Can Banana Peels Go in Garbage Disposal

Can Banana Peels Go in Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals have become valuable in the kitchen. It helps to process food waste down the sink and reduce unnecessary odor in the kitchen.

However, as useful as this machine is, some foods should not be put in it to prevent clogging of the pipes and sink blockage. So the question is, can banana peels go in garbage disposal?

No, banana peels should not be put in the garbage disposal because banana peels are fibrous materials which cannot be grinded properly by the blades of a garbage disposal. The peels will tangle with the blades and prevent other materials from being grinded well.

Benefits of Banana Peels

Before dumping those banana peels in the trash can, read through this article to know about its benefits. The skin of banana is highly nutritious; carbohydrates and vitamins are present in it. Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium are key nutrients present in banana peels.

The following are some of the benefits of banana peels:

1. Teeth Whitener 

Applying banana peels on your teeth for about 2 minutes every day for 7 days will whiten your teeth. It saves you a lot of money from visiting a specialist.

2. Ultraviolet Protection

Leave banana peels under sunlight for some time and rub the peels on your eyes. It protects the eyes from those harmful rays.

3. Pimples Cure

Acne is a constant menace on the faces of a lot of people. It causes low self-confidence and embarrassment. Do you know that if you rub banana peels on your pimple’s spots for 5 minutes every day, the pimples will disappear gradually? Now you know, try it yourself.

4. Clears Wrinkles

Wrinkles form as a result of dryness of the skin. You see, banana skin keeps your skin moisturized and purely hydrated. Mash the peels and apply on your face for some minutes. Wash it away after 5 minutes.

5. Pain Reliever

 Mix groundnut oil and banana peels together. Apply the mixture onto the area you feel the pain. Do not touch it or wash it off till after 30 minutes. You will be glad you didn’t.

6, Polish for Leather

When applied on leather, banana peels make them glow immediately.

7. Clears Warts

Rub banana peels on the area of concern or you could tie the peels over the area for a long time. Warts will be cleared magically and it will hinder the possibility of new warts.

8. Heals Bites

Just as banana peels can be used for other skin problems, apply the peels on the bite and leave for some minutes. It acts as a natural shield from microorganisms and it will help the skin close up quickly.

Can Banana Peels Go in Garbage Disposal?

No, banana peels should not be put in the garbage disposal. This is because fiber is present in the peels. The peels are strong enough for the blades to cut through.

Fibrous materials such as meat, banana peels, potato peels are not advisable to be put in the garbage disposal. These materials cannot be processed by the blades of the garbage disposal, the strands, which contain fibre will wrap around the blades.

When put in the disposal, some banana peels might pass through the blades and hang around the pipe, thus causing an obstruction to the flow of other food items.

This will lead to a jam in the kitchen pipes. Also, the drain will be slow and a clog can be created.

Do Banana Peels Clog Garbage Disposal?

Already stated, banana peels are fibrous. These fibrous materials cannot be grinded properly by a garbage disposal.

The skin of bananas is hard and thick. You know that the banana peels are primarily for the purpose of protecting the inner content, the banana itself. So, it is a natural shield for the banana.

As such, it has a thick skin. This skin is very rough and will damage the blades of the disposal.

However, banana peels are not alone in this regard. Onion peels, corn husks, rhubarb, potato peels and many more are NOT suitable for use in a garbage disposal because of the nature of the skins.

A garbage disposal has a motor and blades in it to process food waste. In the process of “fighting” with the banana peels, the motor might get stuck and hang.

This will damage the machine and cause a clog in the overall sink. Long-term, the blades might get dull from this clogging. Know where the garbabge disposal waste go and do your best to know what you put inside it.

How Do You Dispose of Banana Peels?

  • Send them to the compost
  • Use them to tenderize meat
  • Use them to ripen fruits
  • Feed them to Animals
  • Use them to get rid of Aphids
  • Dump them in the trash can!

How to Make Banana Peels Compost

As reiterated earlier, banana peels are a great source of Potassium. Potassium is a great nutrient and a deficiency of it will certain problems in living organisms.

To make banana peels compost, you have to cut them into smaller pieces. This will hasten up the composting process and ensure they peels degrade completely.

It is vital to note that for composting to be effective, adequate oxygen is needed. Wherever you choose to situate your compost pile should be properly ventilated and open to oxygen.

Banana peels adds potassium, sodium, nitrogen, magnesium and sulphur to your compost.

To compost banana peels, create a compost pile in a corner. Cut the peels into small pieces. Pack the peels and group them along with other vegetables. Dump them in your compost pile. Add a bit of water, this should be constant though. Moist compost will disintegrate faster. 

As you eat more bananas, dispose of the peels in this compost pile and do not forget to add some water. Turn the pack every week, maintain the exposure to oxygen and leave for some weeks. The compost will be ready for use.

Are Banana Peels Recyclable?

Sadly, no. Banana peels are biodegradable and as such, should either be sent to the garbage bin or to the compost. Banana peels are not recyclable.

Final Thoughts

As you eat banana, always remember not to put the peels in the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal cannot process it, it will damage the blades of the machine and clog your sink. A better option to dispose of your garbage peels is to make it into a compost. This will serve as nutrient to your plants in your garden. Also, banana peels can be useful in many ways ranging from skin care to shoe polish. Just do not put banana peels in the garbage disposal!