Can Laundry Room Be in the Middle of a House?

Can Laundry Room Be in the Middle of a House?

Laundry is a necessity and a must-have in every home; the position of the laundry room is another important thing to be considered before a final decision is taken. Some laundry can make the house look small, big, beautiful, or ugly as the case may be. So designing your laundry with modern facilities and in line with modern house architecture is as important as the food you eat.

However, the question is, can laundry room be in the middle of a house?

Depending on the pattern of your house’s architectural design, the laundry room can be in the middle of the house but you must make sure that there is enough ventilation coming inside the room, enough space, privacy, and other amenities required to carry out an effective laundry.

It is important to note that before positioning the laundry you must look through the house and how it was built to determine the best position for it. Depending on the pattern of the house’s architectural design, the middle of the house can be the best hideout and easily accessible place in the house, and in other cases, it might be the worst place to position the laundry.

Getting laundry done at any time is important because it determines how good and attractive you will look on your clothes when you either go for an event, party, work, or church or when you just decide to stroll out in the cool of the evening. It’s an integral part of anyone’s life, but the challenge with most people’s times is where to position the laundry in the house.

The laundry room is one of the most important rooms in the house because it is also a determinant factor to how the house would look like, would the house be clean or dirty? Would it obstruct some other things from entering the house? Would it bring unwanted dirty odor to the house? Would it be an eye saw to visitors and guests? All these questions are critical and important before getting your laundry room ready at home.

Laundry Room

Laundry room is a dedicated place in the house where all laundry chores are carried out. It is the part of the room allocated for washing dirty clothes, drying the clothes, ironing them, and getting them ready before taken to their various wardrobes for use.

Various things make up a perfect laundry room and they are washing machines, dryers, ironing boards, irons, hangers, washing tubs, soaps and detergents, plumbing works, waterways and pipes, electrical appliances, etc. This makes up a good, perfect, and functional laundry room in a house.

Importance of Laundry Room in a House

The importance of having a laundry room in a house cannot be overemphasized and they include:

  • Keeps the home clean at all time
  • Keeps all laundry chemicals, soaps, and detergent safe
  • Keeps all laundry equipment in one place for easy access
  • Keeps the clothes clean and great
  • Makes doing laundry easy and fun
  • Creates space for other things in some parts of the house
  • Design other parts of the room to your choice
  • Would not obstruct anything or be an eye saw

Where to Put a Laundry Room in a House

Laundry room can be positioned in the middle of the house but before doing so, there are important things to look out for, such as the architectural design and pattern of the house. Because the laundry room has no specific size people often make the mistake of positioning it at the worst places in the house. You can only enjoy the laundry more if there is enough space where you want to position it.

Your house pattern, lifestyle, how often the laundry is put in use if you are the carefree type that doesn’t care if your guests bump into your dirty clothes during the laundry are determinant factors as to where to position the laundry room. The truth remains that there is no best place or bad place to position the laundry, all depends on the various factors listed above.

The most important thing is to ensure that despite the position of the laundry room it should be convenient for everyone in the house to use and also accessibly close to avoid stress.

Things to Consider When Choosing Where Laundry Room Should Be

Many factors must be considered before the final decision of where to position your laundry room would be given a final thought to, such factors include:


Safety should be of utmost concern in your laundry room because having an unsafe laundry room can cause both lives and properties to be loosed. All installations in the laundry room should be well supervised and fixed properly to avoid any electrical hazard. Also, there must be safety concerns on the positioning of the appliances so they would not get spoilt easily and prevent you from spending more money on repair and replacement within a short period of time.


This is so important because it will help enhance the beauty and performance of the various appliances used in the laundry room, the appliances must be spaced apart from each other. The depth and width of the appliances must be looked into while trying to position them in the laundry room.


Having your laundry room positioned far from some strategic work areas in your house can be stressful and cause many inconveniences for you. It is important that you position the laundry room closer to strategic areas where it can be easily accessed from any angle of the house.

Floor Type and Level

The type of flooring in a laundry room is so important, ensure that the floor is capable of carrying the machine load, and also you must lookout for a good floor capable of carrying the heavy loads of all the appliances joined together.


Having some amenities closer to your laundry room will save you a lot of stress and help you conserve more energy for other important household chores. For example, having an electric socket closer to your laundry room would help and enable you to switch on and off the washing machine at any time without much stress and struggle, it will also save you time.

Some of the amenities required around your laundry room are: electrical gadgets like sockets, plugs, etc- this would help you power on and off your machines and dryers, and also they are supposed to be some feet to the laundry appliances and should be well fixed to avoid electrocution.

Water Drainers

This is important because the water from your machines must be drained and given a channel to easily flow out without making a mess of the laundry room. Water drainers can come in different forms like wall pipes, laundry tubs, floor pipes, and drains, etc.

Water Supply

This is the most important thing needed because without water there would be no laundry. The pippins and other plumbing works must be well fixed to ease the chore of doing laundry anytime. The water must be clean and corrosive free.


This is important for your dryers because they are supposed to duct out from the exterior part of the house, the duct must be kept straight and short.

Best Places to Put Laundry Room in the House

There are various places in the house that would be suitable to put your laundry room, and they are:


The kitchen is the major place in the house where most people spend a reasonable amount of time. Getting the laundry room in the kitchen would save you some stress, there are already existing plumbing works and waterways in the kitchen. This would save you the cost of fixing the same plumbings and waterways if the laundry is in a different location. The kitchen cabinets can also help you to fold and stack clothes themselves.


Bedrooms and bathrooms are always located some inches off the hallway, this would be a perfect match for the laundry room because it will enable you to save more space and make it more convenient for you and anyone at home, positioning the laundry here also deters noise and makes it easier for it to be unnoticed by anyone except the house owners.

Close to Bedrooms

Most laundry rooms are normally staked in the bedrooms and getting your laundry room positioned close to the bedroom would make it easier for anyone to just come out of the bedroom and do laundry at any time of the day without stress and disturbing others. It will also help avoid taking dirty laundry and walk past where visitors and members of the family are.

Off the Kitchen

Having the laundry room off the kitchen helps you maintain the secrecy of taking laundry away from visitors and avoid noise pollution around the main rooms in the house. Since the garage and other private rooms are just opposite the kitchen, it would create room for you to still use the laundry for multiple purposes when they are placed off the kitchen.

At the Basement

Having your laundry room in the basement part of the house would keep it away from people to see, and would also help you avoid the constant noise that emanates from the machines used during laundry.


There is no best place or bad place to position the laundry room in a house. As long as all the requirements are met as per convenience, accessibility, available amenities, then anywhere in the house can serve as the laundry room. Another thing is the house pattern, your personality, and how often you make use of the laundry, all these are the yes or no to where ever you want or decide to place the laundry room in the house.