Satin or Semi Gloss For Bathroom

Satin or Semi Gloss For Bathroom (Ceiling, Wall and Trim)

It is one thing to paint, and it’s another thing to get a perfect finish from the paint. Painting a bathroom is not an easy thing to do. It is harder to paint a bathroom than to paint a room because there are many things to consider before buying paint for your bathroom.

However, painting a bathroom is very tricky because there are many maneuvering to do if you really want to get the perfect finish you desire around mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Choosing the right paint finish is a must thing to do while choosing bathroom paint. The reason is that you need paint that will give your bathroom a useful finish.

Moreover, painting a bathroom is not just to make it look beautiful alone; there are many other great things paint can add to your bathroom apart from looks, and choosing a perfect paint that will give you that finished look is a must thing to do.

Satin and semi gloss are the best paint finish to use for your bathroom ceiling, wall and trim because it is more durable, less likely to trap mold, and easier to clean. Satin is best for bathroom walls and ceiling, while semi gloss is best for trim and bathroom cabinets. You can still use both satin and semi gloss for your bathroom wall and ceiling as they will give your bathroom more shiny finishes.

Satin or Semi Gloss For Bathroom: Which is Best?

It has been proven that paint with a shiny finish is more resistant to moisture and easier to keep clean. Since there are lots of water in the bathroom, it is best to use either satin or semi-gloss for the bathroom as they promise to give your bathroom the best shiny finish you can ever imagine.

Advantages of Using The Paint

There are many pros of using either satin or semi gloss finish for your bathroom. These advantages are:

  • Semi-Gloss paints virtually repel moisture
  • Semi-Gloss is perfect for all trim in the bathroom
  • Satin and semi-gloss can give your bathroom a tougher finish
  • Both can be used for bathroom wall and ceiling
  • Semi-gloss is perfect for woodwork, meaning that you can use it in your bathroom cabinet
  • Semi-gloss is good to reflect light to the bathroom
  • Both are easier to clean with soap and water. You can also use a soft cloth for removing dust.

However, it is important to note that the thing that made this advantage possible is that semi-gloss gives a shinier finish than satin. With the glossy finish, the reflection coming back from your bathroom lighting will be perfect to see yourself in the mirror. The extra shining finish from semi-gloss is also what made it possible to virtually repel moisture and easier to clean.

Disadvantages of Using The Paint

The major disadvantage of using any satin or semi-gloss finish for your bathroom is that it exposes every imperfection on the wall, ceiling, or trim and draws attention. The only solution to this is to make sure you smoothen the walls very well before using the paint.

Please do not use it in a poor patched area in your bathroom; else, you will regret ever using it. Ensure you smoothen the patches very well before using them.

Comparative Analysis Between Satin and Semi Gloss Paint

  • While satin and semi gloss are best for bathroom walls, ceiling, or trim, semi-gloss provides a more shiny finish than satin.
  • They are both durable and draws attention to any imperfection on the walls. Just make sure that wherever surface you want to use the paint for is smooth enough to avoid exposing the defects.
  • Satin paint is 25 – 35 percent glossy, while semi-gloss paint is 35 – 75 percent glossy. Note that the more shinier it is, the more it does its job, reflecting light back to the bathroom and resistant to moisture.
  • It has been argued that bathroom light is more likely to change a semi gloss surface than satin will do to its surface when exposed to certain light. The reason is that satin is said to absorb more light than semi gloss, which bounces off light from the gloss surface from uncovered bathroom windows. Because of how the light is reflected on the surface, semi gloss is likely to bounce off and look darker than it originally is. However, note that this is not a problem at all. Semi-gloss remains the best to use in the bathroom.

Satin or Semi-Gloss For Bathroom Ceiling, Wall, and Trim

You can use either satin or semi gloss for your bathroom ceiling and wall to give it the shiny finish it deserves. But, before using either satin or semi-gloss paint, ensure no noticeable or visible patches on the ceiling or wall. If there are any visible patches, endeavor to smoothen them before applying the paint.

Satin or Semi-Gloss For Trim

You can use either satin or semi-gloss paint for trims, but the best paint to use for trim is semi gloss paint. The shiny semi gloss finish will set the trim apart from the wall, thereby giving your bathroom an acceptable look.

For your bathroom cabinet, it is advisable to use semi-gloss too. It is the best paint to use for any woodwork, and since your bathroom cabinet is wooden, use semi gloss paint on it and enjoy the shiny finishing it will give your cabinet.


Both satin and semi gloss are best for the bathroom. They both have their pros and cons. You have to consider what you want and how you want it and go for it. If your bathroom wall or ceiling already had a noticeable patch, consider smoothening the patch before using any of these paint to avoid the story that touch.