Can Electric Heaters Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Can Electric Heaters Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

No, electric heaters do not produce carbon monoxide therefore, cannot cause any form of carbon monoxide poisoning to the house or the environment where they are been used. The only form of heaters that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning are those that use kerosene and other combustible fuels to function.

Everyone wants to stay and live in a relaxed environment that is not toxic to their health. But to achieve this, you must ensure that you play your own part by taking care of certain things, putting them in order, and ensuring that they are all well kept, most especially when it comes to electrical appliances.

Electric heaters are one of such that could be of good use and extremely beneficial to the home, but if care is not taken or if they are not well attended to, they can cause harm to the same house they are supposed to take care of.

They can cause some forms of emission of toxic fumes and chemicals that would injure the health of anyone that inhales them.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are appliances or devices that help you to ensure that your house is well heated up especially during cold or winter.

They make use of some forms of electric resistors that helps them to convert electric currents into heat. They also use what is known as nichrome wires as their active element, especially the modern electric heaters.

The electric heaters have their basic responsibility of producing heat for the house and keeping everywhere warm.

They help you to regulate the temperature in instances where there is cold, they can make the temperature warm and OK for everyone in the house and they function with resistors.

The electric heaters have their own operating system which must be carefully followed for it to serve you the way you want. It is important to note that electric heaters make use of electricity just as the name suggests and they do not emit any form of fumes or carbon monoxide to the environment, unlike some other heaters that do not make use of electricity.

Types of Electric Heaters

The types of electric heaters are:

  1. Electric water heaters
  2. Electric heat pumps
  3. Electric floor heaters
  4. Electric fireplaces
  5. Ceramic heaters
  6. Mica heaters
  7. Kickspace heaters
  8. Electric baseboard heaters
  9. Electric infrared heaters
  10. Electric fan heaters

These are various types of electric heaters and they all function differently and are also handled and operated differently. Their functions are basically to keep the home warm but at the same time they have a particular space or place in the house they should be used for.

Does an Electric Heater Produce Carbon Monoxide?

The answer to this question is NO. As far as it is an electric heater, it does not produce any form of carbon monoxide and this is possible because they do not make use of any form of combustible fuel, kerosene, or any kind of liquid that burns and emits gaseous substances before they can function.

The electric heaters are well and fully powered with electricity and as such, there is no way they would emit carbon monoxide when handled carefully and operated how they should be operated and taken care of as at when due.

Can Electric Heaters Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Electric heaters cannot cause carbon monoxide poisoning because of how they are manufactured. Electric heaters are produced to function with electricity and not any other thing.

The only form or type of heaters that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning are heaters that uses either kerosene, combustible fuels, and other substances that must first of all burn in order for it to produce heat or help generate heat.

But because of the resistors and other things built into the electric heaters, they do not generate or cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember that opening a window can help with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dangerous Space Heaters Mistakes to Avoid

There are certain dangers that you must have to avoid when it comes to space heaters. They are as follows:

  • Never leave them unattended: This is something you should not joke with, your space heaters must always be attended to and be taken good care of always.
  • Do not use non-lab tested or approved space heaters: This is another mistake you must have to avoid. You are banned from using space heaters that are not approved by regulatory authorities to avoid any form of hazard for you or for people in your environment
  • Do not put or use your heaters near flammables: Flammables may cause some fire and this would injure people in the environment and at the same time destroy properties. You must have to avoid this at any time.
  • Keep it out of reach of children: Children can easily get injured when you expose them to electric space heaters. You must avoid children getting close to it
  • Avoid putting your space heaters on top of objects: This is something to avoid because it can cause a fire outbreak in the house and a lot of damages would occur. Ensure your space heaters are separately and carefully kept
  • Only plug your space heaters in the wall: Anywhere outside of the wall would be dangerous for you to plug your electric space heaters. So it is recommended that you ensure your space heaters are plugged only in the wall
  • Do not make use of gas or kerosene heaters: To avoid the dangers of carbon monoxide, you should avoid using kerosene or gas space heaters in the house.

Final Thoughts

To avoid being poisoned with carbon monoxide it is important to make use of electric heaters other than any form of heater that makes use of kerosene or gas. This is important because it would be safe for you, your household, your environment, and the properties around you.