7 Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell 2021

7 Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell 2022

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Video doorbell cameras refer to an outdoor camera attached to a person’s front door performing the dual function of serving both as a regular doorbell and a recording device.

They are ideal in places with security risks as you can easily view intruders or regular visitors’ faces. The high motion detectors will inform you of any movement at your door even before the person presses the doorbell.

These doorbells can be battery operated or can be linked to the wiring system of an already existing electric doorbell. If the wiring is a stressful encumbrance you would rather not deal with, you can rely on the battery-powered doorbells.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the 7 best battery powered video doorbell for 2022.

Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell

Here are the 7 best battery powered video doorbell for 2022:

1. ieGeek Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

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The ieGeek Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera has a 167 degrees wide-angle that conveys images to you in a very high 2K QHD video quality.

You can communicate with the visitors using the prerecorded messages it allows you to make, or just talk directly to them like a regular phone call using the two-way audio system.

It is run on a 2.4ghz frequency allowing you an easy way to share the door’s view with up to 5 other people.

It also eliminates the need for batteries, so you can either power it up using the existing wiring on your doorbell or the adapter provided.

Storage can either be on the cloud or a memory card. It comes with an adapter, so you have the option of choosing whether to link it with the doorbell wiring or not.


  • Your data is effectively secured with the added benefit of military-grade encryption covering it.
  • It allows multiple users to monitor your home so you can be assured that safety is assured with different eyes securing your abode.
  • It has a loud enough chime.
  • The camera supports ONVIF.


  • The cloud storage option only offers a 7-day free trial, after which you will have to pay.
  • There is no memory card attached, so you might have to get one for yourself.

2. WUUK Smart Doorbell (Battery-Powered) Wireless Video Security Camera

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This does not need an elaborate installation process. It can be set up within a minute, giving you access to the video quality of 1080P HD stemming from a 162 degrees wide angle.

Seeing whoever is at the door when it is dark will not be a problem as the night vision is of top quality.

This camera can be supported by either Android or iOS operating systems, so you will not need to get a new phone to enjoy it.

It comes with a pack of screws and wires, so the installation is as stress-less as possible.

It gives high-quality images, allowing you to see a very precise and clear picture when the footage is live-streamed from wherever you might be, distance notwithstanding.

There is no subscription fee required to use the camera, so you can enjoy usage and share access with family without the fear of hidden costs crippling you.


  • It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the service’s quality. The warranty period is for a year.
  • There is technical support provided via the app for users who might experience problems while using it.
  • It is easily compatible with Alexa, so there is a little problem with integration.
  • There will not be a video loss problem because everything goes to the Memory card.


  • The battery staying power is not strong enough
  • The battery is easily affected by bad weather
  • It cannot take memory cards of a large capacity.
  • The notification does not come as often as advertised
  • Cold weather causes the battery to drain faster.
  • It does not support big memory cards as that may cause it to lag

3. Victure Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

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The Victure Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera is weatherproof with a fast and easy installation process.

The fact that an SD card is included as well as local storage to serve as storage, makes it one of the best battery powered video doorbell. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for up to 3 months.

You can talk to your guest in real-time using the app, so you don’t necessarily have to be at the door to speak with them.

The installation process is quite easy, and since it is battery powered, you will not need to worry about the connection of wires.

If you are in a meeting or church where speaking would be frowned on, the prerecorded messages can be used to communicate with guests instead of speaking directly with them


  • It has a one-year warranty period.
  • The motion detection is excellent
  • It has excellent night vision


  • Low battery power
  • The included memory card is of very small size, just 16GB

4. Ring Video Doorbell 3

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This has dual-band connectivity of either 2.4ghz or 5.0ghz. The video quality is super sharp, and you can either rely on the rechargeable battery or connect to your doorbell’s wiring.

It can be integrated with Alexa to give real-time notifications and with an easy installation process. You won’t be stressed while setting it up.

The bell can be linked with Alexa. So, with your echo device, viewing and communicating with the front door will be easy.

The picture quality is excellent and can be viewed anywhere with your device.

Notifications can also be received via the same device. There is also the option to connect it with Alexa.


  • It gives you the choice of choosing the Wi-Fi connectivity that works for you
  • You are allowed to either rely on the battery or link with your doorbell’s wiring.
  • It has a one-year warranty


  • The feed is not continuous and is only activated by motion
  • The warranty given is limited
  • The motion detection is quite erratic, sending notifications for the slightest movement

5. heimvision HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable Battery-Powered Security Camera

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This is one of the best battery powered vide doorbell because the installation process is particularly designed to make the user’s life easy. You don’t have to spend hours sorting through wires, but you are all ready in minutes.

The camera is weatherproof and gives a very high picture quality with a wide scope. The battery is made of high-quality material and is designed to last as long as possible.

Operating is made simple by the highly intuitive user interface. Also, information is stored in the cloud, but you will not be required to give out personal information.

The weatherproof design of the doorbell camera is not only nice to look at but is made to last as well/ where there are complaints; there is an army of customer service personnel ready to help you.


  • There is a support team ready to assist you when needed
  • You do not need to provide your private information when you get the app
  • The price is commensurate with its functions. it is quite affordable


  • There is no memory card included
  • It only works with 2.4ghz Wi-Fi
  • The charging process is quite tasking

6. eufy Security Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with Chime

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With this, you get a sharp and accurate complete picture of whoever is at the door. The setup process is quite easy, and you do not have to subscribe to enjoy the guaranteed security of your data.

All the recording goes straight to your SD card, so your data remains secure. The data stored on the SD card or cloud does not require a subscription to be accessed; it is totally free.

However, a single charge gives you 120 days of clear-cut images. It does not matter what your doorframe’s design or size is; the eufy camera will be a good fit.


  • It gives clean and sharp images.
  • It effectively secures data.
  • It can be linked with amazon.


  • It is not compatible with a home kit
  • The battery requires constant charging
  • It cannot be linked with existing doorbell wiring

7. KAMEP Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

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This has a built-in 6,700mah rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 6 months, limiting the need for constant charging.

The motion detector is very sharp, so the slightest movement will be taken note of.

It is very easy to install and allows storage on either a micro SD card or on the cloud.

The picture quality is amazing and clear and provides a wide-angle view.

Storage can be stored either on the cloud or the SD card that is up to 128GB. You can easily access whatever information you need without fear.


  • It allows both cloud and local storage.
  • The battery lasts long once charged.
  • It comes with an already installed memory card.


  • It cannot be linked with Alexa
  • It cannot detect animals, so your pets might be in danger without your knowing.
  • The motion detector is not accurate.

Battery Powered Video Doorbell: An Overview

A video doorbell is a doorbell that has a camera attached. With it, you can easily have a complete head-to-toe view of whoever is at the door.

They come equipped with a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate directly with whoever is at the door; this comes in handy these days where the coronavirus pandemic is raging and social distancing is of utmost importance.

They can be linked with the wiring of the regular electronic doorbell or be battery operated. The battery-operated video doorbell cameras have different mAh capacities, and their longevity depends on the battery mAh.

Some video doorbell cameras require the battery to be changed whenever it dies, while some others require a charge to bring the battery back to capacity. The battery lifespan depends on the amount of usage it is put to.

In situations where you feel attached to the preexisting doorbell or do not want to go through the hassle of making a change or find the process of sifting through complicated wiring to be stressful, battery powered video doorbells presents a convenient solution. You get an upgrade without stressing yourself.

Importance of Battery Powered Video Doorbell

  • Convenience: Being wireless, the battery powered video doorbell can be set up wherever the homeowner wishes. The person at the door can be spoken with from different locations in the house.
  • It Allows Better Record Keeping: The homeowner will be able to keep track of movement in and out of his house, and this information can be produced where needed.
  • Compatibility: They are compatible with smart home devices like Alexa and google home and can also be integrated with smart locks to allow doors to be opened remotely
  • Security: They heighten the homeowner’s sense of security as he will be alerted of the slightest movement at his door wherever he may be and will be able to view them.
  • Efficency: Being battery operated, the battery-powered video doorbell will not be negatively impacted by power outages. The homeowner will be able to keep watch over his home regardless of a lack of electricity.

Things To Consider When Buying Battery Powered Video Doorbell

  • Battery Capacity: You must buy a battery powered video doorbell with a large mAh battery. The battery should have a high capacity, capable of lasting for a long time. It should be easily charged and have a simple charging process as well.
  • The Price: There is a wide range of prices available for battery powered video doorbell. As with everything, it is best to pick what tallies with one’s financial ability. While doing so, it must have to be good specifications.
  • Video/Audio Quality: Video doorbells are meant to show the homeowner a video of activities at his door. The image shown should be clear. So, in buying a battery-operated video doorbell, select one with optimum video and audio quality.
  • Installation Process: Battery powered video doorbells usually have a simple installation process. So, pick one with simple and easy installation steps.
  • Night Vision: As well as providing a sharp video quality, the battery-operated video doorbell should also have the ability to give clear images at night.


Battery powered doorbells video cameras have advantages as well as disadvantages over the wired cameras. It is up to the buyer to select whatever works for him after careful consideration. Choose the ones that best satisfy your want and enjoy.