Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to WiFi

Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to WiFi (9 Best Ways to Fix It)

The reasons why Ring Doorbell is not connecting to wifi is because of wrong wifi password, poor wifi signal, hidden wifi, using a wifi password with special characters, battery issues, electrical connectivity issues, connecting to a wrong frequency, and connecting your wifi on channel 12 and 13.

The Ring Doorbell is no doubt one of the best doorbells for every household. They are made with standards and efficiency, having consumer’s safety at heart. But, sometimes, being the best can lead to several problems such as the Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi.

I know how painful and frustrating it can be when the Ring Doorbell is not connecting to wifi. For that reason, in this article, we will explain the best possible ways by which you can easily fix the Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi issue without spending money.

Why Will My Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to WiFi?

The reasons why the Ring Doorbell is not connecting to wifi are:

Using a Wrong Band on your Ring Doorbell Model

There are different models of Ring Doorbell in the market and not all of them use the same band to operate. Therefore, if you are using a 5Ghz band on a Ring Doorbell that requires a 2.4Ghz band, you may start having wifi connectivity issues until you reverse it back to the normal band it’s supposed to be.

Using Wrong WiFi Password

Using Wi-Fi that is secured requires that you input the correct wifi password to be granted access to use the wifi. However, sometimes, we tend to forget the password and this can be an issue. Apart from forgetting the password, one may think that he or she is inputting the right password without knowing that he has missed one letter when inputting.

For example, if your Wi-Fi password is “MyLove” and while inputting the password on the Ring Doorbell, you put it as “mylove”, the wifi will not connect because it is not the same as “MyLove”.

Also, if you recently change your wifi password after you were connected to your Ring Doorbell, the Ring Doorbell will refuse to connect to the wifi because the password has been changed. There is no way you would expect the wifi to automatically connect as it used to do when you have changed the password, and the reason is that Wi-Fi passwords are case sensitives.

Using a Hidden WiFi

Having hidden wifi is cool as it can prevent people from seeing your wifi and attempting to log in using different password patterns, but this can be a problem for the Ring Doorbell. If you set your wifi router to be hidden, then your Ring Doorbell will not be able to see the wifi to connect, hence the reason why Ring Doorbell not connecting to the wifi issue you are facing.

If you set your wifi router or wifi to be hidden from the public. You have to undo the settings for the sake of your Ring Doorbell.

Having a Poor WiFi Signal

It’s not all about paying for a wifi service or having a wifi connection. It’s all about having a wifi connection that actually connects. The connection here means a good signal. Having wifi with a poor signal can be very frustrating. It’s just like watching a satellite TV with a poor signal, the pictures will be cracking, making it uncomfortable and unable to actually enjoy the TV.

Why pay for wifi connectivity with a poor signal when you know you will be using a doorbell that records all the time? That is the reason why your Ring Doorbell is not connecting to wifi. The wifi needs to be strong enough to actually connect and function properly without delay.

Using a WiFi Password with Special Characters

One thing with having a wifi password with special characters is that it gives your WiFi an edge and more security. It will make it hard for someone to actually guess the password. For example, having a password that is “i^=love_*@ you^#@8” is different from using your birthday or middle name as a password.

However, having such special characters on your wifi password can lead to connectivity problems on the Ring Doorbell especially if you are installing the device for the first time. Well, the solution to this is simple and we will discuss it later in this article.

The Device Battery is Low

Just like a carbon monoxide detector, if the battery life of a carbon monoxide detector is low, it causes the carbon monoxide detector to go off in the middle of the night when the temperature is very low. In this situation, you may need to change the detector entirely or replace the detector’s battery.

The same goes with the Ring Doorbell. If the Ring Doorbell battery level is low, it may cause the device to malfunction hence, not connecting to wifi. This has proved that the battery life of the Ring Doorbell is very important for the device to power and function very well.

If the battery is OK or the device is new with a new battery, there could be a temporary loss of power which may have caused the Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi.

Electrical Connectivity Issues

What about Ring Doorbell that is not battery powered? Those Ring Doorbell makes use of electricity to function. If there is no electrical error in your house, there could be an electrical issue in the device that is preventing it from connecting to wifi. Maybe a wire may have shifted from its position or any other related wire problems. It can potentially make the Ring Doorbell not connect to the wifi.

How to Fix Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to WiFi Network

To fix the Ring Doorbell not connecting to a wifi network, ensure that your wifi password is correct, ensure that your wifi is not hidden, subscribe to a wifi with a strong signal, do not use channels 12 and 13, do not use a password that has special characters, and ensure that you are using the right frequency.

1. Ensure you are Using the Correct Band for your Ring Doorbell

If you are using a Ring Doorbell Pro, Ring Doorbell 3, and Ring Doorbell 3 Plus, you are supposed to be using a 5GHz band. All other Ring Doorbells not mentioned above are suitable to use 2.4GHz bands. Using a 2.4GHz on a Ring Doorbell Pro, 3, and 3 Plus may cause the wifi not to connect.

2. Ensure your WiFi Password is Correct

Ensuring that you are imputing the right password will save you the stress of worrying about why the Ring Doorbell is not connecting to wifi. If you have changed your password after you installed your Ring Doorbell device, ensure to use the new password otherwise the device will not connect to your wifi because the password has been changed. Please take note of this. Always input the new password to your Ring Doorbell anytime you changed the password.

3. Ensure Your Wifi Is Not Hidden

Ensure you are not using wifi that is hidden. If the Wi-Fi is hidden, please make it public and use a strong password to prevent people from randomly guessing your password and getting access to your wifi. This is because, if the wifi is hidden, the Ring Doorbell will not be able to see the wifi to connect, hence that’s why it has not been connecting to wifi.

4. Ensure You are not connected to Channel 12 and 13

It has been said several times that the Ring Doorbell does not support channels 12 and 13. Therefore, connecting your wifi to the channel will prevent the Wi-Fi from connecting successfully. You have channels from 1 to 11 to connect to. Forget 12 and 13.

5. Ensure your WiFi has a Strong Signal

What’s the use of having wifi that has a poor signal. It will frustrate your life. However, if you wish to use the wifi to your Ring Doorbell device, that means you must have to subscribe to wifi subscriptions with strong wifi signals to enable you to enjoy the benefit of the device. This is because, if the wifi signal is very poor, the Ring Doorbell may not connect to the wifi because of the poor signal, and even if it does connect, the Ring Doorbell may be making a crackling noise while recording.

6. Do Not Use a Password that has Special Characters

If you are installing the Ring Doorbell in your house for the first time, do not try to connect to the device with a password that has special characters such as “i^=love_*@ you^#@8”, it might prevent it from connecting successfully.

What you need to do is to change your password to something strong without any special characters, and connect to the Ring Doorbell.

After some time, you can revert back to your old wifi password with special characters. By this time, it will connect. And if it still refuses to connect, just create a strong password without a special character for your wifi.

7. Ensure the Battery Life of the Ring Doorbell is OK

If the battery life of the Ring Doorbell is bad, chances are, it’s going to affect the power of the device hence not connecting to the wifi. To solve this battery problem, replace the battery if it’s replaceable, Also, you need to ensure that you are using a 16v to supply power to the device.

8. Ensure that there are no Electrical Connectivity Issues

Ensure that there are no external wires that are faulty or out of place. You have to check from the fuse down to the door where the device is installed that every wire is intact to avoid having Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi.

9. You can Hard Reset your Ring Doorbell

Hard resetting the doorbell is another way you can easily solve whatever problem that is causing the Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi. the only disadvantage to this is that factory resetting the device will delete all your settings. Just long-press the orange button on the back of the device or the black button in front of the doorbell, depending on the Ring Doorbell you’re using, press and hold for 15 to 20 seconds to reset the doorbell.

Final Thoughts

It can be very frustrating to experience the Ring Doorbell not connecting to wifi. The problem is already listed in this article with solutions on how to fix it. Just find whichever problem that is preventing the connection and follow the solution written in this article to rectify the issue.