Can I Use Lysol Bathroom Cleaner in the Kitchen?

Can I Use Lysol Bathroom Cleaner in the Kitchen?

Lysol bathroom cleaner should not be used to clean the kitchen for whatever reason, whether the kitchen cleaner or soap finished. The reason is that these soaps may be under one body but are made differently and exclusively to clean specific areas in the house.

If anyone dare uses a bathroom cleaner in the kitchen, he/she should be ready to use the bathroom cleaner as a shower gel too.

Yes, because the kitchen is the most sacred part of the house, just the same way your body is most sacred to you. A kitchen is a place where food is kept, maintained, made, processed to food and sometimes, eaten.

If one can carefully determine what touches his skin, they should be more careful of what goes in the mouth. A place like a kitchen in a house should be the most guarded.

Therefore, Lysol bathroom cleaners should not be used to clean the kitchen because there is a reason these cleaning agents are designed to be specific in what and where they should be used for.

What Is Lysol Bathroom Cleaner (What It Is And Made Up)

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner are cleaning agents manufactured, produced, and distributed by the parent company Reckitt Benckiser company, an American brand that markets Dettol and Sagrotan, which also designed Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner to be used as a cleaning agent for the bathroom.

A bathroom is a place where we go to have a shower or bath. Some bathroom carries with it toilets in terms of sharing a room with them.

It had never mattered where a thing is located as far as it serves varying functions. This is because the chemical used in making Lysol bathroom cleaner will not suffice for any other place.

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner can be used to clean the bathroom floors, walls, showering rods, or even bathtubs. It eliminates 99.9% of germs in the bathroom so that one can enjoyably sit on the bathroom floor without doubts.

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner chemical made up are:

  • Lysol power bathroom cleaner is made up of its cleaning and fragrance components.
  • Active Citric Acid: specially added in Lysol power bathroom cleaner, which serves as the most active ingredient to remove stains and odors.
  • Water: couldn’t be possible without water.
  • Dipropylene Glycol Butyl Ether: a great moisturizing ingredient that acts as a texture enhancer.
  • Glycolic Acid: Acts as a rinse-off component.
  • Disodium Decyl Phenyl Ether Disulfonate; acts as combined chemical compounds that can mix oil and water and more.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Act as a cleaning agent.
  • Fragrance/ Parfum: A chemical manufactured scent expected to give your bathroom a soothing and luxurious feel.
  • C6-10 Alcohols Ethoxylated Propoxylated: It is of a very low portion to Lysol cleaner as a thorough cleansing agent.
  • Non-functional Sodium Sulfate: Acts as a dissolver and used to dry in Lysol bathroom cleaner.

Fragrance Components are:

  • Alpha-Terpineol Acetate; an excellent anti-bacteria component.
  • Dihydromyrcenol; acts as a very sweet, powerful citrusy-floral odor.
  • Butylphenyl
  • Methylpropional; a class of alcohol that dissolves essential oils and flavoring circumstances.
  • Eugenol; an oil extracts from cloves which also acts as a fragrance for Lysol.
  • Dipropylene Glycol; a non-alcoholic and can perfectly serve as fragrance oil to bind and carry the scent.

Can Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Be Used in the Kitchen?

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner should never be used in the kitchen, whether in the kitchen floor or sink because it is called bathroom cleaner; therefore should not be used in the kitchen or be mistaken for a multipurpose cleaner.

There are multipurpose cleaners that have been manufactured to manage all cleaning purposes. Before using any detergent, antiseptic, or disinfectant products, try to read through the caution and everything written on the products thoroughly as it is for your own safety.

Why should anyone dare use a bathroom cleaner for where food, plates, etc., are kept and stored?

It is very inappropriate and wrong to do so because such a product is specially made with harsher and stronger chemicals to kill strong bacteria in the bathroom.

One cannot recover from eye irritations and skin irritations, leading to a cancerous breakout in the body. Once it has been taken to the mouth, it can be undone.

These products come with special warnings cautioning us against eye and skin irritations. Why do I emphasize eye and mouth irritation? The reason is that if one uses this Lysol bathroom cleaner in the kitchen, it is most likely to happen.

When we are in the kitchen, things usually go to the mouth. After settling your hands on a surface that was cleaned with Lysol bathroom cleaner and you pick a portion of food, put it in your mouth, and then go further to lick these hands.

Wow! What do you think will happen? Or to your crawling child, who settles in the kitchen and uses his/her hands on the face, mouth, or eyes? The aftereffect is going to be worse for that child because you may lose out on the cause of it.

Never conceive using Lysol power bathroom cleaner for your kitchen. You can be uncomfortable and careful, but others in the same house with you may not be. Even if you live alone, do not do it.

Can Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Be Used To Clean Kitchen Sink?

No, Lysol Bathroom Cleaner should not be used to clean kitchen sink because it is not meant to be used in the kitchen for any reason. If you wish to clean your kitchen sink, better get a kitchen cleaning agent or a multipurpose cleaner.

Please do not use it close to any kitchen sink for the sake of family and friends. A kitchen sink is where plates, fruits, or foods are washed and maintained. And as such should be thoroughly maintained but not and never with Lysol bathroom cleaner. Try getting a multipurpose or kitchen cleaner for your kitchen.

Can Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Be Used On The Kitchen Floor?

No, Lysol Bathroom Cleaner should not be used on the kitchen floor because it is not the bathroom; the cleaner is made to be used in the bathroom, not the kitchen; therefore, clean your kitchen floor with a kitchen or a multipurpose cleaner.

Besides your bathroom, never consider using Lysol bathroom cleaner for anywhere else, not the kitchen and laundry room cabinet or floor, cabin-basement floor, garage floor, or windows.

Read instructions and follow as instructed. There are mistakes one shouldn’t make, especially in a home full of children. If you have Lysol bathroom cleaner lying around reachable points by children in your house, go take it off and keep it hidden for only adult use.

Use it to wash the bathroom rods, tubs, walls, and floor and keep it hidden until next time you will be washing your bathroom again.

Make sure there is a reachable multipurpose cleaner in the house that has been manufactured for all purposes. The laundry, kitchen sink, floor, gas, washer, windows, etc. it is better to be safe than sorry.

Lysol bathroom cleaner is very effective for the bathroom because it is where bacteria are strongly found in a house. Only to be used in the bathroom and nowhere else.

Pros of Using Lysol Bathroom Cleaner

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner cleans the bathroom very well because of its unique cleaning properties, even on one clean. It is fast, scented, and very effective.

It has the bathroom cleaning tag for a reason. Using other house cleaners such as a multipurpose cleaner cannot ever do the bid and task of Lysol bathroom cleaner as it was specially created for the purpose.

  • It is Thorough and Direct: Lysol power bathroom cleaner is thorough when it comes to cleaning a bathroom. Just apply a spray to an already cleaned portion and watch it do its magic. It is direct because it was made for the bathroom and can only work effectively in that section.
  • Very Effective: It is very effective and acts speedily. With its unique and special concentration qualities, it can only act better and fast for a bathroom. There is no room for doubt when using Lysol power bathroom cleaner.

Cons of Using Lysol Bathroom Cleaner In The Kitchen

Lysol power bathroom cleaner may have been entirely perfect for cleaning your bathroom if not that an abuse of this product is possible, like when it enters the wrong hand or when there is a linkage. There are always off with good products as this because it can be very damaging to the health.

Here are the cons of using Lysol Bathroom Cleaner in the kitchen:

  • Health Issues: If one is not careful with Lysol bathroom cleaner, there might be unhealthy incurable issues that come with it. When it touches the eyes, mouth, or even skin, cancerous implications may follow, being that the chemicals it is made up of are not human-friendly.
  • Abuse: One cannot be too careful about its exposure to children. Where there is a child, one cannot be certain of what they cannot lay their hands on. We have had many cases of children sneaking up on harmful products that eventually got them bedridden for long periods. It is mainly the smaller ones in the oral stages and adolescents.


Lysol power bathroom cleaner is perfect for bathroom cleansing. It is one of the best products specifically made to eliminate bacteria or any form of germs in the bathroom. As much as it is perfect for cleaning the bathroom, it can be fatal and dangerous when in contact with humans’ skin, mouth, and eyes. So, one has to be extremely careful with Lysol bathroom cleaner’s application in the bathroom and should be kept far away from children. Never consider using Lysol power bathroom cleaner anywhere else besides the bathroom.