Well Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Well Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs (How to Fix it)

Water is a basic necessity of life; we all need it to survive. And so, water is used very frequently at every point of the day, be it cooking, drinking, or washing and cleaning.

Sometimes, your water may produce a stench smell, like rotten eggs. That unpleasant odor needs attention, it cannot be ignored obviously.

If you have experienced this, you are probably wondering why it happened and what you can do to fix it. Well, you are in the right place, keep reading to find out more.

Why Does My Well Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

The reason why your well water smells like rotten eggs is because of sulfur that has decomposed and emitted hydrogen sulfide gas in your well water, that is why it smells like a rotten egg.

Perceptible water issues can be very frustrating and tiring. You might observe a smell oozing out of your well water like that of a rotten egg. It is due to sulfur that has decomposed and emitted hydrogen sulfide gas. Rotten eggs cannot be found in well water; therefore, the smell is produced by the reactions.

Hydrogen sulfide or sulfur bacteria is the reason for that smell. Oxygen-less environments, such as well contain sulfur bacteria. Other places that will have this smell are organic compounds and systems with plumbing issues.

This gas, hydrogen sulfide is a natural manifestation in well water. Rarely, pollution can be a cause of it. But most likely, the smell of rotten egg in your well water issue the presence of sulfate-reducing bacteria which emits hydrogen sulfide as a by-product.

If you observe the smell of rotten eggs from a tap with hot water, the issue could be with the water heater. The presence of hydrogen sulfide gas in tap water is commonly known as sulfur water.

The rotten egg smell from the water heater can be caused by the magnesium rod (made of magnesium sulfate) and aluminum present in the manufacturing of the heater. The magnesium rod is included in order to avoid corrosion of the water heater.

If corrosion of the rod occurs, free electrons present in the water will be released, this enhances the reaction between the bacteria and sulfate that emits the rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulfide).

A common observation in all these scenarios is the production of hydrogen sulfide gas that smells like rotten eggs.

Note that very little quantities of hydrogen sulfide can cause a smell of rotten egg in your well water. Permit me to shed light on the bacteria process. 

When sulfate combines with sulfate-reducing bacteria, the microorganisms release hydrogen sulfide as a by-product. The sulfate is acted on by the bacteria, thus reducing it to sulfide.

How to Fix Rotten Eggs Smell in Well Water

If you observe that your well water smells like rotten eggs, treating the water directly is the way to contain and eliminate the hydrogen sulfide that is the cause of the smell.

Get the services of a water treatment expert to treat your well water. These experts use some solutions to solve issues like this.

Also, it is advisable to get the well tested to guarantee that the levels of bacteria and chemicals in the water are okay.

As regards the production of the rotten egg smell, you can use the ventilation method. Ensure free, flowing ventilation in your well to allow the gas to depart the well.

How to Improve Your Drinking Water

This is the main dish of the article. It is not helpful to only know the source of the rotten egg smell in your well water, you should also know what to do to improve the quality of your drinking water.

The use of water filters in purifying water is helpful. Bacteria in water are usually removed by a water treatment process.

Follow these steps to improve your drinking water:

1. Locate the Smell and the Source

Run water from the taps and check the smells. If you notice a rotten egg smell, it is likely to be from the hydrogen sulfide gas. Remember not to drink dehumidifier water.

2. Change the Anode Rods to Aluminium Rods

In the event that your water heater is producing a foul smell, it could be due to the presence of anode rods. When anode rods are changed to aluminum rods, the problem will be solved because hydrogen sulphide will not be produced anymore.

3. Use an Odor Killer

To improve the quality of your drinking water, use an odor killer in your water heater from time to time to eliminate such foul smells. You can also make use of hydrogen peroxide as a purifying agent.

4. Contact the Water Providers

If your water is provided by the public system, contact them for help.

5. Get in Touch with a Water Treatment Service

If your well water still produces that rotten egg smell, it will be best to contact a water treatment agency. They will carry out a test analysis of the soil close to the well. The test will reveal the level of minerals in the well such as magnesium, sulphur, etc.

Advantages of Improving Your Drinking Water

The advantages of improving your drinking water are endless but a few will be discussed here:

  1. You maintain a healthy body
  2. Your meals will taste better
  3. Your appliances benefit also
  4. Shields you from harmful organisms
  5. Better skin and healthy hair

Healthy Body

Water treatment removes all kinds of micro-organisms present in the water. These organisms can be very dangerous to your health. If you have little children in your home, improving your drinking water will be of utmost benefit to them, why? Healthy water will increase boost their immune system and make them less vulnerable to diseases.

Tastier Meals

Improving your drinking water will not only provide you with less-contaminated water but the taste of your meals will be greatly improved. If you love to have sweetly-flavored food, take care of your drinking water

Helpful to Appliances

If your drinking water is also used for your appliances, improving the quality of the water will keep the appliances in good working condition and save you from spending on repairs.

Soft water is helpful for all appliances. Research has proven that using treated water in water heaters improves the efficiency of the heater for a minimum of 15 years.

Shields from Harmful Organisms

It is no news that water and health share a bond. Some of the disease outbreaks experienced in the country is as a result of poor drinking water. Improving your drinking water ensures you are free from such health issues.

Better Skin and Healthy Hair

Drinking healthy water is a recipe for stress-free skin. Your skin is maintained and your hair will look great also. Improving your drinking water is essential to maintaining good health and a perfect body system.


If you notice your well water smells rotten eggs, get in touch with the water treatment agency in your locality to fix it. The smell is caused by a gas, hydrogen sulphide. This gas can be eliminated by proper ventilation in your well. It is also essential to improve your drinking water to maintain good health and to be free from diseases.