Container Home Communities in Texas

Container Home Communities in Texas (With Their Locations)

The rate at which shipping container home communities in Texas are rising is something to applaud. All thanks to the Texas government for accepting and allowing the use of shipping containers as homes. If the government had not given room to such development, there won’t be any shipping container houses in Texas talk more of container home community.

Shipping container home communities in Texas are the Cotton Groves container home community located at South East of Bumpas and Fitzhugh Streets in McKinney, Texas. This Texas container home community is up to a 2.75-acre neighborhood with 35 units of container homes for 35 families made up of 3 and 4 bedrooms, an amenity center, health clinic, townhomes, playground, and many more.

Here are key things you will find in Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas:

  • 35 container home units
  • 3 bedroom with 2 bathroom
  • 4 Bedroom with 2 bathroom
  • Amenity center for social activities
  • Playground for kids
  • Health Clinics
  • Hydroponics gardening
  • Fitness/gym house
  • Eco-friendly townhomes

Container Home Communities in Texas

Here is the shipping container home community inTexas:

Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas

Container Home Communities in Texas

The one recognizable shipping container home community in Texas is the Cotton Groves container home community which was a development in collaborative efforts led by Habitat for Humanity of Collin County the City of McKinney, its Community Development Corporation (MCDC), and various other public and private organizations.

These homes feature 3 and 4 bedrooms floor plans each with a covered, large patio, or deck. The current layout of this 3 bedroom with 2 bathrooms shipping container home concept comprises of four 40-foot shipping containers stacked two by two and in a rectangular form. The containers sit on concrete pierce to protect them away from moisture.

Once you open the front door of each container home in Cotton Groves, you will see a small lobby with good size windows in the front which provides adequate daylighting needed in the home.

There is a metal staircase in the lobby connected to the first story of the house.

Living rooms in Cotton Groves Container Home Community are one in a million. They are equipped with modern furnishing and a cozy sofa. There is a TV in the living room and a piece of art mounted on the wall.

However, there is a wooden door from the living room which leads to the patio, a nice place you can relax and have your good thoughts when the weather is friendly.

The kitchen in these container homes is amazing. There are high-end stainless steel appliances, kitchen cabinets, and over-the-head cabinets. There is a small kitchen table where you can eat with your family if you wish to eat there.

You can access the bedroom right from the kitchen. The first compact bedroom is furnished with interiors that will make you love being at home. There is a very big window for good ventilation. The window is also positioned in a way you can see what is happening outside. The bedroom is painted white color. There is a ceiling fan and a small cabinet in the room.

Adjoining this first compact bedroom is the ground floor bathroom which is spacious enough to let you do whatever you wish to do inside a bathroom. The walls are also painted in white color. There is a single piece of art hang on the wall. A shower area and a bathtub just for you.

There is a balcony in all the houses in the community. The balcony is also furnished with good wooden furniture. A great place to enjoy sunny afternoons and cool evenings.

Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas is a perfect example of a shipping container home community. The reason is that for a community to be called a container home community, it means that all the houses built in that area are all built out of shipping containers. Not just the house, both schools, health clinics, and many other amenities.

Moreover, there is something about the container houses in Cotton Groves you need to know which I think is amazing. When you enter the community, you may not be able to know it is built with containers but once you enter the front door of the house, you will see the visibility of the containers. The lines in the containers. The idea of these is to celebrate the industrial charm of shipping container finishes.

Things You Will See in Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas

35 Container Home Units

In Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas, you will see about 35 container home units built for 35 families in need of decent and affordable housing to become homeowners. These 35 homes feature 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms respectively. The 3 bedroom has 2 bathrooms with the first floor and second floor, while the 4 bedroom units have 2 bathrooms as well.

Please note that these 35 container home units are well built and equipped. They have everything every home should have included a balcony. The fact that it is called a container does not mean it’s lacking in many ways. You will still have the same vibe you do when you lived in the traditional brick/blockhouse.

Amenity Center

Just like every other community in the state, Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas has an amenity center with the aim of bringing the whole community together. What is a community without any of these? Every community supposes to have an amenity center for social opportunities, hydroponic gardening, and many more.

Health Clinics

A community cannot exist without at least one health clinic available. That is why in Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas, there are health clinics fully equipped in case of emergencies and health problems of residents of the community.

Fitness/Gym Houses

For the younger generations who like to exercise and have some fitness, the community has gym houses where you can easily do that. As a young man or young lady, imagine living in a community with a gym/fitness house, it will be hard. But in Cotton Groves, you will find gym houses and fitness grounds where you can exercise.

Club House

Another reason why Cotton Groves is an amazing shipping container home communities in Texas is the clubhouse situated right there for the younger generation who likes partying and going out at night. You are not left behind. There are clubhouses in the community that you always go to have some fun.

How to Apply to Rent or Buy Home in Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas

Families who are interested in owning a house made of shipping containers in Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas can apply via a pre-approval process and the Family Selection Committee of the Cotton Groves will select the lucky homeowners. You can visit their website at to apply and to get more information.

  • Address: 2060 Couch Dr. McKinney TX 75069
  • Phone: 972-542-5300
  • Email:
  • Website:

Qualifications to Apply for a House in Cotton Groves

Of course, not everyone can get a home in the Cotton Groves container home community. You must have to meet some criteria before you will be considered. This means that, before you apply, ensure that these criteria are met. The criteria are:

  • The applicant level of need
  • Their willingness to partner with Habitat, and
  • Their ability to repay a mortgage through an affordable payment plan

Consequently, the question you should ask yourself is, how bad do I need a container home? Those with the dream of having a shipping container home can easily apply for this and get it because it is like a dream comes true. Several others wish to have a container home but because they don’t know how to go about it, it becomes a dream that is yet a reality. Such a person can quickly apply.


Cotton Groves Container Home Community Texas is indeed a well-known container home community built in 2020 with the comfort of the family at heart. Every house in the whole community is built with shipping containers and is eco-friendly and sustainable. A 35 container homes community with social amenities, gym houses, playgrounds for kids and adults, health clinics, and many more. Moreover, if you wish to build your own container home in Texas, there are of course good shipping container home builders in Texas that can do the job for you.