Why Toilet Paper is Important

Why Toilet Paper is Important ( 3 Major Reasons)

Asking why toilet paper is important is like asking why water is Important. Just like water, toilet roll is one of those things that are very important to human beings.

Toilet paper is important because we use it to wipe and clean after using the toilet, either pooping or releasing bodily fluids. We also use toilet tissue and wrap things to keep or to trash and to clean other surfaces.

Sometimes, we wonder about the importance of toilet tissue, arguing that there was a time when toilet tissue was not in existence, and people were OK. Yes, people were fine during those days when toilet tissue has not been widespread. For example, toilet roll did not get to Russia until the 1960s. While there was no toilet paper there, they used newspapers and various other toilet tissue alternatives to wipe and clean.

However, the question now is, will you agree to use newspaper to clean after urinating? Will you be able to use newspaper to clean after defecating? Toilet paper has become quite useful that humans can never overemphasize its importance.

If toilet roll is not so useful, why then was there toilet paper shorage in 1973. If you don’t understand the 1973 toilet paper shortage, what about the great toilet roll shortage of 2020. It started as a joke and extended to something else, to the extent that some stores like Walmart have to observe customer counting to regulate the number of toilet paper per person.

Nevertheless, the toilet roll shortage of 2020 is clear evidence that toilet tissue is very important.  People began to hoard toilet rolls in stores for fear of its scarcity, coupled with the fact that there was a lockdown and sit at home. People had to buy enough things that will enable them to sit at home. If the whole family is at home, including children, there is a need for enough toilet roll.

Studying the reason behind the toilet paper shortage of 2020, you will notice that it is similar to the toilet paper shortage of 1973 when a famous comedian cracked a joke about toilet tissue scarcity. The next day, people had bought up all the toilet rolls in stores. It shows that toilet tissue is essential. However, the question now is, what is the reason why toilet roll is important?

Reasons why Toilet Paper is Important

Here are the major reasons why toilet paper is important:

  • Toilet paper is important because we wipe with toilet paper
  • It is important because we clean with toilet roll
  • It is also important because we can wrap things with a toilet tissue

The major reason why toilet paper is important is that we wipe and clean with it. It is something we use anytime we visit our bathroom, either to urinate or to defecate. Aside from that, we also use toilet tissue to wrap or cover something in our various other activities.

However, toilet tissue is frequently used for wiping and cleaning. That is the basic use of toilet roll. Any other thing different from that is secondary. Let’s take a look at some of the uses of toilet roll. Doing that will help us understand why toilet tissue is important.

Uses of Toilet Paper

1. Cleaning

Like I said earlier, toilet roll is mostly used to clean. After we visit the toilet to defecate, we use toilet paper to clean. There are various other toilet roll alternatives people use when they get stuck in the toilet with no toilet paper, such as washing with water or getting a bidet. The fact remains many people still use toilet tissue to clean after defecating.

Nevertheless, when we say we use toilet tissue to clean, we are not saying that cleaning after defecating is the only use of toilet roll. There are several other things we clean with toilet roll. Let’s see some examples.

When your dog or your pet poops on the floor or where he is not supposed to, you make use of a toilet roll to clean. Also, when you see dirt on your bed or a particular surface, you make use of toilet roll to clean, proving that we do not only use toilet tissue to clean our anus, we also use it to clean various other things.

2. Wiping

In this context, to wipe is different from to clean. When you sneeze and notice some particle on your nose, you quickly grab your toilet tissue and wipe with it. When you are cooking and oil or something stains your pot, floor, or any surface, you use toilet tissue to wipe it off.

Yesterday, I made a post about being allergic to toilet rolls. In the article, I explained that one of the allergic reactions to toilet paper is micro-cuts. You can get micro-cuts by wiping too hard or rough after urinating. This assertion proves that women make use of toilet tissue to wipe after visiting the bathroom.

What about make-up? Most women and drag queens apply heavy make-ups, and when it takes time to take it off, some use toilet tissue to wipe before using other products.

3. Wrapping or Covering

I don’t know what it is that needs to be wrapped or covered. Toilet tissue is sometimes used either to do the wrapping or the covering.


Having known the reason why toilet paper is important, to clean and to wipe, it is important to be mindful of the type of toilet tissue you use if you have sensitive skin to avoid having some allergic reactions from using toilet paper. Truth is that without toilet tissue, it will be hard for people to go back to the use of newspaper to wipe and clean. The reason is that toilet tissue is soft and better than newspaper.