How Long Does it Take to Get a Building Permit Approved

How Long Does it Take to Get a Building Permit Approved?

When it comes to building, you’ll need approval for many things. You’ll need approval for building or renovating the house. This approval is known as a permit.

The permit is issued by your local authority based on certain requirements that the building meets. These requirements are also determined by the zone your house is situated. Therefore, how long does it take to get a building permit approved?

There is no static number of days it takes to get a building permit approved. The approval of the building permit is dependent on your city and the requirements your building must meet before a permit is approved. Therefore, if you meet the requirements very quickly, you can get your building permit approved within 20 days.

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is an approval given by your local authority to go on with the activities you want to carry out in your building.

This formal approval is given to authorize any real estate-related project. The permit allows you to construct or renovate your building.

Before you can get this permit, you have to meet the requirements. If not, you’ll be denied the approval.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Building Permit Approved?

You can get your building permit approved within 20 days.

Getting a building permit shouldn’t take much time unless you are not meeting the requirements. Cities that issue building permits online won’t take more than a few weeks.

For example in St Louis, getting a building permit shouldn’t take more than 5 days while in Portland, it takes up to 14 weeks. In Los Angeles, it should take just a few days.

If you want to get the building permit on time, you should have all your documents ready so that nothing would delay the process.

What Are the Requirements to Get a Building Permit?

When you obtain the application form for the building permit, you’ll see the requirements in the form. The requirements are dependent on the local building office.

The necessary paperwork that is required includes the total cost of the work, size, and scope of the project, electrical and plumbing layout, materials being used, and the day you’ll start and finish the project.

How to Get a Building Permit?

Getting a building permit is not that difficult. It’s something that you can do yourself. Below is the procedure for getting a building permit.

Contact the building office in your locality. Tell them about the project you want to do. If it’s a major renovation, it might require more than one permit.

When you tell them about the project, you’ll be asked to fill out an application form. This form also includes the requirements needed to obtain the permit.

Fill out the application form. Some major projects will require that you add the drawings of the project to the application form.

Submit the application form with the necessary additional materials. You’ll be asked to pay a certain fee. This is dependent on your local authority. After you pay the fee, you’ll be issued the permit certificate.

After you get this certificate, paste it on a surface closer to the site of the building. The certificate must be there as long as the work is going on.

During the construction, contact the inspection office to send an inspector to check the work done. If the work is of quality, it will be approved. Once the work is approved, you don’t have to worry about pasting the permit certificate again.

Advantages of Building Permits

There are benefits you will enjoy when you have the building permits.

1. Safety

Before you’ll be issued a building permit, your local authority would know if the renovations or repair would be safe. This is especially if the repair will alter any system in your home( plumbing, electric, etc).

If you get this permit, then it means that the renovation is safe to carry out. Some renovations can only be done by experts.

For example, because of the nature of container homes, if you wish to build one in Florida, then you need to get a permit to build such a shipping container home in Florida.

2. Future Sale

Many home buyers will request a building permit before they buy the house. They need to know if the house was inspected. A house not inspected will pose danger. If you have a building permit, you’ll be able to sell your house later on.

3. You’ll be Free from Fines

If you don’t have a building permit, you will have to pay fines or face penalties. Your work will be stopped and even demolished. If you get a building permit, you won’t have to worry about these fines.

How Much is Building Permit?

The cost of a building permit is dependent on the jurisdiction of your local authority and the project you want to embark on. There are still extra fees that can be added.

  • The cost is calculated by sq. ft and it costs between $0.15 and $0.85.
  • The national average cost of a building permit is $550.
  • The minimum cost is $150 while the maximum cost is $2000 ( this is for the construction of a new building of 2500 sq. ft.
  • General renovations cost between $300 and $800.

Check with the building office of your locality to know the exact fee you’ll pay.


You have to be familiar with the process of obtaining a building permit before you embark on the building or renovation. Getting a building permit is necessary so that you can have smooth work without disturbance. If you don’t get a building permit for major works, they will be counted as illegal, you’ll pay fines and your building can be demolished.