HOA Fees in Florida

HOA Fees in Florida 2022 (Things You Need to Know)

Apart from some of the HOA rules that are annoying, HOA fees are another thing that can make someone wants to opt out of the association. As long as you are a member of the mandatary HOA, you are mandated by contract to pay the fees.

HOA Fees in Florida start from $100 – $350 on average depending on the services included in each fee for each type of your property. However, HOA fees vary from one Florida community HOA to another. Sometimes, the HOA Florida fees can be as high as $400 – $800 when there are amenities to be constructed in the community.

After you must have completed the purchase of your house in a community maintained by mandatory HAO, you have automatically signed yourself as a member of the HOA, hence mandated to pay the dues.

Some of the series of papers you signed when you bought your house contain the information about your consent to HOA and so long as you signed those papers to complete your purchase, you have automatically signed yourself as a member of the HOA and thus mandated to follow all the HOA rules including paying the fees when due.

How Much are HOA Fees in Florida?

HOA fees in Florida range from $100 to $350 depending on the community. HOA fees vary from one community to another and can either be very high or low.

Sometimes, HOA Board Members may increase HOA fees from $400 to $800 if there are amenities that need to be constructed such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, etc.

The truth about HOA fees is that they are not usually the same as other HOA communities. And sometimes, some homeowners can be paying either lower or higher fees than other homeowners in the communities. This depends on many things.

The reason why HOA fees vary from one community to another in Florida is because of the work that need to be done.

Each HOA community has different yet similar things they need to maintain the community. And if need be, sometimes may decide to build social amenities for the community to help increase the value of the properties in the community.

For example, if your HOA finds it needful to build a public swimming pool in the community where every homeowner, their family members, and their visitors can come and swim, the HOA may increase the fees to meet up with the total money that is required to build a public swimming pool in Florida.

Remember, the reason for the pool is to increase the value of all the properties in the community and to provide the community with a pool.

One thing to note about social amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, gym house, tennis court, etc, is that they tend to help increase the value of every property there.

Should in case you decide to sell your house, you may be able to sell it higher than you purchased it because of the social amenities that were added after you’ve purchased the house.

Also, even if you wish to put your house on rent, the social amenities can increase the rent fee for you. So, while HOA fees are painful to pay, it is very useful in several ways.

When it is very annoying is when your HOA community collects the money without building anything. At this point, you can sue them.

Why Are HOA Fees So High in Florida?

HOA Fees in Florida are so high because of what the money is being used for such as insurance which is needed to cover the exterior of the buildings, repair and maintenance of the community properties, and social amenity such as a swimming pool, tennis court, etc that needs to be constructed in the community.

Anytime you noticed something unusual about the HOA fees you pay in Florida, ask questions. Ask other homeowners to discover the reason for the increment in the fee. The increment may not continue like that. It may fall back to its normal price once the work is completed, it may not.

Low HOA Fees In Florida

Low HOA fees in Florida range from $100 – $250 depending on the community. The HOA fees will continue to remain low as long as there is no urgent amenity that needs to be constructed in the community.

Also, before buying a house in a particular community maintained by an HOA, inquire about the amount they pay in HOA fees before signing any document. This way, you will know if you can be able to do it or not.

Don’t be blinded by the beauty of the house and forget to ask. HOA is not something to joke with especially if you cannot cope with the fees and the rules. So it’s better to verify how low the HOA fees are in that community before signing any papers.

Average HOA Fees in Florida

The average HOA fees in Florida range from $100 to $200 depending on the community and the type of maintenance needed in the community. Some HOAs in Florida pay an average amount of $191 while others may pay $200.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay HOA Fees in Florida?

If you don’t pay your HOA fees in Florida, the HOA can foreclose your house, sue you for not paying your fees, or send a collector agent to collect the fees from you. As long as you belong to any mandatory HOA in Florida, you must pay your HOA fees.

HOA fees are something you must pay. As long it is a mandatory HOA, you have no choice but to pay. You can never run away from paying HOA fees no matter what you do except maybe the money collected is not being used for anything. In this case, you will need enough solid evidence to be able to win the case.

How Can I Avoid Paying HOA Fees in Florida?

The only way you can avoid paying HOA fees in Florida is by joining a voluntary HOA or by selling your house. Voluntary HOA won’t force you to pay the HOA fees. You can also sell your house and buy a new house in a Florida community with no homeowners association to stop paying the fees.

These are the two possible and easiest ways to opt out of paying HOA dues in Florida. You can still lawyer up against your HOA if the money being contributed is not used for anything while things keep damaging in the community.

But you must have strong evidence to back up your claim. Lawyering up is not usually the easiest way. It may backfire.

What if you did not win the case? Remember that these HOA board members are fellow homeowners who you’re likely to see every day. Please think it through.

If you don’t wish to lawyer up, which you should not do if you don’t have good evidence, you can sell your house and use the money to get a permit and build another dream house out of a shipping container in a Florida community that is not operated by a homeowners association.

What are HOA Fees Used For in Florida

The HOA fees are used to build amenities, repair and maintain properties in the community, for insurance, and utility for any shared swimming pool, etc. The fee is also needed for emergency purposes such as flooding in the community, etc.

Final Thoughts

HOA Fees in Florida are something needed to repair and maintain the properties in the community which also includes your property. The fees can vary from one HOA to another. It all depends on the work that needs to be done. Therefore, when purchasing your house, endeavor to ask about the total amount of HOA fees in the area before signing any papers. And make sure you pay your HOA fees.