How to Get Hair Dye Off Bathroom Cabinet (2 Best Ways)

How to Get Hair Dye Off Bathroom Cabinet (2 Best Ways)

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Are you wondering how to get hair dye off the bathroom cabinet? Worry no more for, in this article, you will learn how you can successfully remove hair dye stains from your bathroom cabinet.

Having a dye stain in a bathroom cabinet can be very frustrating. Imagine blue or red dye stains on your wood-colored bathroom cabinet? It will not only destroy the beauty of the cabinet, but it will also be a center of attraction whenever someone visits the bathroom. The odd colored stains from the dye will always attract an eye to it and that’s not a very good thing to do.

Best Way to Remove Hair Dye Stains from Bathroom Cabinet

Here is how to remove hair dye stains off the bathroom cabinet:

  1. Get a baking soda
  2. Pour a good amount of the baking soda into a small cup or bowl
  3. Mix the baking soda and the water to make a paste (the paste must not be water)
  4. Now, apply the paste to the affected area
  5. Scrub the paste in the affected area with your cloth or cotton bud

Please note that the amount of baking soda to use depends on the nature of the dye stains. It depends on how large the dye stains the bathroom cabinet. Also, the water also depends on the quantity of baking soda you poured. Do not make the paste to be watery. It has to be thick so you can adequately scrub with it to remove the dye stains.

However, if the paste did not completely remove the stain at the first trial, you can as well try it for the second and third time until the dye stain is completely gone.

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Second Best Method

Here is another way by which you can remove hair dye stain from the bathroom cabinet:

  1. Get toothpaste. (I recommend Colgate Toothpaste. You can use the one you have at home)
  2. Get a huge cotton board
  3. Apply the toothpaste to it
  4. Use it to scrub the area where the dye stains are on your bathroom cabinet
  5. You may have to repeat the process a couple of times to see a better result.

You can as well soak the affected area with toothpaste or apply the toothpaste gel on the affected area and leave it for some minutes, then use a soft brush or cloth to scrub the stains off.

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Disadvantages of Hair Dye on Bathroom Cabinet

  • It Will Look Bad: Having a hair dye stain on your bathroom cabinet will definitely make your bathroom cabinet look bad. Aside from that, it can also make the whole bathroom look very bad.
  • It will become an Eye Saw: Anytime someone or a visitor enters the bathroom, the hair dye stains on the bathroom cabinets will attract the person. The person must see it because it is an eye saw.
  • Change the Beauty of the Bathroom: When something is bad or has become an eye saw, it will definitely change the beauty of the bathroom. Hair dye stains have the power to do that.

These disadvantages are the reasons why you must make sure to follow any of the procedures explained in this article to get rid of the stains.


These methods explained in this article are tested and trusted to be removing hair dye, you can follow the procedure to get hair dye off your bathroom cabinet.