PVC Bathroom Exhaust Fan Duct

PVC Bathroom Exhaust Fan Duct: Facts You Should Know

Is PVC bathroom exhaust fan duct the best for the bathroom? Venting a bathroom is one of the essential things to do when building or renovating a bathroom. There are many things to put into the bathroom, and an exhaust fan is one of them.

However, for you to use an exhaust fan in your bathroom, it has to be properly vented. In my last article, I explained the various venting options you can use in your bathroom. I was able to outline the importance of having a ventilation fan in your bathroom. Not having a fan in your bathroom has lots of disadvantages.

Some of the reasons you should exhaust a fan in your bathroom range from that it will help reduce humidity and condensation in your bathroom. It will also prevent your bathroom mirror from getting fogged up anytime you shower. You no longer need to worry about molds in your bathroom. However, the question is, even if you buy the bathroom exhaust fan, can you use a PVC duct to vent the bathroom exhaust fan?


By the name alone, you will come to realize how popular it is. PVC is not just popular; PVC pipe is being used in many homes for different purposes. Many things attracted people to using PVC for their house. Some of the reason ranges from the fact that it is not too expensive to buy. Because of how good, cost-effective, and durable PVC pipes were, we began to see other versatile materials made with PVC, and one of them is PVC ducts.

PVC Duct

PVC duct is a thin-walled version of the standard PVC pipe we all know. As the name says, it is a type of duct used for light drainage, fume, and exhaust applications.

PVC duct is not like the traditional pipe version we know, as such is not used for any form of pressurized liquids. Also, it is not suitable for venting a cloth dryer and should never be used for such. One thing to note is that many contractors are using PVC duct because of how durable it is.

Can PVC Be Used for Duct Work

Yes, PVC can be used for ductwork, but you have to buy the PVC duct to use it for any ductwork. The standard PVC pipe everyone knows is not suitable for ductwork. Nevertheless, you can easily buy a PVC duct and use it for the ductwork.

Can PVC Duct be Used for Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Yes, PVC ducts can be used for bathroom exhaust fan as long as the duct’s fittings are adequately glued, the probability of leakage of water formed in the duct is low. 

However, many people may not consider PVC as an ideal venting method because since the duct needs to run to the attic, it needs to be insulated. Meanwhile, before using PVC ducts for your bathroom fan, make sure to verify that your municipal approves its use for ductwork.

If you are looking for the best duct to use for your bathroom exhaust fan, you may consider reading a post I made a few days ago regarding a flexible and rigid duct. The post will tell you the best duct approved by your location to use in your bathroom. 

Importance and Advantages of PVC Duct

  • It is Strong: One outstanding advantage of PVC ducts is that they are reliable. It is important because it is strong and has other interesting, beneficial qualities.
  • It is Durable: So long as PVC ducts are strong, that alone automatically makes it durable. This is one of the durable ducts you can ever use for your bathroom fan.
  • It possesses a Low Thermal Conductivity: With this quality, the duct promises to do its job well.
  • It Possesses Low Flammable Properties: PVC ducts are made with materials that are low at catching fire. With this, you won’t have to be afraid that it may catch fire one day.
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance: PVC ducts are chemical and corrosion resistant to most acids, bases, salts, and halogens.
  • It Comes in Different Sizes: The fact that PVC ducts come in different sizes makes them excellent. You can get it from 2 inches to 60 inches.

Disadvantages of PVC Duct

One noticeable disadvantage of PVC ducts is that they may not be the ideal duct for a bathroom exhaust fan. Ducts connected to the attic need to be appropriately insulated, and PVC may not be the perfect duct. You can check other bathroom exhaust fan venting options.

Is PVC Exhaust Fan Duct the Best

While PVC pipe is the best for its durability, cost-effectiveness, and easy to use, PVC duct may not be the best duct to use for bathroom exhaust fan. There are several bathroom exhaust fan ducting options explain in my previous posts, such as rigid duct and flexible ductHowever, rigid ducts are made of metal and are proven to be the best and used by many.

Final Thoughts

In as much as venting a bathroom exhaust fan is very important, you have to make sure to do it with the best duct options approved by your municipal. You can use a PVC duct for your bathroom, but a rigid or flexible duct is the best to use for your bathroom exhaust fan.