Paint Crown Molding Same Color as Wall

Paint Crown Molding Same Color as Wall

Several things should be considered when building or remodeling a house and crown molding is one of them. As a homeowner, the way you take care of some parts of the building you feel are important in the same way you should take care of the crown molding.

This is because the molding can add some kind of attraction to the room. It can make the room stand out and be unique. Therefore, the color to paint the crown molding should be a matter of concern to you.

Crown molding can be painted the same color as the walls and ceilings to make the room look bigger than it is. But, the best way to paint crown molding is to give it light or dark paint that is different from the wall and ceiling paints so it can draw attention to the room.

Painting crown molding the same color as the walls and ceiling will less attract attention in the room than when it is painted with different yet complementing colors.

What is Crown Molding?

Crown molding is any horizontal decorative molding made of plaster or wood that crowns a building or furniture element. It is usually installed at the top of an interior wall or the top of some doors, windows, cabinets, and pilasters.

Should Crown Molding Be the Same Color as the Wall?

Yes, crown molding can be the same color as the wall and even the ceiling but be rest assured that it will hide the attraction in the room and may make the room not stand out unlike when different or lighter/darker color of the wall paint is used on the crown molding. People won’t have any choice but to recognize it once they enter the room.

Just like skirting boards create attention in the room when painted different colors with the wall, crown molding creates unique attention in the room when it is painted a different color from the wall and ceiling.

Nevertheless, you can choose to paint both the crown molding and walls the same color but use lighter or darker colors depending on your wall paint.

For example, if the room is painted with a dark grey color, you can use a light grey hue for the crown molding. It doesn’t have to be a different color entirely. It can be the same color but a different hue.

Most people that prefer to paint their crown molding the same color as the walls and ceilings are those who have a particular piece of furniture they want to stand out in the room. This set of people do not want the attraction to be divided into some crown molding but all the attractions are focused on the decoration they have in the room.

I would want to have my room crown molding to be painted a different color from the wall color and not the same color as the ceiling because painting the same color will hide both the ceiling and the molding. It will make the ceiling disappear.

Remember, “different color” here doesn’t have to be another color entirely. It can be the same grey color you used on the wall but a lighter or darker hue of that same grey color.

What to Consider Before Painting Crown Molding Same Color as Wall

Here are the lists of things you need to consider before painting your house crown molding the same color as the wall:

1. Your Preference

What may favor Mr. A, may not favor Mr. B. The fact one prefers something doesn’t mean another person prefers that as well. You need to check your preferences.

Do you prefer to have the crown molding and walls the same color or does it give you joy if both have different colors that conform with each other? Answering these questions and knowing what you prefer will help you make a decision you will not regret.

2. The Size of the Room

You also need to consider the size of your room when choosing the paint color to use on the walls and crown molding. As reiterated earlier, if you give your crown molding and ceiling the same color as the walls, it will hide the angles in the room and make the room look bigger than it is, which is perfect for small rooms.

However, what if the room is large? Do you still want the room to be larger than it already is? This should help you decide on which to use.

3. How High is the Ceiling

The ceiling is another factor that should be considered and the reason is not far-fetched. The ceiling has a lot of roles it plays in the room. Give your walls the finest color and the room the best decorations in the whole wide world, if the ceiling is lacking, it will reduce everything you’d already installed in the room. So, the height of the ceiling should help you decide which to choose.

4. The Decorations You Wish to Have in the Room

Don’t forget to consider the decor that will be in the room. It should determine the color to use on not just the crown molding alone but the walls. You should use colors that blend well with your type of decoration and the molding. Not something that will take the attraction to either one of them.

Should Crown Molding Match the Walls?

Crown molding can match the walls. You can use different yet matching colors for the crown molding and the walls to give it a perfectly matching look.

It is important to note that there is a huge difference between having the same color on the crown molding and having a matching color on the molding.

Matching colors doesn’t have to be the same color, it can be different yet colors that complement the other. It can also be the same color yet a different hue (Light or dark of the same color).

However, as has been said in this article, if you match the crown molding and walls colors together with the same color, it will not create any attention. The crown molding will lose its attraction.

Pros and Cons Painting Crown Molding the Same Color as the Walls

  • Pros: It will hide the angles in the room and make the room looks bigger than it is especially if both the walls, crown molding, and ceiling are painted the same color.
  • Pros: It will not take away the attention and attraction the room decoration should be having if it’s painted the same color
  • Pros: It will create a unique monochromatic color.
  • Cons: If the room is a large one, it will make it look larger than it is.

What is the Best Finish for Crown Molding

The best finish for the crown molding is semi-gloss and high gloss finishes. While semi-gloss has a higher gloss level than satin, a high gloss finish is the best finish to use on crown molding and trim areas that are often washed.

Final Verdict

You can paint your room crown molding and walls the same color if it is OK with you. However, the best way to paint crown molding and walls is to give them different yet complementary colors. Don’t forget that your preference, the size of your room, the ceiling height, as well as the decoration you wish to have in the room have so many roles to play in choosing the colors to use. Good luck!