposed to think of twice. Whatever you want to go for you should always go for the best of it.

Best Wireless Video Doorbell without Subscription

Below are the best wireless video doorbells without subscription:

1. eufy Security Video Doorbell

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Thinking of getting the best wireless video doorbell without subscription that would give you the opportunity of seeing clearly in high resolution and the pictures would not have any form of effect, then getting the eufy security video doorbell would be the best option for you.

The clarity of its pictures is 2.5x, and as your visitors are readily approaching the door, you would know who they are because of the picture quality and clarity of view.

With this video doorbell, you would not be bordering on spending extra money in subscription to keep your home protected, no. you need not worry about such because there is no need for a subscription with the type of doorbell.

All the data you need for doorbell video to work is locally stored for you and there would be no need to make payments for cloud coverage. You would also see all angels when someone is coming to the door and would be able to watch the person from head to toe.

This wireless video doorbell would not leave you in the dark, its alarm system would also send push notifications to you immediately anyone approaches the door and this means you are on guard with your house anywhere you are at any point in time.


  • Clear and quality pictures
  • No subscription
  • Push notifications
  • Good storage
  • Waterproof
  • Warranty included in the product description


  • Not compatible with digital chimes

2. GEREE Video Doorbell Camera Wireless

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With the GEREE video doorbell camera wireless, you would exactly be able to have the good and the perfect type of communication you have ever desired. You would talk, see and hear your guest.

In other words, there is a good two-way communication channel here, and you would also be able to see good angle sides of up to 166°, this is as a result of its 2020 NEWEST Upgrade 1080p HD real-time view, and the good thing about this is that it works both for iOS and Android phones, which means that you would never be in the dark to know who is at your doorstep.

The device would also enable you to snap and take videos of your visitor and have them stored on the cloud for further use at any point in time.

You would have the opportunity to save anything you want either on the memory cards, cloud and anywhere you would be able to save on this device, this allows you to watch again and again and use the videos and footage for whatever purpose you intend using them for.

Beautiful to note that the battery life is up to 18650 which would allow you to enjoy full coverage once charged fully.

Its IR sensor and LED would automatically switch over to night view during night hours to enable you to see clearly what is happening or who is around at night, and its day time view is as clear as whatever you can think of.

Once you can download the app to this device you do not need any form of wired connection to keep your house on track. You would always see anything from your device when anyone approaches your door and be able to communicate with the person as well. It is easy to install and you can as well share it with your family members.


  • Good IR sensor and LED
  • Two-way communication
  • Compatible for both iOS and Android phones
  • Good battery life
  • Good storage


  • Compatible with only 2.4GHz

3. WUUK Smart Doorbell (Battery-Powered) Wireless Video Security Camera

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If you have been looking for the easiest doorbell you can install without any issues and done in the space of no time, then you have to consider the WUUK smart doorbell (battery-powered) wireless video security camera. It would serve you the purpose of easy installation without the use of cables and can be fixed by anyone in your house and anywhere you want it fixed.

With the WUUK app, you would be able to have real-time good two-way communication both of video and audio with your visitors, depending on the channel you think would be more convenient for you at any point in time. And the good thing is that the app is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

The HD quality is up to 1080P, its IR and LED would allow you have a good and clear view of anyone on your doorstep is it a day or night time without stressing to know who the person is exactly.

With this device there would be no need for a subscription and your data can be well saved in the cloud for up to 48 hrs, this would emphatically give you space to have a review of what happened in your house and have your house protected at any time despite the distance where you find yourself any time.

You would enjoy a one-year warranty and have access to 30 days’ money back if there be any issues with the doorbell, and the app is compatible with the Alexia app.


  • Good warranty
  • Good two-way communication
  • Good quality video and footages
  • Good night view
  • App compatible with iOS and Android phone


  • Compatible with only 2.4GHz

4. Mbuynow Wireless Video Doorbell Camera

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This particular device is built in a way that it would be able to detect any type of motion be it for humans and objects, and you would be able to choose how you want to view it be it low, medium, or high, all depends on you.

You would also be able to get push notifications on your phones if anyone is around your home, with the Mbuynow wireless video doorbell camera your home would be monitored with good infrared night vision light, this is made possible with its 6 850nm Φ28Mil high power infrared lights.

Its 170° would enable you to have a clear angle view of anything that is around the person that is on your door and you would know if you are safe or need to raise an alarm. You would also be able to have good two-way communication with your guests and know if you would allow the person in or not.

There is no stress with the installation process and you are sure to have everything and data you need well saved on the cloud version of this device.

Its storage is up to 64G and what this simply means is that you would be able to save as many videos and footage as you want. You have up to 54 different doorbell chimes and you would be able to have control over the volumes to whatever suits your, your household, and your environment.

You are assured of a good warranty in case anything goes wrong or in case anything unexpected happens, the warranty covers a specific period which would save you the stress of spending and look for where to repair or buy another doorbell.


  • Good night vision
  • Good warranty specified
  • Good angle view
  • Different chimes
  • Two-way communication
  • Push notifications


  • Compatible with only 2.4GHz

Wireless Video Doorbell Without Subscription: An Overview

Wireless video doorbell without a subscription are doorbells manufactured by different brands that enable you to have a good check of your house, office, warehouse, or your environment at any point on time.

One good thing about these particular doorbells is that you would not need to worry about subscriptions when you are making use of them; this is to say that they are manufactured in a way that you can locally save videos, footages, and data without subscribing.

Most of these wireless video doorbells work with apps, meaning that you can be at any place and still have your environment tracked and secured.

Their video sensors, angel views, and LED are well manufactured in a way that you would be able to see clearly during the day or nighttime.

Another important thing about it is the cloud coverage, it works with batteries and the push notifications you would receive anytime it detects any motion.

They are also manufactured to enable you to communicate with your visitors with either audio or video feature of the doorbell, this is to say you would choose to allow who comes in or who does not come in.

All these have been perfectly put up together to help you secure your environment without stress despite how busy you may be.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wireless Video Doorbell without Subscriptions

There are certain things you must have to consider before going to buy a wireless video doorbell without subscription. They are:

  • Night vision: Night hours are a very critical time and you had to know the IR sensor and LED quality of the doorbell you are about purchasing. This would enable you to view very well at night and know what is going on and who is at the door and your environment even in the darkest dark.
  • Field of View: This angle view should not be joked with, you have to ensure and know how many degrees you would be able to view when using the doorbell, and this would add more to the safety of you and your household.
  • Resolution: You would need to be sure of the picture and video resolution of the doorbell you want to buy, having it in mind that you are getting this for safety; the resolution should be of utmost priority to you.
  • Motion Detection: This would help you know when someone is at the door or not and would also enable you to have a good track of the safety of your house anywhere you are at any point in time.
  • App Support: Does the doorbell have an app that can allow you to have good monitoring of your house anywhere you are without having a distance barrier, and another thing would be to know if you can use it on android or iOS this is very important to you and the type of device you use.
  • Power Source: This is so important; you would need to know if the doorbell is battery-powered or hand-wired. The power source would help you know how long it can last you without going off and remember if the power goes off the purpose of purchase is defeated.

Can You Save Doorbell Video Without a Subscription?

Yes, there are several ways you can save doorbell videos without literally having a subscription, some of these doorbells have been manufactured in a way that you can be able to save videos locally without having the challenge of thinking about a subscription.

This comes in-built from the manufacturer and has been intended to help you save the cost of subscription and enjoy your doorbell.

In other words, you do not need a subscription before you can be able to save doorbell videos, the various manufacturers already have you covered in this angle and with it, you would save cost.

How Long Doorbell Video Do Saves Without Subscriptions?

Doorbell video saves between 30 to 60 days depending on the type of doorbell you are using. Some doorbells can save for up to 30 days, while some can save for up to 60 days but the truth remains that it would save for a specified period depending on the product and brand you have purchased.

This means that there is a specified period you would able to save videos on a video doorbell without a subscription, but once that time elapses you would lose all the data and videos that you have saved on whatever platform either cloud or storage.


Having known the best types of video doorbell without subscription and how long you would be able to save videos in it and other components they are made up of, it is so important to take cognizance of all the above-mentioned features and things you must consider before you go shopping for this, as this would enable you to have your house, office, and the environment protected at all times.