How High To Hang Laundry Room Cabinets?

How High To Hang Laundry Room Cabinets?

Laundry room cabinets should be hanged as high as 54 inches off the ground, with the top of the cabinet touching the fifty-fourth mark on the wall because it is the average calculation of any human’s average height. The laundry cabinets should be hung as high as everybody in the house can reach without struggle and stress to avoid calling for assistance anytime a shorter person wants to take something off the cabinet.

Laundry room cabinets are where things like buttons, detergents, towels, brushes, etc., are kept. If you have not thought about not installing them, think about the need, or have a change of heart.

They are used for the above purposes. They are expected to be installed within the average height range even when they are designed to be installed above a washer or above anything below.

Here, we talk about humans’ average height, especially as it concerns a race of persons. The average calculation was 54 inches from the floor, which is very much appropriate to every laundry establishment. But then, the height of a laundry room matters here.

Laundry Room Cabinets and Its Importance

When we hear laundry, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘wash’ and ‘dirty clothes as they should be. A laundry room is a space in a house explicitly created to wash dirty clothes and any fabrics that are permissible in a washer. I have never known laundry rooms to function without supporting cabinets.

Laundry establishments were first created independently of living homes. It was not until recently that living homes started to privatize their laundry rooms due to laundry privacy ethics. These laundry establishments perform the same tasks but in a massive way.

Laundry rooms and cabinets cannot be dealt with separately because one cannot and should not do without the other except you want a filthy laundry room.

Yes, I didn’t think so. The importance of laundry cabinets cannot be over-emphasized in any laundry room. It is part of the laundry decor and protects the laundry room from filthiness etc.

  • Decor Extras: Cabinets in a laundry room add special fixtures and beautiful décor to the room. It eradicates the level of plainness a laundry room may have had devoid of cabinets and creates a dependable workspace.
  • Envelopes Filthiness: The sight of laundry cabinets in a room had already managed a laundry workspace that if one is even in a hurry, things can quickly be kept in these cabinets and sealed up. It helps manage filthiness because it keeps laundry space organized and in check or misplaced items.
  • Aids Laundry Duties: It makes laundry duties easy in the laundry room every passing each day. The knowledge that laundry tools and objects can always keep in the cabinets ease laundry duties in a new dawn. This peace comes with knowing your buttons, brushes, or detergents can be found only in one spot in your laundry room, gives joy.

The laundry room should always include cabinets in every home or laundry establishment because it hastens laundry duties and keeps the room less filthy and in check.

Cabinets should come first in a laundry room even as a thought because a place that is meant to keep clothes clean should not be untidy; otherwise, it will make laundry duties weary and unpleasant.

How High Should I Hang My Laundry Room Cabinets?

Laundry cabinets should be hung high as to the height of an average person in a house as such that none that is aged to do laundry will be strained at operating in the cabinets no matter how long it takes.

As a result of this discovery, laundry cabinets should be placed 54 inches off the ground in inches, which means that the laundry cabinet’s measurement, which is 54 inches, ought to start from the ground, and this 54 inches measurement should stop exactly at the top board or knob of the cabinet.

Fifty-four inches is the standard measurement of a laundry room cabinet because it meets laundry room measurements in recent times, so a house owner should consider a professional’s assistance before proceeding to install cabinets.

The space or section in a house cut ought for laundry should be checked by a professional to either make adjustments or propose a change or room if the room is too small or not habitable for a laundry.

While at it, it should be noted that a house owner has to ensure that these cabinets should be set in a way as not to disrupt the washer if the washer is going to be below it.

Things to Consider Before Hanging Laundry Cabinets

Before starting up any constructive work in your home or any organization, certain things should be mostly considered as not to make uncorrectable mistakes. And here is one of those places, a laundry room in your living space.

Cabinets in a laundry room basically prevent filths and cause a room as such to be organized, yet things like space are very important in constructing one in a laundry room.

Having a space cut out for laundry is definitely a good idea since it gives your home quality and a dependable fit. Another idea of having cabinets in the room will be chaotic if there isn’t enough space and breathing air in the room.

Since a laundry room shouldn’t ever do without a cabinet, a spacious room should be used as laundry where the cabinets can be fixed on the walls at least.

Don’t stress it; your laundry cabinet doesn’t have to own a space in your laundry room even when it is designed to be stationed on your walls by a professional. Laundry cabinets can be above the washers, at least for ventilation’s sake. Don’t forget you may need a permit to install either a washer or dryer.

At this point, there should be enough space up front, from the entrance to the washers, which are usually stationed at the walls, so a house owner doing laundry would not have to suffer any form of disruptions in a laundry room.


As have been elaborated upon. You do not want a cluttered, tight, and stuffy room for laundry, do you? Ensure that even when everything, including the hangers, washers, sink, ironing board, baskets, and cabinets, has been put in place, there is still enough air to go around. Ventilation is an utmost in a laundry room because of the workforce of the machines in the room.


Just in case you are considering remodeling your laundry room to install laundry cabinets, setting a budget is a thing to consider before starting up because there is a possibility of not being up to date with constructing a new design of cabinets. Please give yourself a budget and be ready to work with it before proceeding.

Cabinet Size

With a professional’s assistance, settle certain measurements of how huge or small your laundry room is, the ceiling to the floor space, the size of cabinets that can fit it, etc.

Do not go ahead to make any size of cabinets without considering these. Mistakes like these are uncorrectable, and even when they are, your budget may have elapsed, and money spent wasted.

How Long Do You Hang Cabinets in a Laundry Room?

How long laundry cabinets can be hung should depend on the amount of diligence and consistency allocated to it. Let us say you are diligent in your laundry cabinet installation; being that you were on a budget, you can make it happen in a week to two weeks’ time.

Yes, certain laundry room measurements and calculations have to be done first before proceeding to the construction of the size and width cabinets that have been structured out for your laundry room.

We agreed that the measurement, design, construction, and installation should be a max of two weeks with diligence.

How Do You Measure For Laundry Room Cabinets?

The laundry room should be what is first seen before proceeding to do a correct calculation of what cabinets can fit into such a room, dependent on the length, width, space, structures, etc. It should be noted that the bigger your space for a laundry room is, the better, as have been emphasized earlier above. The minimum size for prominent laundry rooms is 9 feet wide, 11 feet long, and the entrance door, 32 inches wide to allow the incoming laundry machines.

To measure laundry room cabinets, starting from the width, if we dare work with the above laundry room standard size, it can start from 23 centimeters that are 9 inches and grow to 48 inches wide. This is a typical width laundry room cabinet. Depth can be as 24 inches for the base and 12 for the upper zone.

This means that it is traditionally designed to cut in deep to store things deeply. And as such, there will be enough space to accommodate your mini laundry kits.

The cabinet’s upper zone needn’t be as deep because it is already achieved through another angle. What matters in height is stationing your cabinets 18 inches above countertops style.

The height of your ceiling has to matter where your cabinet’s height is concerned so as to give your laundry room a standard décor.

These cabinets can be designed to have a locker or not as there is no rule that states that it has to be locked because it’s a cabinet.

As far as it is not kitchen cabinets, it is cool. However, if you care about protecting your laundry kits from dust or you want your laundry room to look organized, you can create a locker for these cabinets.


Laundry room cabinets are important for a simple, fast, and neat laundry duties life. It keeps your things in an organized style to give a laundry environment and to accommodate the feel and cool without the tension of filthiness. Measuring and installing your laundry cabinets should not be so hard with the assistance of a professional. Create a budget for yourself now for your laundry cabinets.