Shipping Container Home Builders

Shipping Container Home Builders (Labor Cost)

The use of shipping containers as homes has become the normal thing these days with people embracing it. Not just people alone, some States on the other hand have given way to the use of shipping containers as homes though with regulations and permits.

The building of a shipping container home is not something one can do by himself alone. It is not entirely a “do it yourself” thing whereby you’ll start building the container home from scratch to a complete home by yourself. At a time, the services of other builders such as electricians, plumbers, etc will be needed and you will have to pay them after the job.

The labor costs of shipping container homes depend on a variety of things such as how much of the work they will do for you and the amount of work you are willing to do by yourself. If you are a person that is very familiar with home building, you will save more money from the labor cost than someone who doesn’t know anything about building.

Who are Shipping Container Home Builders

Shipping container home builders are those responsible for the possible erection of shipping container homes on your property. They are the ones that can successfully turn an ordinary shipping container into a beautiful home where humans and animals can live comfortably.

Shipping container home builders are skilled in their job. Building a shipping container home is not the same thing as building the traditional home we all know. The only similarities there is that they are both homes, meant for human and animal habitations.

The building of shipping container homes is likely to be quicker than the building of traditional houses. This is because of the process involved in both two. Traditional houses take a longer period to be done than container homes. The process is too tedious and may involve a lot of laborers to do the job depending on the nature of the building the homeowner is erecting.

Moreover, it is pertinent to note that just as in the building of a traditional house, many people are involved in the building of shipping container homes. One person alone cannot start the building of a container home and finish it without needing the services of other laborers. This is the reason why in some instances, the labor cost of shipping container homes differs from one another.

Labor Costs of Shipping Container Home Builders

When it comes to shipping container homes, there is likely to be a high rate of labor cost. This is because of the percentage of materials used when building the home. If the material is low, the labor cost will be high. But the best thing about having a lower material is that it will reduce the general amount the whole process of building the house would have cost you; which is the reason why people build shipping container homes in the first place. How cheap it is to successfully build a shipping container home is an advantage and the reason why people resort to the use of container homes.

List of Shipping Container Home Laborers

1. Contractors or Enginneers

These are the set of people that are in charge of the site. They are the boss of the site and oversees the whole process of building the house. Sometimes, they are the ones that normally shop for the materials needed for the work and if in the process, the laborers run a shortage of materials, they are the ones that can quickly contact the owner of the home and get the necessary funds needed to make the purchase.

Truth be told, most of the work done by the contractors can be done by the owner of the home. Why hire the services of a contractor to oversee the building work when you can do it by yourself. Doing it by yourself will save you a lot of money especially if you are on a budget. Remember, these sets of people charge lots of money for their services. Why pay such a huge amount of money when you can do the job by yourself.

However, if the type of shipping container home you wish to build is a complex one, then you may need to hire a contractor that is experienced and professional. This is to ensure that the home is built successfully without any fault.

2. Architects

These are the shipping container home laborers that one cannot do without except the homeowner is an architect. This is because of the immense work they do even before the building of the home kicks off. Their services are needed badly for the building plan which is important to get a permit to build the container home. In most places, before a building permit is issued, you have to first present a detailed plan of the type of home you want to erect with your shipping container and it is the job of the architects to do that.

However, the amount charged by these sets of laborers can be very high. They can even work on a percentage of the total cost of construction. Therefore, you are urged to get prepared to pay them for the services they will render to you.

3. General Laborers

These are people that take charge of all the general laboring work on the site. They make sure that the work is going fine, ever needed materials are there waiting for the professional laborers to grab and do their job. They prepare the site, do some diggings, cleanings, and many more.

However, it is germane to note that the amount of labor these sets of laborers charge is very high. Don’t quote me wrong. The general laborers are paid a lower amount than the professional licensed workers, but because of the number of time they spend working on the site and the different types of work they do on the site, the amount they go home with is huge.

Do not forget that most of the works done by these laborers are something you could do by yourself with little or no expertise. But sometimes, what we do is that we let the general laborers do the job and at the end receive a huge amount of money that could be save had you do the job by yourself.

4. Structural Engineers and Welders

When it comes to building shipping container homes, the services of structural engineers will be needed. This is because shipping containers are made of metal, you need these engineers to cut the steel for you. You can’t just buy a shipping container and start decorating it as a home. There have to be modifications. Areas that need to be cut off and modified and welds together to get an appropriate shape and size that is needed.

Every house should have windows and doors. The structural engineers are the ones that will ensure that the perfect measurement for the door and window is cut off. The same goes for the kitchen and other modifications that will be made to the container.

However, hiring a structural engineer can be very expensive. In fact, this set of people are the reason why shipping container home builders labor costs are high. This is because of the nature of the job they will be doing to the container. Remember, these modifications are made to give your container home the perfect look and feel you so desire so paying them such a high amount will hurt so bad.

5. Electricians

While the labor cost for electricians may not be too expensive, the materials used for the electrical process of the house can be very expensive. Electrical work is something that must be done in the container home as many cannot stay in a home without electricity. Sometimes, some money can be saved from electrical labor if you are an electrician or very good at electrical work.

However, you are advised not to do electrical wiring in the container home if you are not a certified electrician. There is a difference between a do-it-yourself electrical correction than wiring the whole house. Because of the danger that can emanate from bad electrical wiring, you are advised to call for the services of a certified electrician to do the work for you.

6. Plumbers

The same thing goes with plumbers. This set of laborers charges an average amount of money because of the nature of their job. They are the ones to ensure that every pipes connections and channeling are properly done. Therefore, their services are a must thing.

However, where it gets good is when you, the homeowner is a plumber, it makes the whole work lots easier and saves some money too. But, if you are not a certified plumber, I suggest you don’t do the plumbing work of the home to avoid coming home one day to find water everywhere.

7. Carpenter

It is important never to forget the important function of a carpenter in the whole process. The carpenters or furniture man/men are the ones in charge of all the furniture and decoration of the home. Paying these laborers may not be expensive but the materials with which they work may be very expensive depending on what you want. If you wish to use an exquisite chair/furniture in your shipping container home, then you should get ready to spend. So in this case, the amount paid to these laborers is lower than the materials used for the job they’ll do.


It will only cost between $10,000 to $35,000 to successfully build a shipping container home on your property. This price includes all the costs such as the container home, the laborers, furniture, and more. However, if you are going for a more sophisticated container home, then it may cost you between $50,000 to $120,000. It all depends on the nature of the work you are doing and how long the shipping container home is expected to last for you.