Ring Doorbell Crackling Noise

Ring Doorbell Crackling Noise (6 Best Ways to Fix it)

The common cause of Ring doorbell crackling noise or Ring doorbell static noise is a poor internet connection. If you are experiencing a crackling or static noise from your Ring doorbell, you need to check your internet speed and signal strength. Adjust the router settings or perform a factory reset to stop the noise.

Having a doorbell security camera is one of the best things any homeowner would do. This is because of the high rate of crime being committed in society these days such as shooting, break and enter, etc. With the help of the doorbell camera, you will be able to know and see who is about to enter your house.

Ring doorbells are one of the best doorbell security cameras that is on the market. However, they are more popular because of the prestige the company has built for themselves coupled with the fact that their doorbells are among the best you can find in the market. But the question is, why is there Ring doorbell crackling noise?

Why is Ring Doorbell Making a Crackling or Static Noise?

The reason for the Ring Doorbell crackling noise could be your internet connection, if your internet connection is poor, there is a chance that it is affecting your Ring doorbell camera.

Ring doorbell crackling noise or Ring doorbell static noises are more common during Live View than during recordings. But don’t worry, in this article, you will get the best possible ways to fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again.

6 Best Ways to Fix Ring Doorbell Crackling Noise

Step one: Ensure Your Internet Speed is OK

Apart from affecting the Ring doorbell, if your internet speed is poor, it can also affect every other thing the internet is used for. So the best thing to do is to check if your internet speed is OK. For those that have subscriptions with the fastest WiFi, crosscheck to be sure that there is nothing wrong with the internet speed at the time the Ring doorbell crackling Noise was heard.

Running a speed test is the best way to find out if truly the internet speed is the cause of the problem. To do that, just connect to the same WiFi used on the Ring doorbell when the static noise was heard and visit ring.com/speed on your browser to test the speed.

Don’t get it twisted, the more clear resolution you Ring doorbell records, the more internet speed it needs to do so. If you have a Ring doorbell camera that records at 1080p, and your internet speed is below 200kb, there is a chance that it might affect the recoding nature of the camera hence the static noise. It could be worse when you are in a Live View.

Step two: Ensure your Signal Strength is OK

Checking your signal strength is another way to know what caused the ring doorbell crackling noise and fix it. Peradventure the noise was caused by the signal strength which is poor, it is easier to fix it to stop the problem from happening again.

To check your signal strength, open the Ring doorbell app and go to Device Health, there you will see the RSSI, please verify the range. If it is not in an acceptable range, then it could be the cause of the Ring doorbell static noise you hear sometimes which can be very distracting and annoying.

Step three: Check the Router Settings

If after checking your internet speed and network signal strength and the problem persist, you may have to check your router settings to know if it is properly set. This is because if your router is set in a way that is not suitable for the doorbell. it may cause it to misbehave, hence the static noise you hear sometimes.

However, the first step to take in adjusting your router is the channel. Are you sure that you are using the right channel you are supposed to be using? The channel could be 1-11 or 1-13.

Ensure that yours is set accordingly. The right channel to use should be written on the manual that comes with the Ring doorbell when you purchased it. Please check the channel and ensure that it is not congested.

Therefore, if the channel you are connected to is congested. Please change to another one. There is no need to be in a channel that is congested and keep hearing the crackling noise. It doesn’t make sense at all.

Moreover, you can also use a WiFi analyzer app to check the channels. This is where the android phone comes in handy. The WiFi analyzer app can only be found in the google play store. Download the app and analyze it to check the channels that are most congested.

Step four: Disconnect Ring Doorbell from Ring App

To disconnect Ring Doorbell from Ring App:

  • Tap and open the Ring app on your phone
  • Tap the name of the particular Ring doorbell you are using
  • Click on the device settings
  • Click on the general settings
  • There, you will see, remove this device, or delete, tap on it and your ring doorbell will be removed from the app.

Once you click on the remove or delete button on the app, it will automatically remove your Ring doorbell from the app, meaning that you have to start setting up the app all over again. Well, its better doing it this way if its going to help solve the Ring doorbell static noise.

However, removing the doorbell from the Ring app is not the only solution, you can still perform a hard reset on the doorbell. Remember that all these are to fix the crackling noise.

Step five: Factory Reset the Ring Doorbell

Factory resetting your Ring doorbell is the last procedure to follow to fix the crackling noise. This is because factory resetting comes with a price. You will loose all the settings you already have on the doorbell making the doorbell settings to be like the first day it was delivered to you including disconnecting the doorbell from the Ring app. You will have to start the settings all over again.

To factory reset Ring doorbell:

  • Pick your Ring doorbell and locate the orange button at the back of the base Ring doorbell cameras
  • Press and hold the orange button for about 15 to 20 seconds to perform the hard reset
  • After you have pressed and hold for 15 to 20 minutes, remove your hand from the orange button
  • Now, a light will flash on the doorbell for few times indicating that the resetting is going on
  • Now, sit back and relax. Give the doorbell 3 to 5 minutes to complete the resetting
  • After the resetting is done, pick the doorbell again and press the orange button again. But this time, do not hold for too long, just briefly to enable the doorbell to enter a setup mode.
  • Now, go ahead and set your camera again.

If you are using a Ring Doorbell 2, you can locate the reset button in front of the doorbell. It is the black button in front of the doorbell. Just follow the same procedure above to reset your doorbell.

If you are using Ring Doorbell 3, the reset button is located at the back of the doorbell. It is the orange button at the back of the doorbell. Once you see the reset button, just follow the same procedure as explained above to rest the doorbell.

If you are using Ring Doorbell Pro, the reset button of Ring Doorbell Pro is a black button located at the right side of the device. Press the reset button and follow the same procedure explained above to reset your doorbell.

Step six: Contact the Ring Customer Care

If after performing all these procedures and the Ring doorbell making buzzing noise continued, you may have to contact the Ring Doorbell customer support to help you fix the problem.

Final Thoughts

The Ring doorbell crackling noise or the Ring doorbell static noise can be very frustrating and annoying. However, the best thing to do is to follow the procedure explained in this article to rectify the problem. You may have to check your internet speed and signal strength first before hard resetting the doorbell. If the internet speed could not fix the process, check the router settings and adjust to a less congested channel. Hard resetting the doorbell is the last procedure to take. This is a price you have to pay for using a doorbell camera that records all the time.