What Time Can You Call the Cops for Noise

What Time Can You Call the Cops for Noise?

What time can you call the cops for noise? You can call the cops for noise at any time of the day if the noise is excessive and going on longer than necessary. But 10:00 PM is usually the time enforcement becomes more firm for noise complaints.

Thumping from your neighbor’s speaker or you hear a scream or maybe continuous machine whirring sounds can all be classified as noises and it becomes pretty unbearable over time.

You get home after a long day and you hear noises that deter you from resting or sleeping well. The funny thing is you might bring work home and because of this noise, you can’t even concentrate. This time, you need to involve the cops.

Yes, you can call the cops for noise. But you need to be reminded that every state has laws that file against noise protection. In Fact, local ordinances, states, or communities have basic local laws that present some noise.

Can I Call the Police For a Noise Complaint?

Calling the police for a noise complaint is not out of point. It is rather a point of duty to do especially if it is a threatening one.

A threatening noise such as continuous screams or a gunshot or maybe an earthquake is something that the cops need to know about.

In fact, the right thing to do is to call the cops to file a report. Calling the cops would put everything in order.

In the case of a non-threatening noise, the cops can still be called after several warnings have been passed and after local authorities have been contacted.

The arrival of the police will put an order to the erring house. If the warnings are not heeded, then a fine can be placed.

Does Police Respond to Noise Complaints?

Yes, police do respond to noise complaints. But it has to be a serious or life-threatening noise complaint at an odd hour.

Typically, police have so many calls to respond to all day long. The phone never stops ringing. If there is a case of a noise complaint and the police are called, they file your case and measure the severity of the call.

They will check if it is a case that requires them to pull up and blow all the sirens, or it is a case where you can resolve it between yourselves without having to involve the police.

Most times, when the police are called and they do not respond, it’s could be that the timing of the calls is within the legal hours for noise.

Except it’s an emergency and it’s threatening, noise complaints can be moved aside but the police won’t move your calls aside without genuine reason.

What Time Can You Call the Cops for Noise?

You can call the cops for noise at any time of the day if the noise is excessive and going on longer than necessary.

Unless the law limits the hours, you are eligible to call the cops and of course, get a prompt response to it.

Therefore, before calling the cops, you need to be sure that the local rules have been flouted severally. Most local ordinances have a specific time where loud noises are prohibited.

Between 11 pm and 7 or 8 am on weekdays and 11 pm to midnight until 8 to 10 am on weekends and holidays. This can serve as a template to guide you before you make a decision of calling the cops.

Another thing to do before calling the cops is to talk about it first. Let them know how uncomfortable and disturbing the noise is. If after this, you can then call the cops.

Reasons Why You Should Call the Police for Neighbor’s Noise

To Avert Any Possible Case of Violence

Sometimes, there could be a case of violence or maybe a case of robbery. So when you call the police, you have done your part to avert every possible case of theft or violence.

To Serve a Warning to the Offending Neighbor

Sometimes, you might want to instill order into your neighbor and the only way you can do that is to call the cops. Calling them will surely give your neighbors a sense of orderliness and be more careful next time.

 How Do I Report Noisy Neighbours to the Police?

In many states, when there is a noise complaint and you want to report the case. There are steps to follow.

To make a noise complaint, you have to:

Make Sure You Converse with Your Neighbor

 Most times, the police would inform you to always talk to your neighbor. Many state police departments will ensure you speak to your neighbor about the noise first as they ‘might not be aware they are creating a problem for the other person.

If you have spoken to your neighbor and he is not complying, the next thing to do is to;

File a Report

You can file a report through your state police website or place a call through to the state police. In some states such as Bristol, you have to file a 14-day noise report to show that the noise has been consistent for the past 14 days.

If you fill this consistently, the police can now then take action. But in other states, once you file a report, the police then take action.

You can only file a report if:

  • The problem is becoming too much.
  • You have spoken with the source of the noise.
  • You have other problems with the noisemaker apart from the noise.
  • The police and other law enforcement have become involved.

After filing the report, you’ll wait for the police to respond to the complaint while you are also patient in dealing with your neighbor’s persistence in blowing up the environment with noise.

However, you can also read about how you can find out made the call to code enforcement on you here.

Final Thoughts

The cops are available to maintain peace and order in the community. In any case where there is a breach of an order, calling the police would not be out of point. Some might constantly ask why the cops take long to respond to calls. Understand that your call is not the only one coming in so you have to exercise patience especially if it’s not a threatening case while you also exercise patience on the part of your neighbor as well.