Are Container Homes Allowed In Colorado?

Are Container Homes Allowed In Colorado?

Colorado has certain codes that permit such conduct of container homes, but it must be the typical standard of most adorable container houses.

Shipping container homes are allowed in Colorado and are accepted by Colorado authorities and populations. Therefore, it is permissible to own a shipping container home in Colorado as long as it is structured according to Colorado building codes.

Container homes are just as perfect and cost-effective. They can be lasting as long as twenty-five years and more if maintained properly—maintenance of container houses is protected against rain and winter seasons.

Does Colorado Allow Shipping Container Homes?

Shipping of container homes is allowed in Colorado because it is a home irrespective of its mobile, delicate, and standard design style idea. It is only expected to meet certain rules and regulations as well as the local build codes of where it will be built.

Colorado may not be the state with the simplest permissible rules of shipping container houses because of its codes relating to the engineered design before shipping and placement, but it does allow it.

Every state has rules that guide changes like this, and Colorado is not excluded.

These codes guide the designed products expected to fit in the state of Colorado. It means that if a potential house owner is going to place an order for a house, they should ensure that the house in question has been designed to fit in the standard factory-built codes of the state of Colorado.

Things to Consider Before Building Container Homes In Colorado

Container homes can be built according to the factory-built standard status on a potential house owner’s order. Adjustments can be made in this process of building a container home in the kind of design the house owner wants, which in this case cannot go against the Colorado house codes. There are so many things to consider before or during a startup, like avoid being scammed.

Avoid Scammers

Know your container home agent very well, so you do not get scammed. Let it be a recommendation from a sort of respected authority.

If the recommendation comes from a respected authority like a mayor, a well-known businessman, and even a trusted acquaintance, you can go ahead to watch and place your design.

On acquiring container homes, do not complete the payment once. You pay in installment or in advance to balance when the work is done.

Research and be Updated about the State Codes of Container Homes

Don’t come back crying or complaining that the state refused a placement for your container house due to certain house authorities and codes as stipulated in the state.

Before starting a project of this nature, please do thorough research on the dos, don’ts, and exceptions related to container homes in your state and educate your agent and contractor on and about it.

Set a Budget

Since shipping container homes are allowed in Colorado, you have to set a budget. This should be the most important aspect of obtaining a container home. Let it be that a budget has been set for everything from the start-up work even to the completion of the building and shipping directory fee and miscellaneous amidst others.

Do not compromise on these amounts in a dare to slash any fee in terms of guessing.

Inquire about a container house from those who have done it recently so you can mat up an appropriate and up-to-date budget. Approach it comprehensively with all certainty and be sure if to proceed or not.

Why Should I Choose Shipping Container over A Brick House?

Container houses have their specs and affordability, which makes them special. It is most comfortable with a quiet placement and thorough security in check. It makes one a mobile landlord and is admirably cost-effective. Trust me when I say there is more than enough reason why container homes should be chosen over a brick house.

  • Cost-effectiveness: It is cheap even with its durability. Yes, for a house that can last 25years and more, are you not so lucky to be a house owner? Not just money for the construction and shipping but maintenance.
  • Peace and Quiet: The peace and quiet in container homes placement are priceless. The steel it is made of makes it sounds absorbent, and as such, the environment is most likely quiet and reserved.
  • Multi-purpose: Container homes can be used as a form of a cabin or warehouse. Think of anything possible, away from home, privacy space, business, etc. One beauty of a beauty container is that it can be sectionalized with multiple mini-sets of containers, even hugely built. Anything works with container homes.
  • Mobility: Container homes can have foundational permanent fixtures that can be uninstalled to be moved. If you ever get tired of being stationed in one space, or if you want to change it to a business structure and thus a need for relocation, whatever the excuse is, container homes can be unfixed by professionals and moved safely to a new location.
  • Long lasting: Container homes can be very long-lasting as to 25 years and more if maintained properly, especially against effects from rain and winter by using siding, which shields from harsh weather conditions. It is important to note that containers are made from steel and can be easily brutalized by harsh weather conditions like rain, which causes rust and, thus, deterioration.

Disadvantages of Using Shipping Container Homes in Colorado

There is nothing without a disadvantage, no matter how perfect it seems. Container homes happen to be one of those because not everyone likes them, that it is not lasting as brick houses alone make it suffer a disadvantage, but there are more.

  • Not Lasting as Brick Houses: That it doesn’t exceed the years attributed to it is a setback. A brick house can last for centuries but not a container home. As much as it withstands harsh weather conditions even better than brick houses, it can’t exceed three decades because these same weather conditions gradually deteriorate.
  • The Difficulty of Acquiring Building and Placements Permits: This is another huge challenge that coincides with shipping challenges. Trying to obtain building codes and placement permits takes time, a long process, and very exhausting. No one likes to go through such long processes because they feel it is not worth it.


Container houses are just like normal homes, except for difficulties in building and placement permits, especially in Colorado. Its uniqueness lies in mobility and cost-effectiveness. For some, twenty-five (25) years is a long time to own a house, while it is not for others, according to what is suited as priorities in a home where peace and security are second to none.