7 Best Propane Wall Heaters With Thermostat and Blower

7 Best Propane Wall Heaters With Thermostat and Blower

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Unlike natural gas heaters, ventless propane heaters present a cheaper and simpler source of heat. They produce a steady flow of heat to keep the space occupants comfortable and toasty and have become increasingly popular in recent times.

They have different designs, styles, and colors for you to choose from, so you will not be stuck with a choice you do not particularly fancy. These heaters can be installed on the wall with a mounting bracket.

However, in this article, we will be discussing the 8 best propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower.

7 Best Propane Wall Heaters With Thermostat And Blower

Here are the 7 best propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower:

1. ProCom MG10TBF Ventless Dual Fuel Blue Flame Thermostat Control Wall Heater

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The ProCom MG10TBF Ventless Dual Fuel Blue Flame Thermostat Control Wall Heater can be fueled by either propane or natural gas and is both durable and efficient.

It works without electricity making it a perfect solution for emergencies. 10,000 BTU is produced when it works at the highest possible capacity, and the heat levels can be effectively controlled with the use of a thermostat.

While it relies on natural convection for heat circulation, you can also get a blower fan if you would prefer.

The Oxygen Depletion Sensor and overheating shutoff turn the unit off when oxygen levels reduce, or it gets too hot; the same is done when carbon monoxide is detected.

It comes with a one-year warranty. To make the installation process easier, there is a wall bracket attached.

The heater’s integrity is not in question about manufacturing, assembling, and testing done by skilled American workers who know their opinions. It is started with the push-button ignition system.


  • It has blue flame technology
  • It can be controlled by a thermostat
  • Includes a built-in Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • It can be ignited using the piezoelectric method
  • Batteries are not needed
  • It can be controlled with a thermostat


  • It only works for small spaces
  • The hose is sold separately.

2. Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Propane Blue Flame Vent-Free Heater

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Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Propane Blue Flame Vent-Free Heater comes complete with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor, high limit shut off and a one-year warranty.

It is a battery-powered alternative to electric heaters, complete with electronic ignition. It relies on natural convection to spread heat but can be paired with a blower where needed.

It can either be installed on the wall or the floor, and there is equipment provided for either. Like a charcoal grill, it can be conveniently hooked up to an LP gas bottle.


  • ODS sensor
  • Overheat shut off
  • Thermostat provided
  • One-year warranty
  • Safe for indoor use


  • The hose and regulator will have to be bought individually.
  • There is no tip-over switch.
  • A technician can only make connections to large propane gas tanks. This reduces the Do It Yourself Installation claims

3. Rinnai FC824 Vent-Free Space Heater

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The Rinnai FC824 Vent-Free Space Heater comes with a fan designed for the effective distribution of heat in perpetually cold places.

The modulating technology and the modulating valve and variable-speed blower make it possible for only the amount of gas needed to produce a specified quantity of heat to be used, thus reducing wastage.

In order to ensure that the temperatures set on the thermostat are maintained, the heater checks and regulates the indoor temperature.

The cabinet is cool to touch and won’t burn your hand. If the system overheats, the overheat switch immediately shuts it down, and the Oxygen Depletion Sensor does the same when an oxygen reduction is noticed.


  • It is ignited electronically
  • The cabinet is cool to touch
  • There is a child-safe lock
  • 22,000 BTU is produced
  • It does not have to be set on high to produce heat.


  • It is costly
  • Flame sensors cost a lot to install.
  • The heater does not work if the thermocouple is not cleaned.
  • Getting correct spare parts is quite tricky.

4. Mr. Heater Corporation F299730 Heater

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The Mr. Heater Corporation F299730 Heater is one of the best propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower because it comes with a thermostat to regulate the natural convection heater to your taste.

It is vent free and produces up to 30,000 BTU which is perfect for spaces measuring about a thousand square feet.

The installation process is quite simple, and there is an accompanying mounting bracket for wall installation.

The oxygen Depletion Sensor and High Limit shut-off are available to turn the unit off when excesses are detected, thus ensuring your safety.


  • It is perfect for large enclosures since it has a reach of about 1,000 square feet
  • You can easily regulate temperature with the inbuilt thermostat
  • The hardware needed for mounting is included in the package
  • It doesn’t produce noise
  • It comes with an ODS and overheating shutoff system
  • Has the capacity to produce up to 30,000 BTU


  • The thermostat measurement is only in Fahrenheit
  • The glass casing can easily break.

5. ProCom ML1PHG Heating Propane Gas Ventless Infrared Plaque Heater

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The ProCom ML1PHG Heating Propane Gas Ventless Infrared Plaque Heater produces up to 10,000 BTU and covers a space of up to 500 square feet.

It is highly efficient and can be manually adjusted to fit your particular preference. With just a push of the piezoelectric button, it can be ignited, and the Oxygen Depletion Sensor ensures your continued safety.

The manufacturing, testing, and assembling process is completed in the United States of America by qualified workers only.

It produces infrared heat, similar to the sun, so you feel like you are lounging at a tropical beach in the middle of winter.


  • It has an ODS sensor
  • It includes a wall mounting bracket
  • It does not require electricity


  • It produces a mere 10,000 BTU
  • It covers smaller grounds, a mere 500 square feet
  • It does not operate at elevated heights

6. Dyna-Glo IR18PMDG-1 18,000 BTU Liquid Propane Infrared Vent Free Wall Heater

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This is an efficient propane heater ideal for use in the garage, home, or cabin. Generating up to 18,000 square feet, it does not need electricity to work and is perfect for emergencies.

It is easily ignited and can be mounted on either the wall or floor with the necessary equipment. For safety promotion, there is an ODS and an automatic shut-off whenever it overheats.


  • It covers up to 700 square feet
  • Produces 18,000 Btu
  • The heat settings can be customized
  • Mounting equipment is provided for
  • There is a one year warranty


  • The blower fan is sold separately.
  • If the heater panel is ruined, a totally new heater will have to be purchased instead of repairing it.
  • It requires a heater of 100lbs and above to function properly.
  • iv. the temperature control knob does not turn unless the pilot has been on for some time

7. Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B Portable Propane Heater

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The Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B Portable Propane Heater has the capacity to run for up to 11 hours with just a single connection to a 1lb cylinder.

It covers up to a 400 square feet radius, and with the inbuilt thermostat, the temperature can easily be controlled. The heat will not be concentrated in one place but will spread with the inbuilt fan.

A fold-down handle to aid movement and safety is ensured with the ODS and the automatic shut-off mechanism.


  • It is cheap
  • It has a long-running capacity
  • Produces up to 30,000 BTU
  • There is a tip-over safety switch
  • An ODS shut off is provided
  • It is CSA certified


  • There are no batteries include
  • You are required to purchase an AC adapter for yourself.
  • It goes off when set at 7,000 feet above sea level.
  • The fan settings are limited

Propane Wall Heaters with Thermostat and Blower: An Overview

These are propane-powered heaters renowned for their efficiency. They are installed on the wall using mounting brackets in which they are placed in.

The byproducts released by these heaters are either water or carbon dioxide which is quite harmless in perfect conditions. These heaters convert the propane to heat using the oxygen in the room.

However, the heat must be properly diffused, and this is where the need for blowers arises. The blowers are like fans, and they spread the heat within the room with every rotation made.

The room might get too hot and become uncomfortable, and in such cases, the thermostat comes in handy. The thermostat is used to regulate the temperature of the room the heater is in.

Most of these heaters are have inbuilt thermostats, and where the room gets too hot, the thermostat will bring the temperature down, and if it isn’t hot enough, the thermostat can bring the temperature up.

Advantages of Propane Wall Heaters With Thermostat And Blower

  • Efficiency: They use a small quantity of propane to produce a lot of heat at no cost. This makes them a very attractive option.
  • Few by Products: They do not produce smoke or soot like other heaters. Propane heaters have little or almost no by-products. The most one would get water and carbon dioxide which have little risk.
  • Optimum Heat Distribution: A propane wall heater will spread it all over a room, no matter the size. It not only relies on natural convection but has blowers to spread heat as well.
  • Easy Installation: There is no need to drill holes, install pipes or spend money on a technician. The installation process is quite easy and can be done by anyone. Most propane heaters don’t even require an installation process. It is simply a matter of plugging it in and using it.
  • Easy Maintenance: There is no need for an elaborate installation process. Just plug the heater, enjoy the warmth generated and periodically clean the dirt.

Factors to Consider When Buying Propane Wall Heaters With Thermostat And Blower

  • Location the Heater Will Be In: As with almost everything, the propane wall heater has its risks. These risks may be deemed too dangerous by certain authorities, leading to their prohibition. To ensure you do not run foul of the law, check the codes applicable in your location before purchasing a propane wall heater with a thermostat and blowers.
  • Size of the Heater: The size of the heater is determined by its BTU. The size of the room, the insulation it has, and your location will influence the amount of BTU needed and, by extension, the heater size.
  • Ignition Mechanism: Propane heaters can be ignited manually or automatically. Choose what is more convenient for you.
  • ODS Presence: Oxygen is essential for respiration, and a lack of it is dangerous. These heaters operate with oxygen, and so they should have an Oxygen Depletion Sensor to alert you when the oxygen level is low. This is something very important to look out for when buying a heater.
  • Safety Features: To ensure that the occupants of the building the heater is in are safe, look out for certifications from ETL, SAI Global, and Intertek. They are renowned bodies, so you can be sure that a certification from them is worthy of note.
  • The Heater Should Have A Cool Surface: The heater should have a cool surface so it does not burn when touched. When it begins to overheat, there should be an automatic shut-off system, so further harm is not caused.


Propane wall heaters are efficient, durable, affordable, easy to install, and have little maintenance hassles. They are a valid choice that should be embraced. Recourse should be made to local laws before making a purchase.