Toilet Paper Shortage Meme

Toilet Paper Shortage Meme (With Images)

The toilet paper shortage meme we have in this article will make you smile.

Toilet paper shortage has been trending in the US for months now following the outbreak of coronavirus. The United States was not the only country affected by the virus but it is one of the countries that was hit hard by the pandemic.

In the United States, Coronavirus killed many people. Both the elderly and the young ones. Many people in the US equally contracted this disease.

While some got healed, others died of it. As of the time this article was published, the US is still seeing the rise of coronavirus in some parts of the country.

Coronavirus and the Shortage of Toilet Paper

As states imposed lockdown, many people bought a lot of foodstuffs and household tools to enable them to stay at home till the pandemic is over.

One thing with pandemics is that it is something that comes and goes. It’s something that is not supposed to last for a very long time.

People in the States were urged to buy enough foodstuffs and household stuff that will be enough for them during the time they will be home.

Some stores in the US ran out of stock for toilet paper. When the news got people in the other parts of the States, they began to buy much quantity of toilet paper they can lay their hands on.

Many people bought more than they can ever use for the fear of not being able to buy it again when necessary. The hoarding of toilet paper led to the toilet paper shortage in the US.

Perhaps, there is a probability that many have not finish using toilet paper they bought during March, April, May. While others could not see toilet paper to buy, some had enough to reach the first quarter of 2021.

Meanwhile, the story behind the toilet paper shortage of 2020 is similar to the toilet paper shortage of 1973 where a popular comedian made the joke of the country running out of stock of toilet paper in stores. The next day, toilet paper could not be found again in stores as people believed the man and bought as much toilet tissue they can afford.

Toilet Paper Shortage Meme

Since the toilet paper shortage began in the US, many people began to make toilet paper shortage meme and funny toilet paper jokes which they published on social media. Below are some of the funny toilet paper shortage meme to spice up your day.

An Instagram handle with the decorcomplete posted a picture of a toilet paper shortage meme that really cracked me. It was really funny that I laughed so hard. Anyway, he shared the picture and said “This one made me laugh a little more than I should have!!”. See the picture below.

Toilet Paper Shortage Meme

Isn’t it so funny? Obviously, John would have been told the story of how it began in 2020. This meme is in confirmation of the assertion I made at the beginning of this article that history will never forget 2020. It is also in conformation that many people have toilet paper that will reach them till the next year 2021.

An Instagram handle by the name chickedy_and_chic posted two pictures below and said:

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells 1.5 away

Oh what fun it is to ride in a Covid safe sleigh!

This year has been cr*p for so many. I never thought I’d see the day where we would socially distance from Santa or experience a toilet paper shortage…

We decided to have some humour this year with our Santa photos… by decorating the set with toilet paper! It’s all about making memories and remembering the hard year that we have all lived.

Toilet Paper Shortage Meme Toilet Paper Shortage Meme

An Instagram handle by the name barkside.antics, posted a picture of her dog and said:

Malani is 4  tall! How tall is your dog?

Toilet paper shortage meme

Another Instagram handle by the name remembernovemberinc posted saying “Sometimes, we have to lose everything to truly appreciate it”. Below is the picture posted

Toilet Paper Shortage Meme

Another Instagram handle by the name momdamnit posted a picture on her handle and said ” Wow! I can’t believe someone would part with their coffee at a time like this!? and then she said again:

How did I find a friend willing to trade their 16 ounces of coffee for 16 rolls of tp?! I am the luckiest.

Chris Adshade posted the picture below on Facebook and sad “Obviously before the toilet paper shortage of 2020” See picture below.

Below are some other toilet paper shortage meme pictures that will make your day.


In conclusion, we learned that many people who could not get enough toilet paper to buy during the shortage was able to laugh and smile seeing these funny toilet paper shortage meme. You that has read this post, I believe you smiled when seeing most of the toilet paper storage meme we have here on our website.