How to Hear Through Walls with iPhone

How to Hear Through Walls with iPhone?

Are you interested in hearing the ongoing conversations on the other side of your wall? You might be wondering if your neighbors are talking about you or saying something you do not like to hear.

This can be a family member, friend, or stranger on the other side of the wall but it is never a good thing to eavesdrop on the conversations of other people. Everyone needs their privacy.

Hearing through walls is a criminal offense in many states and nations so be careful about doing it. However, if you still want to know how to hear through walls using your iPhone, keep reading this article.

Can I Hear Through Walls with my iPhone?

Interestingly, it is possible to use that iPhone in your hands to listen to the conversation going on in the room beside yours. How is this done? We will consider it very shortly.

Are There Apps to Hear Through Walls on iPhone?

There are some apps you can install on your iPhone to hear conversations through walls. Such applications include Ear Spy. This application is a powerful spy application that enables you to listen to conversations around you.

When you connect a wireless headset to it, you will be able to hear conversations through walls. The sound coming from your phone’s microphone will be amplified by this application straight to your wireless headphones.

There are many other applications used for hearing through walls and spying on people such as TheOneSpy, FlexiSpy, mSpy, etc. It is quite fascinating that some of these applications also provide video spying capabilities.

On your iPhone, you can download the Amplitude Pro app. All you have to do is place your iPhone on glass very close to the wall. The app has the functionality to enable you to hear faraway sounds clearly and it also offers recording, transmission, and save features.

How to Hear Through Walls with iPhone?

If you decide to use the Amplitude Pro app on your iPhone, you can make use of it to hear through walls effectively. You will also need a beer glass so get it ready.

This method is all about holding the glass against the wall such that an acoustic coupling is developed between the wall and the glass.

The resulting effect is that sound waves will move freely from one part of the glass to the other side. You can try this with different types of glass you find around to see which one will work best.

With your iPhone in your hand, open the Amplitude Pro app on your iPhone and place the iPhone on the glass against the wall. You will be able to hear sounds from the other side of the wall clearly.

There is also another feature in iPhones that enable users to hear through walls. It is called the Live Listen. It was brought to light by a TikTok user when she tried it and found out that you can forget your iPhone in a room and listen to conversations going on in that room with the aid of your AirPods.

This feature was originally developed for the purpose of aiding users in listening to conversations in very noise-polluted places.

Live Listen in iPhones works with Bluetooth connectivity. You need a Bluetooth headphones connected before you can hear through walls using your iPhone. If you are an android user, you can check how to hear through walls with android here.

Consequences or Dangers of Hearing Through Walls with iPhone

Before you decide to eavesdrop or spy on someone’s conversation, ask yourself these questions:

Do you Really Need to Spy?

If you decide to spy on a conversation, you are about to violate the privacy of someone else. I am pretty sure you know you are acting against the law and you are being unethical.

The privacy of other people should be respected and maintained. Before you carry out the act, be absolutely sure you really need to eavesdrop on the conversation. Is it really worth it?

In a certain place, an elderly neighbor was saved from a robbery attack by someone who eavesdropped on his conversations. Situations like that are vindicated by the law and ethics.

If you are in doubt as to whether you should eavesdrop on a conversation or not, you probably should not do it. However, if you still decide to go ahead, you should be ready to face the consequences of your decision if you are caught.

Know the Law on Eavesdropping

Hearing through walls is a criminal offense. In many countries and states, there are regulations against hearing through walls.

To hear through a wall is to overhear, magnify, record, or transmit parts of a conversation without the permission of the people involved.

Everyone deserves and demands their privacy. By listening to someone’s conversation, you might hear things you should not hear. Eavesdropping is a criminal offense, so if you eavesdrop, you are breaking the law.

The way it works in some states is different though. Some states have “one-party” and “two-party” consent laws. What this means is that, in the one-party consent rule, you must have the permission of at least one of the people involved in a conversation before you can eavesdrop on it.

In the two-party consent rule, you need the permission of both parties involved in the conversation before you can eavesdrop on it.

One of the states in the United States, Michigan, has this two-party consent rule in place. It is illegal to listen to a conversation without the approval of all the people involved in the conversation.

Be aware of the regulations on hearing through walls in your state before you go through with your actions.

Ponder on the Dangers or Consequences of Eavesdropping

Have you thought of what will happen if you are caught eavesdropping? How will the parties involved see you afterward? What if a complaint is made? What if you are arrested? What if you are charged to court? What if you have to pay fines and make a public apology? The list is almost endless.

You should think about the possible negative ramifications involved in eavesdropping on a conversation.

The consequence for hearing through walls in some places is very harsh, you could face jail time of up to 2 years, you could be fined up to $20,000 or both even.

So, you see how serious the offense is. In California, the punishment for eavesdropping is a fine of $2,500 or a jail time of 364 days. In some cases, the punishment could be more severe such as spending 3 years in jail and a fine of $2,500.

The consequences of hearing through walls are not only criminal charges. You can be sued and you know what that means. If you are tried and you are proven to be guilty of violating the privacy of another person, you will be required to pay thousands of dollars.

Moreso, if you are caught, you will have a bad reputation with the victims. You will lose respect in the neighborhood and you will have an enemy for life.


Hearing through walls is possible on iPhones. You will need to download some apps to hear effectively though if you do not want to use the Live Listen feature. What you should not forget is that there are consequences of hearing through walls or eavesdropping on conversations of other people. Penalties range from being sued to facing time in jail. Be sure you need to eavesdrop on that conversation before you do it.