How to Remove Bathroom Heat Lamp

How to Remove Bathroom Heat Lamp (10 Easy Steps)

Are you looking for how to remove bathroom heat lamp? Removing a bathroom heat lamp is not too technical at all. You can easily do it by yourself rather than spending money to call someone who can do it for you. 

Even if you are a lady and wish to remove your bathroom heat lamp without spending money, you can contact a family member or a friend who is a male to do the removal for you.

However, heat lamps are a very important aspect of the bathroom with the sole purpose of providing heat and light in the bathroom. Meaning that heat lamps do two works in the bathroom, which are:

  1. They provide heat to keep the bathroom while showering.
  2. They provide additional light in the bathroom through the lamp bulbs.

What is Bathroom Heat Lamp

Bathroom heat lamps are the type of heat lamps installed in the bathroom for the significant purpose of providing heat in the bathroom. The major duty of heat lamps is to ensure that the bathroom is warm when necessary.

Bathroom heat lamps make use of heat bulbs. The heat bulbs produce enough heat to keep the whole bathroom warm during the cold season. For the heat lamp to produce heat, it must be installed to the heat lamp. That’s why I said it is not advisable to use regular bulbs on heat lamps as they will not produce enough heat required to keep the bathroom warm while you shower.

However, it is essential to note that there are several styles and designs of bathroom heat lamps. While some come with five bulbs, others come with one or three bulbs. For example, the heat lamp I have in my bathroom has four big bulbs and a smaller bulb at the center, making it five bulbs. This type is best for large bathrooms as it has what it takes to provide the amount of heat needed to keep the bathroom warm.

Step by Step on How to Remove Bathroom Heat Lamp

Like I said earlier, removing the bathroom heat lamp is not a difficult thing to do. Just follow the procedures explained below to remove your bathroom heat lamp.

Step one: Follow all the safety precautions by

  • Switching off the lights in the bathroom. 
  • Suppose it’s possible to off the whole house’s electricity from the control switch or for the bathroom only, go ahead, and off it to be on the safer side.

Step two: Depending on the number of bulbs your heat lamp has

  • Unscrew and remove all the bulbs.
  • Remove them one after the other and keep them in a safe place where they won’t break. 
  • You can throw them away if they are no longer useful. 
  • But if they are still working fine, ensure to keep them in a safe place.

Step three

  • Loosen the springs holding the lamp plate.
  • Locate the springs holding the lamp plate to the ceiling and loosen it.
  • Just drag it and release it. If you use my type of heat lamp with five bulbs, the spring will be on the four-place you removed the bulbs.
  • Just locate the spring within those four spaces and do the needful.

Step four

  • After you have released and loosened the spring, the next thing to do is pull the plate out.
  • The fact that you dragged and eased the spring will make it easier for the plate to be removed 

Step five

  • Pull and release the springs attached to the heat lamp cover.
  • If it’s more than one spring, ensure to stretch and release them both.

Step six

  • Locate the clips holding the lamp cover to the ceiling and unclip them.
  • The clips should be in four places, keeping the lamp cover to the ceiling, unclip them.

Step seven

  •  Gently pull the heat cover out while holding the clips.
  • Follow the same procedure for all the clips and gently pull the cover out from the ceiling.

Step eight

  • Gently bring the lamp cover out from the ceiling

Step nine

  •  Use something and hold the heat lamp cover while you unscrew the nuts covering the wires.

Step ten: The final thing to do is

  • Remove the wires from the lamp cover and put it inside the ceiling’s hole.
  • Please make sure the wire is protected or is somewhere.
  • Keep it where it will not easily fall off while you are bathing as that can be very dangerous/

However, if the reason why you are removing the heat lamp is to install a new one, I will suggest you snap the wired connections on the lamp cover with your mobile phone before removing them so that you will be able to know how and where to connect back the wires.

It is also important to ensure no electricity in the bathroom while you are doing this. By bathroom heater code, you are not allowed to install heaters by yourself. Since it’s something that has to do with electricity, it is important to let a licensed professional do the job for you.


If you wish to do the installation by yourself, ensure to follow the rules. Disconnect all the electric currents in the bathroom before doing the job. If there is no way to disconnect only the bathroom electricity, then disconnect the house’s electricity from the control switch before doing the work to be on the safer side.