Can You Use Napkins as Toilet Paper

Can You Use Napkins as Toilet Paper?

Napkins have been an alternative to toilet paper since time immemorial. I got a shock of my life when a friend of mine told me that he mostly uses more of napkins than toilet paper.

However, the question is, can you use napkins as toilet paper?

Napkins can be used as toilet paper. They are the best alternatives to use when there is no toilet paper in the toilet. You can use napkins as toilet paper to clean or wipe your anus, after which you should dispose it in the waste bin.

There are several rules one has to follow if he or she has to use a napkin as an alternative to toilet paper. However, those rules are very important which if the person fails to comply, will live to regret ever not knowing.

Napkin and its Uses

The napkin can be either a piece of cloth or paper that is usually square used when having a meal to wipe the mouth, fingers and to protect the cloth the individual wears. It is also a baby’s nappy.

When I was a little boy, I don’t know paper napkins as a “napkin”, I only know it as a serviette. The only napkins I know were the pieces of clothes use for babies.

However, aside from using a napkin as toilet paper, there are many uses of napkin that need to be discussed. However, the uses are all centered around cleaning and protecting. The reason is that, apart from cleaning your mouth and fingers when eating, you can clean more with napkins.

For example, if you are cooking in the kitchen and have a spill, if you cannot find either toilet paper or paper towel around; if the napkin is there, won’t you use it to wipe the counter? Napkins are best for wiping because it does not dissolve as fast as toilet paper.

The napkin is not a new thing. It has been around since time immemorial. The earliest reference made in terms of napkins was about table napkins around 1384 – 1385. However, the use of paper napkins was first seen in ancient China when paper was invented. Till today, napkins have faced a series of development. It keeps getting better.

Can You Use Napkins as Toilet Paper?

Yes, you can use napkins as toilet paper as long as you don’t flush them. You can use it to clean your butt after using the toilet, you can also use napkins for other things you use toilet paper for, but ensure you don’t put it on the toilet to avoid blocking your sewage pipes.

One of the rules you must follow when you decide to use the napkin as toilet paper is its disposal. The way toilet paper is disposed of inside the toilet is not the same way napkins should be disposed.

The reason is that, even though both were made from paper, one is quick to disolve while the other is not. Therefore, if you are trying to flush the napkin down the toilet, then you are doing more harm than good to your septic pipes and in the end, you will be the one to suffer the consequences.

Are Napkins Safe to Use as a Toilet Paper?

Yes, napkins are safe to use as toilet paper as long as you are not allergic to them. It may not to too comfortable to use unlike toilet paper, but it is better and safe to use as toilet paper. The only way napkins will not be safe is if you are allergic to napkins. As long as you are not allergic to it, you can go ahead and use it as toilet paper.

Also, your definition of safe can be different from mine. Therefore, it depends on what you call safe. One thing is certain; when you use a napkin as a toilet paper, you may not feel the softness you do feel when you use toilet paper, this is because of the use of different materials.

However, napkins are safe to be used as toilet paper, but if eventually you use them and start noticing rash around the areas you used them at, then you are advised to stop using them immediately.

Moreover, why should you decide to be using napkins every day? Napkins should be something you use once a while as toilet paper inside the toilet; that should be when you run short of toilet paper without knowing. Napkins are not toilet paper therefore, don’t develop the habit of using it daily as toilet paper.

The point here is, napkins should not replace the work toilet paper does in your toilet. After all, it wasn’t meant to be used to wipe the anus after defecating. It was meant to be used to wipe things at the table.

If you are still wondering if a napkin is safe to use, then try to remember those days when toilet paper is yet to be invented, many people used many means to clean after using the toilet. Some used old newspaper, while some went to the extent of using leaves to clean their anus. If these people succeeded using this means and it did not affect them, then napkins are safe to use.

Like I said earlier, if you are allergic to a napkin, it will not be safe for you to use. The only way to find out if you’ve used it in the past and it reacted on you. If you use it and notice any reaction on you, it may be because it is not good for your body type, then you are advised to stop using it with immediate effect.

When to Use Napkins as Toilet Paper

The perfect time to use napkins as toilet paper is when you run short of toilet paper. When you are stuck in the toilet with no toilet paper, you can quickly grab the napkin close to u and clean your butt. But after doing that, make sure never to flush it down the toilet.

I’ve already made a post on the list of things to use when you find yourself stuck in the toilet without toilet paper. You can check it out. Napkins are included and can be used when you run short of toilet paper in the house.

It is of no use using a napkin as toilet paper when you can easily get toilet paper around. Don’t be too lazy and don’t get too comfortable using napkins as toilet paper.

Another time to use napkins is if there is a shortage of toilet paper. The toilet paper shortage that happened in the United States during the pandemic is nothing to write home about. If you find yourself in this situation again, you can just resort to getting napkins until when the stores restocked again.

Apart from using napkins in the toilet, you can also it in the kitchen. Anywhere you would have loved to use toilet paper at. Remember when you do so, it becomes an alternative. A substitution. When you are using something as a substitute, you shouldn’t make it a habit.

Advantages of Using Napkins

The major advantage is the help it provides at the point in time. If you are stuck in the toilet with no toilet paper, it is considered an emergency, then, anything you used, has relieved you of that embarrassment. Supposed you used napkins, it will save you the embarrassment of wearing your pants with a wet body.

Disadvantages of Using Napkins

The truth is that napkins may not be as soft as toilet paper is when you use them to wipe your butt in the toilet. It is because of how it is made. It’s not as if it will scratch your anus or give you an injury. No, it won’t. Also, those that are allergic to napkins cannot be able to use them because of the reaction they do get any time they use them.


Don’t be confused. You can use napkins as toilet paper as long as you don’t put them inside the toilet. But if you are allergic to napkins, you are advised not to use them as toilet paper to avoid getting any allergic reaction from it.