Can You Use Kleenex As Toilet Paper?

Can You Use Kleenex As Toilet Paper?

Toilet papers are of different types, qualities and can serve a different purpose to a different person(s). They are manufactured in different places and are of different brands altogether.

Kleenex is a brand that has several products in them which include the following: tampons, diapers, facials, and bathroom tissue and towel papers.

Hardly would you get to a house and you would not be able to see a brand of Kleenex paper. They are used for different occasions and different services.

You would see it in cars, hotels, restaurants, bars, and homes as well. Many people use it to wipe faces, clean cups, and tumblers in bars, clean tables, chairs, windows, and doors.

Toilet or tissue papers serve a whole lot of purpose and should also not be mistaken for what they are and of what purpose they should be used for or serve. If used for the wrong purpose it can cause some health challenges and some forms of rashes in the skin.

It is very important to know what tissue paper should be used for, know what is used in the manufacturing processes before making use of them.

Kleenex should not be used as toilet paper because it is not like other toilet papers in terms of what it is made of, else, it will have some diverse consequences and effects that will not be too pleasing to both the toilet septic tank, sewage ways, and to the health of the person(s) making use of it as a toilet paper.

Kleenex: An Overview

Kleenex is a brand on its own, it is made up of different products like bathroom tissue, facial tissue, diapers, paper towels, and tampons. It serves various purposes to different people depending on what you intend to use it for, but there is an original purpose for manufacturing Kleenex for use.

It is a registered trademark in the United States of America, and they started production in the early years of 1920, the median time of production of Kleenex, it was used as a filter for a gas mask, as time kept evolving it increased into different products. It was first manufactured as a crepe paper, but years and times brought it to what it is now.

Kleenex is a brand seen in almost every homes, cars, events, and in various places including restaurants, hotels, bars, and all other places, and it represents many things for many people.

It can be used as a face tissue; it can also be used as bathroom tissue. You can decide to use it as a paper towel and even it can serve as diapers for your kids. Whatever you intend to use the Kleenex brand for is solely dependent on you.

Why is Kleenex Called Kleenex?

Kleenex is called Kleenex because the name Kleenex was coined by the word “Kleen” and “Kotex” combining the words “Kleen” and “ex” from Kotex automatically gives you the name “KLEENEX”. The reason for this is because it is easy to say, easy to remember, easy to explain and it is also short. This is the major reason why Kleenex is called Kleenex.

Can Kleenex be Used as Toilet Paper?

The answer is no. The Kleenex brand is not meant to be used in the toilet as toilet paper. The reason is that Kleenex is not made in a way it can easily dissolve in the toilet paper, unlike other normal tissue papers which were manufactured in a way that it can easily be flushed out of the toilet sink into the water system without blocking the pipes and plumbing works where sewages and water can pass through.

The Kleenex brand is quite different from the normal toilet papers, it would cause blockage in the sewage pipes and would not easily dissolve and be flushed out because of the type of materials used in manufacturing it. This is to say that the Kleenex was not manufactured to serve you as toilet paper that can be used in the toilet.

So please do not use Kleenex as toilet paper except you won’t be flushing it down the toilet. Suppose you find yourself in the bathroom without toilet paper and you have Kleenex in your bag, you can make use of it to clean but make sure you don’t flush it down the toilet as that will affect the sewage pipes.

Pros of Using Kleenex as Toilet Paper?

The following are some of the advantages of using Kleenex as toilet paper:

  • Affordability: The Kleenex products are not expensive and can easily be afforded by almost all households despite the level of income they are placed on. This is to say that you do not have to spend much money before you would be able to buy a product of the Kleenex brand.
  • Easy to Get: This is another important thing to note about Kleenex, they are seen everywhere, in all shops, supermarkets, kiosks even on the roadsides. This is to say that you don’t need to stress much before you can be able to see any of the products of the Kleenex brand. They are easily sighted and easily seen either been hawked or sold in a variety shop or even pharmacy.
  • The Chemicals Used in its Production: Even though Kleenex is not intended to be used as toilet paper, they are well manufactured and produced having the consumers’ health in mind as a major priority. If used as toilet paper the ingredients used in it is not harmful to all skin types. This is to say that your health was a priority during the manufacturing process of the Kleenex brand.

Disadvantages of Using Kleenex as Toilet Paper?

The following are the cons of using Kleenex as toilet paper.

1. Blockage in Sewage Pipes

Because Kleenex is not made to easily breakdown in the toilet and sewage pipes, it would cause a blockage on the septic and sewage ways. And once the sewage ways are blocked, it affects the plumbing and all other things that are connected to it, and you would not be able to find it easy.

2. Can Cause Sores

These products can cause some forms of sores to the body, depending on your skin type and body texture. This means that it can cause a sort of health challenge and rashes on your skin, and whatever affects the skin automatically affects the entire body.

3. It’s Dry and Hard

The texture and materials used in manufacturing the Kleenex brand are hard and dry and therefore it would not be a good idea to use this product like toilet paper. If used as toilet paper it would be hard on the skin and the chemicals in it can affect the health.

4. The Extra Cost of Repair

Using it as toilet paper and along the line it blocks the sewage pipe, it would automatically land you into spending extra money in ensuring the repair the plumbing and other things attached to it.

5. Can Cause Air Pollution

If care is not taken when the sewage pipe blocks, there would be air pollution in the environment and this would be detrimental to the health of people living around you.

6. Environmental Pollution

Since the Kleenex brand and its products are not easily dissolved, they can cause a form of environmental pollution if they are not well disposed in the proper way. It would cause some forms of harm and damages to the environment or the place it was been disposed carelessly.


What Were Kleenex Tissues Originally Intended For?

The Kleenex products were first manufactured around 1924 and it was originally intended and manufactured to serve and be used as a cold cream remover and also as a filter for a gas mask. These were what they were originally made for.

Kleenex was not originally intended to be used as tissues, but with better innovation and evolvement as time went on, they now were manufactured to also serve as different kinds of tissues, for various purposes.

What Chemicals are in Kleenex?

Kleenex is made up of some ceresin chemical, Stearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, and Isopropyl Palmitate chemicals. Each of these chemicals has different yet similar works they do in Kleenex products.

  • Ceresin: This can help keep the skin soft and smooth at the same time.
  • Stearyl Alcohol: This chemical is responsible for holding up all the chemicals and ingredients that were used in the manufacturing process. This sounds more like this particular chemical is what keeps all other chemicals used in the manufacturing process working.
  • Dimethicone: This also serves as a softener and smoother for the skin
  • Isopropyl Palmitate: This is another good chemical that softens and smoothens the skin and they are all combined and used in manufacturing Kleenex products.

Where Does Kleenex Toilet Paper Come From?

Kleenex toilet paper is not made in a particular country, it is a registered trademark in the United States of America but it is manufactured in 30 different countries, and is been exported and sold in over 170 different countries of the world.


Kleenex is of many products and is used for a variety of purpose depending on what the owner intend using it for. But it should be noted that they are not supposed to be used as toilet paper because of the materials used in the manufacturing process. But they are generally healthy but the trees they are manufactured from are not the same as where toilet papers are manufactured from. They are two different products altogether and should not be mistaken to serve the same purpose.