How to Stop Cars from Turning Around in Your Driveway

How to Stop Cars from Turning Around in Your Driveway

A driveway on private property is private property. Other cars turning around in your driveway probably cause you a lot of stress and worry. There are some ways you can stop vehicles from turning around in your driveway. 

The best way to stop cars from turning around in your driveway is to:

  • Fix a Signpost
  • Install a remote-controlled gate
  • Park your cars at the end of the driveway
  • Narrow your driveway
  • Install gates in the driveway
  • Hook a chain along the driveway

Can Cars Turn Around in Your Driveway?

Other cars should not be turning around in your driveway for so many reasons; your lawn could get destroyed, kids in your driveway could get harmed, headlights from vehicles could beam into your rooms, and many more.

Other cars should not be turning around in your driveway, well, except you are cool with it.

Can You Stop Cars from Turning Around in your Driveway?

For something causing you so much stress and worry, there must be a way to solve it. Yes, you can stop cars from turning around in your driveway.

It is your property and you should do what you can to protect your property. It is legal for you to stop cars from making the turn in your driveway.

How to Stop Cars from Turning Around in Your Driveway

If I had cars turning around in my driveway most of the time, I would:

1. Fix a Signpost

If cars always turn around in your driveway, you can put up a sign along the road close to your driveway to show that turning there is prohibited because it is private property.

Signs can be civil if your neighbors are guilty of that but if your driveway is suffering from regular traffic turning in and out of it, you can use sterner signs on the signpost.

Just to inform road users that your driveway is not an option to turn around their vehicles.

2. Install a Remote-controlled Gate

This might cost you some money but it is very useful in the long run. You can install a remote-controlled gate at the foot of your driveway to deter others from making use of it. You only have to use the remote to open it when you want to enter your driveway and to shut it when you leave the driveway.

3. Park Your Car at the Foot of the Driveway

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you really want outsiders to avoid using your driveway, you can park your car close to the foot of it. Avoid parking your car close to the road though, so you do not inconvenience other road users.

4. Narrow your driveway

Another option for you is to reduce the driving space of your driveway. You can make it less appealing for others to use. This will not solve the problem entirely but it is a step in the right direction nonetheless.

5. Install Gates in the Driveway

I guess this is the most common solution. Fend off outsiders from using your driveway to turn their cars around by fixing a gate. A gate is the simplest way to show others that it is private property and they cannot gain access to your driveway.

6. Hook a Chain Along the Driveway

Also, it is not a bad idea for you to put chains in your driveway. You can fix chains there and barricade your driveway. It is similar to using a gate. However, you will have to unhook it every time you want to use the driveway yourself. You can learn how to install a chain link fence on uneven ground.

Is it Illegal for Cars to Turn Around in your Driveway?

It is not illegal for cars to use your driveway though, in many parts of the world. Except they use it to commit criminal offenses, then it is illegal.

When someone uses your driveway all the time to turn around their cars and you know the person, you can walk up to them to ask them to stop.

Can You Put a Chain Across my Driveway?

It is legal to use chains across your driveway. You can hook a chain to block other users from using your driveway. The only drawback of using chains is, you have to unhook them every time you want to make use of the driveway.

What Can I Do if Someone Blocks my Driveway?

If someone parks along your driveway causing obstruction to you, you should not react by vandalizing the car. Vandalization is a criminal offense and you can be sued for that.

However, if someone has blocked your driveway with their vehicle, that is known as trespassing. Trespassing is a civil offense though that can be reported to the police. The car owner will be contacted (if possible) to remove their vehicle.

Note that it is your responsibility to protect your driveway from unwanted users. The police will not interfere in cases like that most times.

Can You Put Cones in Front of Your Driveway?

The use of cones to fend off-road users from using your driveway is allowed and legal. Use anything you have and anything you wish to block your driveway BUT do not use these items to obstruct the movement of cars on the road.

The cones should not be an obstruction to other road users on the road. Just ensure the cones are still within your private property.

Is there a Law Against Parking Too Close to a Driveway?

Unfortunately, there is no law against parking too close to a driveway. As long as a car is registered by law, it can be parked anywhere along the street so far the movement of vehicles on the main road is not affected. There is no law concerning that.

However, some localities have enforced some regulations regarding that. It varies from place to place.

How to Keep Delivery Trucks off Driveway

This is something homeowners have on their minds. How to keep the trucks away. This one is not even about the large blind spots in trucks.

Trucks in your driveway are a no-no, should never happen. The tires of trucks can damage your lawn. To keep trucks off your driveway:

  • Use a signpost to inform truck drivers not to enter your driveway
  • Install an overhead barrier on your driveway entry. The barrier should be the height of trucks. When this is in place, naturally trucks will not be able to use your driveway.


Our driveways are private properties and it’s essential we maintain our privacy. The use of your driveways by other cars should not be allowed. There are certain things you can do to stop cars from turning around in your driveway, as listed above. Be civil and firm about it though. Remember that your driveway is your property and you are responsible for what happens with it.