How to Shut Down Your Neighbors Airbnb

How to Shut Down Your Neighbors Airbnb (Legally)

Air Bed and Breakfast (Airbnb) is fast becoming the order of the day. It was founded in 2008 by Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky. Airbnb is in over 220 countries around the world and over 100,000 cities.

Airbnb is an online marketplace where travelers book rooms in local houses instead of hotels. It is way cheaper than hotels and even more convenient. It is also a way for the hosts to get more money. But the question is, how to shut down your neighbors Airbnb?

The best way to shut down your neighbor’s Airbnb is by reporting them to the Department of Fire or the Department of Building depending on the rules guiding Airbnb in your area. You can also report your neighbor to your HOA if there is one or report them on the Airbnb website with proof of claims. 

What Does it Mean to Run an Airbnb?

To run an Airbnb, you will sign up for their account to become a host. By doing so, you can rent out your room to travelers that are staying in your area. The price will be lesser than the hotel fees.

When you get a guest, a percentage of the price will go to Airbnb company. To run an Airbnb, you will be renting your room or even dining area to strangers.

Can My Neighbor Run Airbnb?

It depends on your neighbor’s choice. If he/she wants to get more income, they can run Airbnb. The only issue people have with their neighbors running Airbnb is that many of these strangers might be causing noise pollution or even trash waste wrongly.

Can I Stop My Neighbor From Running an Airbnb?

Yes, you can stop your neighbor from running an Airbnb if it is causing a nuisance in the neighborhood. The reasons you can shut down Airbnb include noise, safety, and trash. Having noisy neighbors that hold parties and leave trash anywhere can be very annoying.

You can speak with your neighbors first before taking any action. There are legal actions you can take to stop your neighbor from running an Airbnb.

Nevertheless, before you shut down your neighbor’s Airbnb, speak to them first. If they respond well and control the rate of the noise and trash, then you can refrain from taking other actions.

How to Shut Down Your Neighbor’s Airbnb?

If your neighbor refuses to listen, then you can report to the Department of Fire, or the Department of Building depending on the rules guiding Airbnb in the area.

Also, you can report your neighbor on the Airbnb website. They will make necessary investigations and if the complaint is found true, the host will face the necessary penalties.

You can also report to your HOA if you are living in a condominium or townhouse. These associations have certain restrictions and rules guiding Airbnb. The restrictions might be tighter in states and communities that don’t allow Airbnb. If it’s an apartment, report your neighbor to the company.

Can Neighbours Complain about Airbnb?

Yes, you can complain about Airbnb if you are not comfortable with strangers and their activities in the next house. You can send your complaint to the building department in your region.

Also, there is a page for complaints on the Airbnb website. You’ll see the Neighborhood Support. When you make your complaint there, the company will investigate the matter and carry out the necessary actions.

Do You Need Permission to Run Airbnb?

Yes, you need permission to run Airbnb, and it’s not just one permission. You need permission from your landlord, the local authority, your house insurer, and Airbnb to run one. You’ll also need a permit in certain areas before you can run Airbnb.

Some areas will even ask you to get a commercial permit before you can run Airbnb. You’ll need to understand the restrictions guiding Airbnb in your area so as to know how you can act.

What Cities Are Airbnb Not Allowed?

Airbnb is illegal or restricted in certain cities, so before you become a host, check if your city has loose restrictions about Airbnb or strict ones.

Below are cities where Airbnb is either illegal or restricted:

New York City, New York

Although this is America’s largest marketplace, Airbnb can be illegal in certain cases. You can’t rent out your house for less than 30 days.

Also while having guests in your home, you must be around; you can’t leave your house to guests. Renting out your entire apartment for less than 30 days is illegal.

Meanwhile, you can only have two guests in the house. Well, this will really curb disturbance in the neighborhood. You can only list one home at a time on the platform.

Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles, you have to pay $89 yearly even after you get a permit to be a host. A law was passed in December 2018 that only buildings that are primary residences can be rented out by hosts.

The host must always live in the primary residence for 6 months a year. Also, you can only rent out the house for 120 days a year.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Investors are actually prohibited from running Airbnb in Las Vegas with exceptions for those with primary residences. The rules here are even more strict because you need to obtain a business license before you can run it.

You must have liability insurance of $500,000. You must also renew the permit every 6 months. Failure to do this will incur a fine.

If you want to be a host in Las Vegas, you can’t have more than three-bedroom. If you do, you’ll have to pay $1000 for a registration fee.

Your overnight guests shouldn’t be more than 12. Also, you can’t have another neighbor as a host if the house is 660 feet from your house.

San Francisco, California

This is another city in California. You’ll be running Airbnb illegally if you don’t register with the city. To run Airbnb, you have to register as a business with the city’s treasurer and tax collector.

You also register with the Office of Short-term Rentals of the city so that you can receive a certified host certificate. This certificate must be renewed every two years.

Also, as a host, you have to be a permanent resident in the house for 275 nights. You can’t rent out your house for more than 90 days per year. Also, guests have to pay a 14% lodging tax.

Can You Sue Your Neighbour for Running Airbnb?

No, you cannot sue your neighbor for running Airbnb if it’s a city where it is legal. Rather than suing, you can just speak with the neighbor. If he/she refused to listen, you can report it to your HOA or complain to the police about the disturbance.

Filing a lawsuit is expensive. Even if you want to sue your neighbors, it would be for public nuisance because they are disturbing the neighborhood. You can easily file a noise complaint if Airbnb is causing too much noise in the neighborhood.

Can You Report Neighbour Running Airbnb?

If the guests renting your neighbor’s property are really disturbing the neighborhood or you don’t feel safe in the area anymore, you can report your neighbor to Airbnb.

When you go on their website, you’ll click on neighborhood support and you’ll fill out a form to make your complaint. Airbnb doesn’t support guests disturbing the neighborhood or creating a nuisance there.

How Can You Report a Neighbour Running Airbnb?

Even though Airbnb is one way for people to make an income, it is no reason for guests to cause disturbance in the neighborhood.

To report your neighbor running Airbnb, you must verify if his/her Airbnb is legal. To know this, go to your city’s website and click on Airbnb.

The company won’t give out much information about their hosts based on their security policy but you’ll see pictures of houses that can rent out their space.

If you see your neighbor’s house, then he/she is a legal host. Go to the neighborhood support page on the Airbnb website and make your complaint. But you’ll have to provide the address of the neighbor.


Your peaceful neighborhood can still be peaceful even with Airbnb guests. In most cities, the host can’t leave the guests alone during their stay; they have to be in the house with them so as to monitor their actions. This is why if you feel your neighbor’s guests are not acting well, you can speak with your neighbor before you report them to the necessary authorities.