Where Should Bathroom Sconces be Placed?

Where Should Bathroom Sconces be Placed? (How High Should it be)

Where should bathroom sconces be placed? How high should you place sconces in your bathroom?

Designing a bathroom to suit one’s personal taste is the best thing to do when building a house or doing some renovations and remodeling. A bathroom should be able to match the owner’s preference so that the owner will experience a sense of acceptance by just entering the bathroom.

However, when designing a bathroom, there are several things to consider, such as the perfect places to place and hang bathroom interiors such as the bathroom vanity, bathroom mirror, and sconce. Taking account of that before starting a bathroom renovation or remodeling will help give you an outstanding result.

The question now is, where should bathroom scones be placed? How high to place bathroom sconces?

Bathroom sconces should be placed near a mirror as task lighting. It should be hanged on both sides of your bathroom vanity mirror around 60 – 65 inches from the floor on a perfect eye level to avoid unflattering shadows or harsh glares when using the mirror. It can as well be installed around 75 to 80 inches above the ground depending on where the mirror is placed and how high it is.

What is Bathroom Sconces

I remember the first time I was designing my bathroom, I went to the market to buy a mirror for my bathroom, and the seller suggested I also purchase and fix a bathroom sconce near my mirror, and I was like what is a bathroom sconce?

For those of us who don’t understand, bathroom sconces are those pieces of lighting fixtures that are hanged or placed on either side of the bathroom mirror. I remember asking the seller what is the need for the bathroom sconces or are you telling me so I can buy the goods from you? He told me of the importance of having a bathroom sconce in the bathroom.

Importance of Sconces in the Bathroom

The most important reason why you must have bathroom sconces is that it works as task lighting by providing optimal light coverage for daily routines in the bathroom. If you are the type that likes applying makeup and styling your hair in the bathroom, having sconces is a good idea.

For men, it is also convenient for you guys. The lights will provide optimal lightings while shaving and doing another manner of things men do in the bathroom (you know what I’m talking about. LOL!)

Best Positions to Place Bathroom Sconces

Where Should Bathroom Sconces be Placed?

The two perfect places to hang your bathroom sconces are on the two sides of the bathroom mirror or bathroom vanity at least from 60 – 70 inches from the floor and around eye level. This is why you have to make sure that your bathroom mirror is not wider than your bathroom vanity sink etc., as that will degrade the beauty of the bathroom.

However, to be able to place bathroom sconces near your bathroom mirror successfully, you must have to make sure that your bathroom mirror is not wider than your bathroom vanities. Choose the perfect size mirror. It can either be rectangular to a circular mirror, then place your sconces on both sides of the mirror. 

The reason why you should make use of these two spaces is to avoid unflattering shadows or harsh glares. However, if you wish to fix one sconce on one side of your bathroom mirror, make sure to test the lightings out to make sure you’re satisfied with it. 

Meanwhile, apart from preventing harsh glares, placing sconces on both sides of your bathroom mirror will add more elegance and beauty to your bathroom.

Nevertheless, if you are using a round or circular bathroom mirror, place the sconce on top of the mirror. In this case, you should make use of bathroom scones that have double lighting fixtures. See the picture below.

In a situation whereby you have a double sink in your bathroom, and the mirrors are hanged close enough, you can make use of three sconces. Place one sconce on the middle and place the remaining two on either side of the mirror. Remember, it has to be around 60 to 70 inches from the floor.

How Far Away from the Mirror Should You Place Sconces

This is an excellent question. Often times, people don’t know how far apart they should place their sconces in the bathroom. Moreover, the fact that you are asking this question means that you already know the height and places to place the sconces but confused about how far away it should be from each other.

When placing sconces near a bathroom mirror, make sure that the scones are 18 inches away from the mirror on both sides from the center of the bathroom vanity where the mirror is positioned to give more elegance to your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be too far away. It can as well be 36 to 40 inches away apart to ensure even lighting when using the mirror. Moreover, you need to make sure the sconces are situated 4 inches away from the edge of the mirror to give space for an electrical box.

Be that as it may, when buying sconces for your bathroom, make sure to get smaller sconces, especially if you wish to place them on both sides of your mirror. The reason is that smaller sconces are better in the bathroom. The sconces should be between 9 to 10 inches.

How to Hang Bathroom Sconces

To hang Bathroom sconces next to your mirror, make sure the sconces are hanged around 18 or 35 – 40 inches apart from the mirror and around 60 to 70 inches from the floor on both sides of the mirror. You need to call a professional to hang the scones for you in your bathroom.


Having a sconce placed in the bathroom is a very good idea. Even though I’m a guy, I’ve never regretted ever placing it in my bathroom. Just follow the guidelines outlined and explained in this article, and stop asking where should bathroom sconces be placed. Make sure to call a professional to hang the sconces for you except you are good with this kind of stuff.