How to Update Clip Studio Paint

How to Update Clip Studio Paint (Step by Step Guide)

Long ago, if an artist wants to draw illustrations or animes in the traditional way, you need to prepare a lot of things like pencils, erasers, pens, markers, paper, ink, screen tones, paints, and shaping tools.  Most of them are consumables, which means you have to buy them back once they run out.

However, the tech age has come with immense opportunities for artists to recreate as much art as they want to with the use of digital tools such as Clip Studio Paint. The massive volume of wastage that is prevented especially on the amount of paper and pen, is commendable.

However, this may come with regular and periodical upgrades that would help you to work more effectively. Some of these upgrades are discussed below.

Can I Update Clip Studio Paint?

Most times, the versions of Clip Studio Paint that are available for downloads are the cracked versions and these ones can not be updated.

From time to time, new features and upgrades are released so it would be an unending cycle of deleting and redownloading.

This situation is avoidable when you download the paid version of Clip Studio Paint. With this version, you would be able to update the software from time to time.

Is Updating Clip Studio Paint Free?

Updating your Clip Studio Paint software is not for free. Instead, you would be required to pay a token of a few dollars to be able to access download and install the latest upgrades and versions.

How to Update Clip Studio Paint

The steps to update one’s Clip Studio Paint varies from gadget to gadget. This means that installing upgraded on Windows slightly differs from installation on iPads and so on and so forth.

Regardless, the most universal method is that of windows which are explained as follows:

To update 

  • First, locate the ‘download‘ icon on the home page of the Clip Studio Paint software
  • Then select what device it is you are downloading into. For this example, you can select “for Windows” by clicking on the option
  • Then, click on the ‘downloaded file‘ to command the system to import the latest version of the software into your device
  • Patiently wait for your device to process until the User Account Control screen appears after which you would clock ‘YES
  • Then, select the ‘NEXT‘ option.  Select your most preferred language and wait for the next window to process
  • Now, you can click  ‘NEXT‘  to start the process of updating your software properly
  • When this is done and you get the go-ahead, click on ‘ Finish‘.

How Do I Check the Current Version of Clip Studio Paint?

The process of checking your current version of Clip Studio Paint may depend on the device in use. The processes include:

  • Going through- Clip studio modeler, you can check the version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT or CLIP STUDIO MODELER from [About].
  •  Clip Studio Paint
  •  Start Clip Studio Paint and open About.

 For Windows

 Select About from the Help menu.

For macOS

  •  From the [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu, select [About]. For
  •  iPad, Galaxy Tab,  Android tablets, and Chromebook users
  •  From the Clip Studio Paint icon, select About.

 For Smartphone Users

  • Tap the [≡] menu and go for the [App Settings] option
  • Choose ‘ About’.

 Clip Studio Modeler

  •  Start CLIP STUDIO MODELER and open [About].


  •  From the [Help] menu, select [Version information].


  • Run through the [CLIP STUDIO MODELER] menu options, then choose the [Version information] option.

Can you Update Cracked Clip Studio Paint?

The cracked versions of clip studio paint do not have upgrades to it and so, downloading such would make you miss out on juicy features that come with the software. Check out: How to Remove Bathroom Mirror With Clips

Some of the recent upgrades introduced include;

  1. The manipulation color for 3D materials has been changed. 
  2. If you drag and drop an image material onto a 3D layer, it will be pasted as a flat 3D original with the texture applied.
  3. In the details panel of the 3D drawing sub-tool, the Body Shapes category has been renamed to 3D drawings. Functions work the same way.
  4. In the details panel of Sub-Tools for 3D Materials, the Apply Light Source setting has been changed to the Shadow category.
  5. On the Sub Tool Detail palette for 3D materials, the Shadow setting has been renamed to Cast shadows on the ground. It means that the option has been relocated to the category tagged ‘Shadows’
  6. If you cancel after using Edit > Fill Color (tech preview) > Use Specified Image and Fill Color or Use more Advanced Settings, the specified layer will be selected. In the option named ‘Preferences’ go to > File, then the Export category would have been renamed to the ‘SAVED’ option.


It is important to note that the functionality of your software may depend on your device’s system upgrade too. The more you use your computer and it ages, it becomes more difficult to install new programs and operating system updates.

As the useful productive life of your computer device is being used bit by bit, it may call for depreciation and makes it more difficult to install new software updates and upgrade current programs.

Existing programs take a long time to open and may limit storage space. The question is whether the computer needs to be upgraded or replaced.

You can upgrade your computer to increase speed and storage capacity at a fraction of the cost of a new computer, but if you don’t get the speed gain you need, you don’t need to add new components to your old system.