How to Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

How to Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping (5 Steps to Follow)

To record upstairs neighbor stomping,

  • Step 1: Keep your apartment as silent as a dead house
  • Step 2: Have yourself lifted above the ground
  • Step 3: Have your phone silenced during recording
  • Step 4: Record when you hear the noise (Video recording is preferable)
  • Step 5: Stop when you are satisfied

How annoying can a noisy upstairs neighbor be? Maybe you had a stressed day at work; afterward, you meet up with other annoying individuals who adjusted your pressure level a bit; you tried to keep calm, got home, took a shower, prepared for yourself dinner, prepared the bed, and lied down to marry the bed until dawn only to hear awkward stomping sounds… It can frustrate and be peace draining.

Maybe it is the noise from overzealous children, running to satisfy their thirst for fun or the noise from a lady whose small leg is in a pointed heel shoe walking about in search of a bag or something to compliment the dressing or sometimes a fashion walk before a standing mirror.

It can also be a tired husband who angrily steps on the floor with his black heavy shoe mounting pressure on the floor. These sounds combined can increase one’s blood pressure. It is hard for anyone to stay beneath any upstairs neighbor.

You don’t need to hate your upstairs neighbor for it and neither should you manage this trauma all by yourself. There are ways to always go about issues.

What Can I Do About Upstairs Neighbors Stomping?

Many things can be done, ranging from speaking politely to them or choosing to spend some extra funds on soundproofing your room, getting gadgets that limit the noise from getting to you, or choosing to be the good villain by channeling your anger into a revenge plan.

Whichever one you desire can be implemented if you want to get rid of those stomping sounds.

Logically, your upstairs neighbor might not be aware of what pain they are causing you, it might be because of leaving their floors bare without a carpet covering.

A budget-friendly carpet can be purchased and placed in strategic places or simply have the entire room stacked with carpets if they have the funds to spend.

Aside from budget-friendly tactics, a more lasting solution can be made. A revenge plan or spending some petty cash to soundproof your apartment can also do you both good.

They get to enjoy every bit of their time without having to feel guilty and you don’t need to know what they are up to because of a soundproof mechanism.

Why Do Upstairs Neighbor Stomp?

Your neighbors might be innocent, you know? It wouldn’t be lawful to get them charged for stripping you of your peace without a proper investigation of the apartment.

Because of many cases, more reasons for stomping noises have been linked to issues with the architectural section of the building.

Aside from recent buildings and delicate structures of a year, two or sometimes 5 years back, many apartments ranging from 10 years down the lane have a large possibility of broken pipes or loose fittings.

The sound may be from the pipes and regardless of how heavy or light the movements are on the surface, it still produces some noise beneath the apartment.

When the home is perfect, maybe a new apartment from a real estate agent and the noises still hit you so hard, it might be the effect of less cautioned movements or the overzealous neighbors having a good time. Whichever one, you can always settle things.

Can I Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping?

“Yes,” you can record a noisy neighbor. You have a right to complain if your upstairs neighbor holds your peace, but legally there are exceptions. Recording upstairs neighbors are just a way of getting evidence before acting. Calling the police without evidence is an effort wasted.

You can be so nice to sound a warning as many times as you can if the problem is the upstairs neighbor.

Even with your recommendations, you are not comfortable with the sort of sounds you get. You can always have a few recorders installed to capture the sounds, so they can be used as evidence.

How to Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

Recording your noisy upstairs neighbor doesn’t need to be so stressful, neither should it cost you money. A simple process can give you an excellent result. The following will assist you in recording effectively:

Step One: Keep Your Apartment as Silent as a Dead House

To record noises, you need to prevent external commotion from disrupting your recordings. An easy way to do this is to have all windows closed, and any noise emanating gadgets turned off.

Step Two: Have Yourself Lifted Above the Ground

You can’t be so tall enough to take a proper recording. Having a chair to stand on, positioned in the noisiest area, can help you get a better recording effect.

Step Three: Have Your Phone Silenced During Recording

Any minor alteration might deny your legal right to use the recordings. To avoid a break while recording, having your phone silenced to avoid calls or pop-up sounds from incoming messages will save you stress. You can just put your phone on airplane mode.

Step Four: Record When You Hear the Noise

When your noisy upstairs neighbor starts stomping, it is time to climb on the positioned chair and press the record button of your silenced mobile device. It is advisable to place the phone speaker directly close to the noisy area. 

Step Five: Stop When You Are Satisfied

A 30s audio or video recording can save the day, but if your satisfaction hasn’t reached its peak, you can push further by recording for a minute or more.

Video recording is preferable because of its visual aspect. Remember, if you’re going to call the city for your stomping neighbor, you need solid proof to show them.

These are how to record upstairs neighbor stomping.

Should I Tell My Upstairs Neighbors they are Stomping?

Yes, you can always tell your upstairs neighbor they are stomping. You should do it politely and communicate your intentions properly, so you both stay happy.

Informing your neighbor is categorically the first step to getting rid of threatening noises from your upstairs neighbor. Getting them to know is a way of sounding a caution if their intention was a purposeful one.

How to Stop Upstairs Neighbors from Stomping

The easiest way to get your neighbors to stop stomping is to inform them, maybe play the grim game by reporting them with a recording proof or simply spending some cash to soundproof your apartment, whichever one can be done with little or no cash at all

Final Thoughts

It can frustrate you to be at the losing end, having to work so hard during working hours, only to have your peace stripped from you in your apartment. A quick walk through all the above-listed solutions can end your nightmares. They are how to record upstairs neighbor stomping.