Should bathroom mirror be wider than sink

Should Bathroom Mirror be Wider than Sink?

Should bathroom mirror be wider than sink? Having a mirror in the bathroom is not the problem; the problem is knowing the mirror’s exact size to put in the bathroom and the perfect place to hang it. The confusion is real; whether to use a bathroom mirror that is bigger and wider than the sink in the bathroom or make use of a smaller mirror.

A bathroom mirror should not be wider than the sink. The mirror can be the same width as the sink or smaller than the sink. It is not proper for the mirror to be wider than the sink as it will degrade the perfect alignment in the bathroom. The mirror height should reach a foot above and below the eye line of the bathroom owner.

Bathroom Mirror

What is a bathroom without a mirror? Most modern bathrooms have mirrors inside. This is because of the immense duties a mirror can perform in the bathroom. You can easily see yourself while brushing your teeth, shaving, applying your makeup, arranging your hair, and even having s*xual intercourse in the bathroom. Don’t get it twisted; most people prefer having such in the bathroom while the shower is on. It depends on the person’s preference.

However, just like most modern bathrooms have a mirror inside, many modern bathrooms also have a sink, which comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The sink is used for washing hands.

The nature of the things we do inside the bathroom prompted the need to have a washbasin to enable people to wash their hands afterward. It is very unhygienic not to wash hands after pooping, urinating, or doing other dirty things. A sink is needed in the bathroom to enable people to do so.

Having fixed the perfect sink for your bathroom, the question now is, should bathroom mirror be wider than sink? What size should a bathroom mirror be? Is it important to put a mirror in the bathroom?

Uses of Bathroom Mirror

A bathroom mirror is handy. Below are some of the uses of a bathroom mirror. It is also the reason why you should have a perfect size mirror in your bathroom.

The purpose of having a mirror in the bathroom is so that it will be easier for you to see yourself while doing your thing. Men use the bathroom mirror to see themselves while shaving their beards.

As a man, it is vital to have a mirror in the bathroom, especially if you are the type that shaves your beards by yourself. It would be best if you had a perfect sized mirror in the bathroom to enable you to see your face while shaving.

Women make use of the bathroom mirror to apply makeup after having their bath. Women spend hours applying makeup on their faces. Therefore, they make use of a mirror to see themselves while doing that.

A bathroom mirror adds beauty and elegance to the bathroom, mostly when you use either a rectangular or circular bathroom mirror.

What Size and Height Should Bathroom Mirror be?

Bathroom mirror sizes are mostly ascertained by the vanity countertops’ length, meaning that bathroom mirrors should not be wider than sink or other vanity countertops. The height should be a foot above and below the eye line of the person using the bathroom. You can choose a mirror that is between 2 to 4 inches narrower than the sink, or you can make the sink and the mirror have the same width.

For example, if your bathroom sink is 70, you should choose mirrors that are lesser than 68. You can choose from 65 to 68 inches so that the mirror will give perfect alignment to the bathroom. Moreover, if you don’t want it like that, you can use the same width as the sink, provided the mirror is not wider than the sink.

Should Mirror be Centered over Bathroom Sink?

When fixing the mirror, you should center the mirror directly above the sink to get the proper alignment you are looking for. Doing this will help extend the beauty of your bathroom.

How High Should I Hang my Bathroom Mirror Over Sink

Hanging a bathroom mirror is very simple. It is something you can do by yourself. However, if you know you can’t do it, call a professional to hang it for you to avoid breaking the mirror while hanging it or the mirror falling off from the wall and break.

The height at which you should hang your bathroom mirror depends on your height. Because you will be the one using the bathroom, the person hanging the mirror will have to hang it where it is perfect for you to see yourself. It will be absurd to hang a bathroom mirror so high to the extent that you won’t be able to see yourself well on it. It would be best if you hung it as high as your height.

The height to fix the bathroom mirror differs from a short person and a very tall person. A very tall person will hang the mirror as high as he wants, while a short person will hang it as high as he can be able to use it.

Nevertheless, it is important to consider the kids in the house while hanging the mirror. Of course, you should not hang it where they will harm themselves with the mirror or break it but where it will still be possible for them to use the mirror.

It is also important to consider the sconces in your bathroom and hang the mirror in between the sconces. The scones should be on both sides of the mirror. It can also be at the top of the mirror. It entirely depends on the shape of your miror.

What Color Should my Bathroom Mirror Be

Your bathroom mirror color should be determined by the interiors’ color in your bathroom, such as bathroom cabinets, etc. You have to use a mirror color that will complement other colors in your bathroom.