Is a Bonus Room Included In Square Footage?

Is a Bonus Room Included In Square Footage?

There is always how compartments of a house are coded to be included in the square footage and the bonus room is not part of them because it is almost not habitable.

A bonus room is not habitable. It is mostly seen as solitary confinement or maybe better. Bonus rooms are mostly a mini space over the garage, it could just be a spare section that can be used later as a storeroom, a studio, library, kids playroom, crafts room, etc.

Such rooms are not habitable by humans and cannot be habitable for a year. It could be that the room acts as a lone area. If these spaces are included as cut-out sections in a house, then, it will be impossible to include them in square footage. The question is:

Is a bonus room included in square footage?  The answer is no, a bonus room is not included in the square footage because it has not been finessed to be a habitable space; only spaces considered as living spaces are counted in the square footage for appraisal.

What Is Considered a Bonus Room?

A bonus room is a section in a house that may have been abandoned or intended to manage derogatory duties. Such as a storeroom, an attic, art room. These spaces can only be habitable for the time being because they do not meet a bedroom or living room specifications.

Simply put, a bonus room is an underdeveloped section in a house. It could be in form of tiny confinement that cannot be habitable for a year because it lacks certain qualities of livable rooms. It is important to understand that a bonus room in most cases may be halfway there but not there yet.

A room that lacks minimum ventilation, closet, ceiling height, electrical outlets, flooring, and light may serve plainly as a bonus room. As far as this section of the house is somewhat deserted and inhabitable for a long period of time. This room has the capacity to save money relentlessly because it will not be included in any square footed calculation.

A room made reference to and that can be utilized for future use is a bonus room. The definition of this room being a bonus room is not up to the tenants or the new house owner but up to the agents selling the property and the bonus room will not be mounted for.

Importance of a Bonus Room in a Home

A house with a bonus room is a spacious house. This will be perfect for you especially when you have a large or growing family. It will be cheaper than the normal price if you happen to buy a house with a bonus room. Meaning the monetary value for a house with a bonus room will not be noticed during purchase.

It is Spacious

When you need a larger space for yourself or your family, multiple choices can be made with houses that have a bonus room. It is wise because you may develop a need for it with new ideas that will give you that desirable space you had earlier craved for. You can then turn it into a space of your satisfaction.

It is Affordable

More space with normal price. If a house with three bedrooms is sold for a thousand dollars and it happens that this house has a bonus room, the price wouldn’t change. It will be sold for a thousand dollars still. That extra space was sold alongside as inhabitable and as such cannot be charged for among your properties taxes except it is expanded and furnished to meet up with a room code by the owner.

It Can be Upgraded and Sold at a Higher Prize

It will not be cheap investing in a bonus room. When the need arises to expand a bonus room by building up or out, a lot of changes will be made and a lot of renovations will be done as to the finessing to a room code. However, if a house owner plans to make sales of this house in the future, he would laugh last. There would be a wide range of added profit to the house.

Can a Bonus Room Be Included in a Square Footage for Appraisal?

No, a bonus room cannot be included in s square footage for an appraisal because it is not a finished room; it is a bonus room and will continue to be a bonus room in the appraisal as only living spaces are counted in the square footage of a house for an appraisal.

A bonus room is more of an unused, knee-deep section in a house. It has the ability to become a functional room someday but that will be if thick renovations are made. Since it is a bonus room that lacks the characteristics of a habitable shelter of a homo Erectus, the concept of square footage does not arise.

It can only be identified in square footage as a bonus room. It cannot be assumed that an extra room is not noticed, you know? Neither can it be declared invisible. The square footage will identify it as a bonus room only but without any form of an appraisal.

This is because the value of the bonus room is presently unknown. In other words, the prize of an unused section in the house cannot be determined, probably due to underdevelopment. It can add in the square footage as a ‘bonus room or shelter’ but without financial costs.

Why Won’t a Bonus Room Be Included in a Square Footage

It will not be included in square footage because it is underdeveloped as a habitable space and as such a livable section. That one cannot spend a year in a bonus room makes it useless to start with except an urgent discovery for use and renovation is made.

Rooms or sections in a house that are included or counted in square footage are expected to run on attributed taxes but a bonus room that is without the use and as in truth cannot and will not be included in square footage.

Bedroom, living rooms or parlous, kitchen and hallways are all included in square footage because if not permanently used but at least temporarily used and cannot be done without in a home. These rooms that are included in square footage must have a connection with one another.

A kitchen, bathroom, hallways, library, stairwells, bedroom, and living room are all connected and work fervently together to achieve the features of a habitable home.

How to Make a Bonus Room Count in a Square Footage

According to the International Residential Code ( IRC), the Gross Living Area (GLA) of a bedroom or living room has to typically met with a defined standard. This area must have two exits which can be a window and a door, high ceiling to the extent that when one stands or puts up hands there is still enough space between the room fittings and the hands, must have a closet, electrical outlets, etc.

There is only to an extent the International Resident Code (IRC) can operate. Real estate agents know these rules and yet determine further what a bonus and non-bonus room may look like. It is basically up to them and they have been lenient in most cases.

If you happen to own a house with a bonus room, also hoping to make a valuable sale of this house in the future, upgrading and developing your bonus room is your answer. It will go a long way in giving you more space in your home and the value of your house will increase.

Here are how to make a bonus room count in square footage:

What Can an Extra Space Serve?

If you haven’t thought about this, then, do not proceed to restructure your bonus room. Extra space should go a long way in providing the space need in your house.

Set a Budget Because it Will Not Be Cheap

It is not cheap to talk about restructuring and developing an unused mini space. Set up a budget you can start with the help of an engineer.

Expand Upwards or Outwards

I am pretty sure an engineer will educate you about the impossibility of expanding downwards except you do not mind crashing your garage or whatsoever is below. If you are lucky enough o own a huge lawn and property, then impossibility is a write-up. Project your expansion upwards and outwards if possible. You are about to construct a beauty, not a prison.

Create Cutouts for Interior Windows and Doors

And this is how you start. For your bonus room to meet up with the standard, an interior door and a window space must be constructed In this structure. ‘Interior’ is to means a window and a door that can be locked from the inside only.

Install a Closet

There has to be a closet or cabinet of some sort if it is going to be a library or home office.

Paint or Use Wallpapers

Painting would not be a bad choice for this newfound beauty. Painting changes everything. It will make your room looking refined and stunning.

You may be in need of a library, kid’s playroom, crafts room, reading room, home office, etc., a bonus room can be used for any of these things and more. This is surely one way to include your bonus room in square footage.


A house can be completely included in square footage if all rooms meet up with the International Residential Code (IRC) standard and of course, used.  Value can be determined for a developed bonus room to the standard room and a house with this standard will be highly prized. There will also be an inclusion of this former bonus room to the square footage appraisal if done so. Real estate agents are in the best position to determine what a bonus and nonbonus room look like. A bonus room gives your home that extra unintended need for space.