How to Remove and Replace Light Bulb in NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan

How to Remove and Replace Light Bulb in NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Are you wondering how to remove and replace light bulb in NuTone bathroom exhaust fan? Wonder no more, we have at least two ways by which you can remove Broan NuTone bathroom fan light cover to remove and replace the bulb.

However, we also understand that Broan NuTone exhaust fans have several models, shapes, and fans’ designs. Whatever shape or design yours is, you can find how to remove the light bulbs to replace them successfully.

Reasons to Remove Broan NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Bulb

There are several reasons why you may want to remove your bathroom exhaust fan bulb. They are:

  • When the fan’s bulb is not shining the way it uses to
  • When the bulb no longer working
  • When you want to replace the bulb with a new one
  • When you want to remove the fan entirely from the wall
  • When you want to clean the fan
  • When you want to replace the fan’s reflector (holding the bulb)

However, whichever reason is making you embark on this process, we got you covered. We urge you to ensure that every safety measure is taken into consideration before starting the process. Ensure to off all electric currents inside the bathroom to be on the safer side.

Best Ways to Remove and Replace Light Bulb in NuTone Bathroom Fan

To remove and replace light bulb in any Broan NuTone bathroom exhaust fan, you need to first remove the fan light cover before having access to the fan’s reflector that houses the bulb. However, below are the procedure on how to do that successfully.

Turn Off All-Electric Current in the Bathroom

First, turn off all electric current inside the bathroom to avoid shock or any health issue. How bad would it sound if someone hears that you got electrocuted while trying to change your bathroom fan bulb? It doesn’t sound appealing at all. 

Moreover, by code, you cannot install bathroom heaters by yourself except you are very good with such work. Therefore, to be on the safer side, turn off all the electric current inside the bathroom before starting the procedure to avoid touching stories.

Remove the Light Cover

Removing the bathroom fan light cover is not a very hard thing to do but can seem difficult if you don’t know your way around it. Broan NuTone has different styles, designs, and shapes of bathroom fans. Despite the shape, design, and style, these fans have two major ways by which its light cover is removed easily. These two major ways are:

By Sqeezing the V-shaped Springs Underneath the Fan Grill

By gently shaking the fan’s grill on both sides, it will loosen the grill to enable you to insert your fingers inside the light cover and squeeze the v-shaped spring to loosen the light cover. If your bathroom fan light cover can be removed using this method, then follow the step by step procedure below.

  • Gently shake the fan grill at both sides so that it will loosen from its connected position in the ceiling
  • Once the grill is loosed, gently pull down the fan’s grill using your hands until it won’t pull down anymore
  • Now, locate the v-shaped springs inserted into a slot in the fan
  • Now, insert your fingers inside or underneath the grill 
  • Once you’ve found the spring with your fingers, use your two fingers to pinch or squeeze the spring together to loosen the grill the more
  • Once you pinch the v-shaped spring together, the light cover will come out quickly, allowing you to do the next step
  • Now, to change or replace the fan light bulb, remove the old bulb from the fan and replace it with the new one.

By Opening The Tab Holding the Light Cover to the Grill

By squeezing the fans on both sides, you can be able to loosen the fan’s grill from the ceiling to give you access to the fan’s reflector housing the bulb. To this, you have to:

  • Squeeze or shake the fan’s grill on the ceiling
  • The squeeze will disconnect the fan from its connections that are holding it
  • Gently bring it down as that will give you access to replace the bulb


  • Use a screwdriver, your finger, or any flat material to give the fan’s tab a gentle push
  • The push will release the tab from its connections 
  • Now, gently remove the light cover
  • There you will see the fan’s reflector housing the bulb
  • Unscrew the bulb and replace it with a new one

However, after installing the bulb, follow the same procedure to install the fan back to its original state. I suggest you first verify whether the bulb is working fine before installing it back. You can turn the electricity on to verify and off it again before installing it back.